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  3. So, While I'm still pondering what I'm going to buy next (and since the display issue on my Note 9 is giving me headaches) I was able to temporarily switch to an almost brand new Samsung Galaxy M02S. Just summarizing my impressions for the benefit of a potential buyer. Not going to list out the specs as they're readily found on GSM Arena. I am using the 4GB Ram/64GB Storage version (the other is 3GB with 32 Gigs storage)Frugal phone. Frugal Package - has a fast charger and cables (along with the booklets and sim ejector) and nothing else..no headset - not even a cheap one. Plasticky back -has a texture and some kind of pattern: not bad. Not a fingerprint magnet, nor is it slippery. There is no protection for the screen so I got a screen protector straightaway. Cliched Camera module with 3 apparent lenses and no fingerprint sensor. There is supposed to be face unlock but can't be bothered - just swipe like we used to a few years back. Phone comes with a low spec'd chipset - but it's not too bad to be honest. (Despite some really humble results when I ran geek bench) There is so far no lag. App switching is quite smooth. I watched a review on the Poco M3 where they show considerable lag between app switching - I don't see that with the M02S. And I did play RR3 on it - no major issues there either. Android 11 with One UI - standard Samsung fare. Coming from a Note 9 the lack of AMOLED and the low PPI is pretty obvious but then again it's not an eyesore. Sunlight visibility while not stellar is again Ok - usable outdoors. The screen is large enough for videos. Speakers are nothing to write home about but again functional. Battery is 5000mAH and that with the low res screen means the phone can run for a long time without charging. Camera is 13 MP - produces pics that look like they were taken back in 2014. Survives in good light, messes up indoors. Overall after a few days it's an Ok device at the range. 'Gets the job done' is how I'd describe it. Not as fancifully spec'd as something Xiaomi or BBK would make but I haven't experienced any hiccups similar to the ones the SinoPhone users regularly complain about.
  4. Regardless of having a CVT tranny, S mode gives you goose bumps :D  😍

    1. matroska


      GP1 right? I have fond memories of the 'S' mode :D 

    2. PerfMad


      @matroska yes. Very recently i tried the S mode with ECO off and damn it got some balls :D

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  6. Hey can you give me where you cleaned that part? Any tutorial video even?
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  8. Hi, my brother’s CHR does give the same sound, which is even hardly heard, also happens when you go on a slightly uneven road (not on potholes), and only on right hand side.
  9. Great project dude! I planned to integrate an Arduino in my lancer wagon. Keep the Arduino hidden with the ability to track the car, warn about speed, door not locked, battery, oil, temper and stuff. Efi conversion is interesting. I'd like to do the same. Keep us posted. Good luck with your project 👍
  10. Can I get a SD card to change my language from Japan to English?
  11. i had the same issue; but permenently resived by replacing the valve inside the compressor which cost was 16k. place is snowline enterprises at Negombo. contact nomber is 0777306053. this place is known for last 13 years and they do repairs in professionally. i have got couple of repais in corolla cars and premio cars i highly recommend the place.
  12. Oh. Didn't realize it's the same truck. Even with the warranty you could still get a second opinion from some other reputed place I guess.
  13. this is actually my truck.(in the pov drive) its not normal but as no support given from Toy#ta L#nka i will have to force them when travel restrictions go away... thanks
  14. thankyou ill update. but they dont give me any support
  15. Just to clarify something. So your car is an insight and they gave you shocks of GP1 FIT? Just curious because I also own a GP1 and I might face the same issue someday.
  16. Toyota Tundra Commercial with all the rough tough Toyota's of yesteryear.
  17. I too have used T**S for shcoks for my Mark X and the Trueno (before the resto). They had the exact part (I expected the trueno one to be of a generic type, which it was, but I was surprised they had anything that was specific for the Mark X, X-chassis vehicles). At times they only do have compatible models out of practicality. For example the pre-facelift and facelift 140 series Axios have slightly different dampers, but they are interchangeable. So T**S only brings one type. Same with cars like the good old Corona/Carina. Having said that, I won't be surprised if every now and then they do make mistakes either because of low/unavailable stock or new staff or even slight oversights. Mistakes happen, what is important is how they take care of you after the mistake has happened and how they proceed to fix the issue.
  18. Hashan1992


    What is the relevant vehicle class for scooter?
  19. Tuned the ARX like mad. Now the performance is heavenly

  20. Actually the last set of shocks I got from T**S were for my parents 141 Corolla they were perfect fit. Bought over the counter with only vehicle model and year.
  21. Sound like a failing turbo but it's unusual for a new car with such low mileage. Obviously not normal to me. Edit: Maybe it's normal?
  22. Not sure if anyone in the forum has used them yet - AFAIK this is made by a Bridgestone affiliated company in Turkey.
  23. Give a call to Tayo in Mt. lavinia - they generally bring in stuff for Euro's 0112 738 118
  24. Similar thing happened to me, I bought 4 KYB shocks to my 2008 Corolla 141 from Nama**tne motors. They get the shocks from T**s as well, the first set that was given to me was not fitting well and my mechanic checked and informed me to check with them again. Then they provided me with the correct part. Better to check with your mechanics in this situation. I think your mechanic should have advised you not to put them in your vehicle at all.
  25. That is not normal...it is hard to hear the exact type of sound form inside the cabin...that could be somethinglike the air ducts leaking or if it a sireny whistle then there is something wrong on the compressor side of the turbo charger..could be that the bearign has gone and the blades are having too much play and or unbalanced or even a bent blade. You say the car is under warranty....does that mean that you cannot have anyone else worked on it (without voiding the warranty) ? There are 4x4 and Turbo specialists lke BN who could tell you exactly what is wrong with it...
  26. Hi friends, I'am looking for a new set of tyres & heard the LASSA TYRE, az the brand is new to me, like to get your suggessions
  27. HI, Im having a n80 hilux (2020 model). It has a 2.8l 1GD-FTV engine. At around 4500kms the Turbo started to whistle very loud and now have passed even 15,000kms and still its there. This still have warrenty left so i took this to the dealer in colombo and even in kandy but yet they think its normal (they even did scans and chekups) but all the 8th gen hilux owners know for a fact that its not normal and their vehicles doesnt have such a sound. Just take a look and tell me your opinion. Btw 0 respect to Toy#ta L#nka. --___--
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