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  2. Some general advise....when the indicator/warning lights start blinking abnormally or throws out a warning light....go get a diagnostic scan done. This should be the first thing you do rather than try to speculate what it can be. If it came out momentarily, then you might want to wait to see it becomes frequent..but if it keeps coming up then..go get a scan done. If hte light turns red (as opposed to green) there might be something wrong with the system...so there would be a error code recorded. Go get it checked out. Once that is determined I am sure we can all talk discuss any problems you may have with rectifying the matter.
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  4. sometimes the green ev indicator turns to red, it's confusing.
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  6. Well, how about getting one of these: https://www.ebay.com/itm/OKTIS-2-Analyzer-Meter-Octane-Number-Portable-Tester-New-condition-/274492681724 Place this between filler hole and the petrol pump and it'll show the octane number of petrol you pump, just needs 80ml of fuel for a measurement. I was contemplating getting one but so far my neighborhood filling station hasn't failed me
  7. Guys we should be more concerned about this. I also experienced reduced performance after pumping 95 from the fuel station of my neighborhood. Quote from the article "After pumping petrol from the Kottawa filling station two pistons of my car and three pistons of my friend’s car were damaged. There weren’t other issues in those vehicles. If this had happened to one vehicle it would have been because of a defect in the vehicle" - Asanga Bandara, Racing Driver https://www.dailymirror.lk/opinion/Shaky-deals-and-misdeeds-in-the-fuel-industry/231-228937
  8. Mainly would be like grocery runs and the unplanned once a fortnight trips. Sold my M6 the previous week, so now trying to find a low budget one which apparently has rose close to double the previous price
  9. If you don't mind me asking what's the purpose? A-B transport like pick up the kids from school/grocery runs? Daily driver to work? Weekend long hauler?
  10. Thanks bro, but atm I am looking for a more fuel efficient one.
  11. Oppo vivo and OnePlus are all subsidiaries of BBK - and oppo and vivo both have TRCSL approval here
  12. I am pretty sure Oppo is he parent company and OnePlus is a subsidiary. In which case it does make sense that although Oppo (products) are licensed to be sold in SL OnePlus isn't as it technically is a different company. Licensing regulations such that even if the same product with a different badge on it would also require a different license (granted if the original product is already licensed the paper work and testing required for licensing maybe less).
  13. From the Motor Traffic Act: 38. The revenue licence issued for any motor vehicle shall (a) be displayed on the front of the motor vehicle and placed in a conspicuous position on the left or near side of the motor vehicle, so that the front of the licence and the writing thereon shall be clearly visible at all times to a person standing in front of the motor vehicle on the left or near side thereof ; and (b) be made available for inspection on demand made by a police officer, Grama Seva Niladhari, or examiner, or by any person authorized in writing by the Commissioner or the licensing authority : Provided, however, that the revenue licence shall be removed from the vehicle and produced when required by a court or the Commissioner for endorsement or retention.
  14. can give you my Bluebird ARX if you want for that price range.
  15. What is the best option to go for if I am to go for a vehicle in between the budget of 3 -4.5 million under the current Sri Lankan market?
  16. Apparently OnePlus doesnt have a dealer in Sri Lanka (business opportunity for someone?) hence it cannot be registered, which is idiotic. Then again Oppo is registered (same company).
  17. V35 is fun to drive car. fuel comsuption will be 4-6 KMPL depend on your drive style. regarding spare parts I know number of people who importing parts so it bit easy for me to finding parts thanks to them.
  18. I also want to know more about this 301.
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  20. Seller called me up first thing in the morning and offered it for 18 provided I advance and confirm immediately. But i haven't seen this car in person so I had to refuse. But I'll check it out this weekend along with a c34 laurel with a RB20 😍.
  21. I've been filling 78% Nitrogen since I was riding a bicycle, never had an issue. Why fix something that ain't broken?
  22. That's news -is there a reason for that? is One Plus not officially 'registered' by a dealer here?
  23. Since this thread got bumped up realized I hadn't updated on my end either - so as I said i temporarily switched to the Galaxy M02s - but it was really hard to get used to it after living with a Note 9. I managed to live with it for about a month. Then one of the retail sites (the one that starts with d) had some sale and I ended up buying something from BBK :an Oppo F19. It cost less than 45K with all offers combined. Overall It's a decent phone for the budget. It's by no means anything to write home about in 2021 but it has specs on par with a 2018 flagship that was the note 9. In a nutshell the Oppo had 6 gigs of RAM, 128 Gigs of storage, a snapdragon 662 - and this combination works out OK - performance is smooth. Color OS unlike MIUI is less bloated :look and feel is almost stock. Average Games run without a lag. The Camera is Okay - though the rear cam pics tend to look a bit unnatural occasionally. The screen is Amoled at 410 ppi - so the display is easy on the eye and sunlight visibility is pretty good. Always on display is supported since it's amoled. Small things that make the smartphone experience better like USB OTG is there, the phone is a bit compact, very light and best of all the battery lasts for ages. I do miss the S-pen and all the bells and whistles that came with the note 9 but at 45 K I'm certainly not complaining.
  24. If you're looking for a long-term car the duplicate book should not be a big issue (resale is not a huge concern for you in that case) - as long as it's with the registered owner. I would avoid a duplicate book car with open papers. Resale is generally low so you can bargain a bit. The old L series diesel engines have stood the tests of time - conversions if properly done are not troublesome. The only worry would be the potential gear-box issues : fixing an old auto box can have its fair share of headaches. I believe you're looking at cars in the range of 2M? try to beat it down to around 1.8 then you have a certain buffer to sort out issues.
  25. Hi - there is a considerable price difference between the petrol and diesel versions. There are different price brackets for the models and the numbers. The most desired and expensive ones are the Diesels with Light vehicle numbers. 51/52 etc. Then again there are also petrols that were swapped with Toyota 1C engines instead of the 4D55 these tend to be underpowered. Petrol's registered as light vehicles (20-) are not as expensive and are widely available. Vans registered as 'motor lorry' (35,38 Petrol and numbers starting with 40) require a heavy vehicle license to drive. Petrol vs Diesel - the van itself is quite light (weighs a little more than the lancer box) so the 1.4 Petrol won't be too underpowered. However petrol's are carbureted and due to the makabasses fiddling around with the carbs many petrol vans have ruined carbs. The diesel will not have that issue. Diesels below 1M are usually crappy. So if you have a healthy budget go for a diesel. (avoid ones with 1C swaps) But a well maintained petrol isn't a bad choice either. These vans are dead simple to repair, parts are available and cheap. A good petrol (20-) can be bought for just a tad below 1M. Watch out for body condition and corrosions specially the railings (peeli ) if they're corroded it's a nightmare to sort. Floorboard corrosions etc can be sorted out. Its difficult to find a van with original seats but if you do that's going to hold some retro-value as well.
  26. Hi Guys, I am pretty sure this has been discussed before and I guess there are no right or wrong answers. However would like to hear fresh opinions. Nitrogen vs Air Which one do you prefer and why? Do you feel a difference between the two? What are the pros and cons of each? What is the best option for Low profile tires? One of the prominent individual in the industry once told me to use air instead of nitrogen. However I have been using Nitrogen for the most part of my ownership and there have been instances where I had to use air to top it off due to unavailability of nitrogen.Is this healthy?
  27. What are the option to increase the ride height? Vehicle - FIT GP1

    Low ground clearance is a pain to travel in areas away from colombo.

    (please do not consider the tyre option or wheel option as all my tyres are pretty much new)

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    2. PerfMad


      @matroska Yah im worried because i never had issues with ground clearances before :D 

      @Dee Jay front shocks are still fine. But this is not applicable, but I have shifted my whereabouts recently and the parking area has a slight hump which the owner have put in place to avoid rain water going towards the parking area. So everytime i park it  hits the front mud guards. So as a workaround i have removed the mud flaps. otherwise i will have to replace those if it breaks :D 

    3. matroska


      oh and also avoid the pit-like park near SLECC that things a nightmare - i saw a mazda 6 scrape itself getting out of it. I have not dared put the civic there :D 

    4. PerfMad


      @matroska thanks for the headsup mate :) appreciate it. hopefully one day these SUV prices will come down :D  is this 2000-2004 HRV any good?

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