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  2. Not sure about heavy duty and stuff...but the Patrol/Safari has always beena much more capable vehicle than the Land Cruisers and Pajeros...it definitely is a much better all-rounder than the 70 series. Price wise it was nearly double the price as the 70 series (at least in Japan) but siginificantly cheaper than the LC100.
  3. That would be in Sri Lanka, a friend of mine said that there was is an old Jag which is running a newer body in an older model (I was shocked, double shocked when I heard the price). In Australia the LC's are more popular than the Nissan's, can see how the comments have come up saying that they should retire the Patrol and get a LC105.
  4. Hello my turbo had to be replaced and my car is still not performing well, mechanics who checked said camshaft sensors need to be replaced. Anyone know where to buy camshaft sensors from for Honda civic 2018?
  5. Last week
  6. I need change language japanese to english
  7. Thanks alot i got hold of a good 2009 model,will most probably go ahead with it
  8. 100 % !! The Y60 and the Y61 platforms were amazing. Only issue is : Finding a non-dodgy one! Its like trying to find an honest politician....
  9. Episode 1 - Jaguar Mark X
  10. The Classic Car Club of Ceylon is proud to present – Classic Car Diaries, a web based mini-documentary video series starring our members, their classic cars, fun car stories and anecdotes. www.classiccars.lk
  11. The 10 year age limit was for the foreign exchange earner's permit (i.e. permits issued to Sri Lankans working abroad to bring down the car they used abroad whilst working). If the individual had owned the car for 1-2 years then the maximum age was 5 years..if the person owned it for more than 2 years then it could be up to 10. Other permits of bringing down an old car can go one of two ways... 1. The car needs to be a classic car or a car of significance/special (as endorsed by the Classic Car Club..so trying to bring down Doctor Sunnies and old G Supiriyas for cheap); thus can be
  12. Try the Import Controller, they used to offer a permit called the Blue permit, but I dont think its offered anymore
  13. They had a maximum age of 10 years old, but now that is no longer applicable.
  14. ahhh right.. im going to do an interior cleaning next month. then this will be washed anyway by those folks so yeah
  15. Charithtg, You can do that job yourself. Remove the motor from your car dismantle motor clean examine first the Bendix drive is in order, because you complain about a noise from the motor. If the drive wheel which engage to the flywheel is damaged or slipping, then replace same with a new one or used one in good working order. Fix the Solenoid fork correctly, reassemble the motor. Re fit into your engine and operate the starter motor if the engine starts without any problem (unwanted noise) then the job is done correctly. If you have any more problems then get a help of a
  16. There used to be a permit for Sri Lankans who were working/living abroad and earning foreing exchange. For that you HAD to have owned the car during your time abroad. Other than that...no..you don't have to have owned the car abroad.
  17. Do we have to own the car overseas or can we purchase a car from someone else and import it? And can you tell me what are the requirements to get the permit? I’m collecting info before I import it after the vehicle ban is lifted
  18. Facebook might be your best bet - there are a few Datsun groups and even one/two dedicated group for b310 - parts for these are pretty common - there are posts frequently about parts for sale like dashboards. there's also a few sellers who sell like the guys in kandy/gampola area ([email protected]@.lk) who claim to have almost any part - haven't got from the personally but just check with them and see
  19. Not sure if it was 4wd 24-7 or Ronny Dahl videos said those Nissan Patrol components are much more heavy duty than Land cruiser 70s. The Ausie4wheeler channel got some insane Nissan Patrol builds.
  20. Nissan all the way.... And Shauno acts like he will only love a Toyota, but later on with the old Patrol he looked to change his perception but went back to his Land Cruisers. There was only the guy in the Isuzu (Graham I think) who loved the Nissan's. Proves that Nissan still had it with the old Y61.
  21. Hi, Took a stroll through panchikawatte and the usual spots? If your dashboard just has cracks on it, you can fiber it from within and paint/re-up holster it. Saves you the cost of a new dash.
  22. Yes I remember the guy who was promoting the Prius and the green vehicles so much, must be hiding under a rock by now when things go bad. I dont think that you should do away with those cars, just that government should incentivize the public for using EV's and maybe promote people to replace and run them like the EV conversions done in other countries. cant be that hard with the new Battery tech etc.
  23. Oh good ! I wanted to say that car was crap but didn't want to hurt your feelings over your new purchase. There are much better cars out there....obviously every car will have some work to do but there ahs to be others that have far less work on it to be done. The Demio is a nice car and probably the nicer and more interesting and est value for oney out of the hatched from the era. As a result I feel those who ahve good specimens do not want to part with them that easily (especially these days).
  24. iRage

    Nissan Presea

    All this...is dirt If you give it a good soak and scrub it will be a much flatter and consistant color. Even the upper darker area (the dried skin like wrapping) it is shiny because of oil residue.... You can try dish wash liquid and a rag cloth....the more expensive option would be to get something like AutoGlym Inerior Shampoo...let it soak a few minutes and then rinse it off.
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