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  1. Shouldn't these guys be spending their time in working witht he government to actually come up with strageties to improve the country's economy (like..for example...trying to build up tech services, etc...) rather than waste time on compiling lists of vehicle prices ? Easiest is do what we do in pharmaceutical supply chains...set it at cost + a %
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  2. When you think that these jokers stop joking around this happens. https://www.dailymirror.lk/business-news/CB-to-propose-resumption-of-car-imports-paid-via-foreign-currency/273-222729 Its just a way of telling people to bring in their foreign currency. IMO there will be a lot of background work to be done. This statement has been going around for sometime and this has slowed down the used car market a bit as well. Thing is he never says when it will be implemented, just goes to say that he is suggesting to the government (and who exactly is he? the Central Bank Governor and not the Minister, and no vehicles doesn't fall under the central bank purview). This will just invite the crooks and underhand people to bring in vehicles and not the people who need them. I saw a video of VIASL talking about getting two years credit from Japan if they are given a chance to import. Being in the industry with manufacturer agents it has been very disheartening to see what is happening around, we still dont know what to do, we dont know what to tell the principals and dont know if they will revoke the authorization given by them to be their agent. A lot of agents had to dishonour the L/C's last year. Most have gone into the buying and selling business to stay afloat but these kind of stories create chaos in the market. There has been a talk about the prices of these models, hence the reason the Wagon R's which were quoted at 7.0mil have dropped to 4.5 - 5.0mil range now. The vehicle valuers had started giving lower values in line with the Punchi Car Nivasa guys video and there was a talk of the CB changing the LTV on vehicles. Do you think people in Sri Lanka will stick to the price controls? They couldn't even stick to the price controls on essentials such as sugar, rice, coconut etc...
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  3. Toyota Tundra Commercial with all the rough tough Toyota's of yesteryear.
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