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  1. I am locking this thread simply because DFSK 580 is being glorified on another thread.
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  2. Go to the Wagon R club Facebook group and look for a ‘meet up’ video Thank me later!
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  3. Belta : *Japan Domestic Model * Interior is supposed to be better *some say the car is comfier than the Yaris. *CVT gear box * Supposed to have better fuel economy over the Yaris. * Some Belta's don't even have the tachometer (RPM meter in Kohuwala terms) . Yaris : * Is the export variant and always comes with the 1.3 L engine *The car has more ground clearance and made of more durable material to survive the perceived harsh conditions locally present. *Fuel economy is supposed to be a little worse than the Belta. *Yaris were imported b
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  4. The manufacturer has not asked you to use the more expensive stuff, so save your money,./ All you need to do is to change your mind-set. as you car was designed for regular juice. Wishing you happy and cheap motoring,.. TT.
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  5. Dear friend, DFSK580 is not just another Chinese Vehicle- that is the case . Dong feng chinas one of the largest car spare manufacturers who make parts for many vehicles including Honda ! . How can one predict how long this vehicle going to last when this vehicle was in srilanka only for just a little more than a year? Some said the same thing for Japanese vehicles when it was first brought to srilanka!( many were not born then!) yes I agree 22 Laks now is much worth than after few years !! That is the case . One puts 22laks today for the vehicle as an so called investment to get that ba
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