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  1. have a little spare time this fortnight so i stepped in to say she's almost almost done. man its been quite a journey. so here's a few photos of the end products and the build summary: ENGINE - L 16 block fully rebuilt - High compression flathead pistons - 219 "peanut" competition head - twin hitachi SU side draught carbs - SSS camshaft - comp cams competition coil - comp electronic distributor - NISMO low pressure electric fuel pump - triple core aluminum radiator - crank fan delete - custom extractor and exhaust by KelumWJ projects - battery d
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  2. I thought it was just me. I too couldn't see the image when it's opened with firefox. I was able to see on Chrome. Let me try to save the image one more time and attach. Can see now?
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  3. Glad to see you back here again. Was wondering what happened to you.
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  4. Yup... it is an AEC Routemaster RM-class bus. We mostly know it as the "double decker" bus. The last 3 digits are actually the code of the specific bus. In most cases, the code number went on as the bus's registration number. So RM731 was registered as WLT 731. Bit of Googling revealed that RM731 was originally delivered to London Transport in 1961, made its way to Sri Lanka in 1988 and is still with Ratmalana depot, running hires for Ebert Silva. Back in London: ... and in Colombo, with her top removed... If you notice the just above the left fender, you
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  5. RIP Mitsubishi Celeste ? Source here
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