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  1. There are so many cars below 1.2 million. So for us to help you, you need to tell us what type of car you are looking for.. Is it auto or manual? petrol or diesel? For that budget no car is reliable cuz you will find at least a car that is over 30 years old. So 30 year old cars are expected to have many repairs by now. And a well maintained car that is close to 30 years wont go at that price either now so you might have to resort to a car in the late 80's for that price now (I'm talking about toyota and nissan cars only here) So since its your first car keep 2 laks aside for repairs cuz defini
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  2. @iRage since OP's main criteria is a car that can safely and comfortably transport his mother what about a lumbering old diesel barge like a Camry/Vista CV30 a Bluebird SU12 or even a CT170 Carina ? OP have limited options since you're looking at cars that are 30 years or older make sure you have at least 100,000 for immediate repairs. Since rear seat comfort for your mother is important I will exclude hatches like Nissan March or Toyota Starlet. - Nissan Sunny SB13 early 90's 64- plates : diesels are right in your budget. Petrols are overpriced - Toyota Carina/Corona AT/CT17
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  3. Yes...diesel Camry/Vista/etcmight be a possibility but he will have to bargain hard. Especially if he wants a proper, well maintained diesel engine. As @matroska mentioned...getting something like a car with a duplicate book might be a good option. You might be getting a good car at a cheap price...and you probably will be able to get a car from an owner rather than a broker (as we all know brokers muck around with cars). But check with the RMV if all the paper work is legit BEFORE buying it
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  4. An EE96 is not very comfortable in the back...it is intended for cargo transport so the seat is a bench seat. The bluebird and Presea are decent options...but I beleive you are going to have some budget problems on that. These cars are heavily used and only a few of them are truly buy and drive type of cars. Most will require a decent amount of work (most of these cars would have some quick fixes done just so that it can be sold quickly). Even if it is a really really good car that is just a buy and drive; or any other car, you need to be prepared to do some preemtive and rectifying
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  5. See that's where people go wrong True right now you cant find a decent auto for that price, But I just bought an auto Presea last week for way less than your budget. You just have to patiently wait and as soon as someone advertise for a lower price you should go right then and there and buy it. Even if it has to be in the middle of the night. Thats how cars gets sold to buyya's these days for dirt cheap. So every 5 minutes you need to keep checking cars. Good cars gets sold in the first hour of advertising. So you need to be on alert. However, I could recommend as I was also looking for
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  6. About 3 years later, the car is back on the road. Photos showing the current condition of the car will be included here. Let me first add a few close-ups.
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