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  1. About 3 years later, the car is back on the road. Photos showing the current condition of the car will be included here. Let me first add a few close-ups.
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  2. My vision of the Mercedes W124 after its full restoration. Paint job is exactly the same... with black fabric interior (without headlight wipers and sun roof)
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  3. wOw - that's some supper stuff - love the engine bay. Blessing be with her at all times
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  4. yeah.. 2006 model year between 1.5 to 2mil you can get a Tata Nano. Does very good in fuel too.
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  5. Beautiful! Can't wait for more pictures! 👏
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  6. Seems like Merc project will come to an end. No time to spend on it to follow it up due to this covid situation and my availability. Someone has seen the car and it interested in it. Might sell it to him to continue with the remaining part of the project
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