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  1. @De_ja_vu Pretty sure your car isn't burning oil. If it was burning 85% of oil within 5000km, there would be obvious signs. My guess is that they either under-filled oil, or the method you're using to check the oil level is not quite right. As soon as oil is poured into the engine, it may usually show an incorrect reading, so the common practice is to know the oil requirement of the car and fill slightly less than that amount. Wait for a couple of minutes for the oil to settle and then check the dipstick to ensure the level is OK. It's also a good idea to check the oil level the following morning to ensure its alright. When you're checking your oil level, make sure that your car is parked on flat ground and wait for the engine to cool down and for the oil to settle. Checking oil immediately after a trip is guaranteed to show a lower than normal level. Check your owner's manual for more info.
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