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  1. 1. Main difference between the SR20 and SR18 block is the bore size. The body, thus the mounting ancilliaries for both, should and are the same. Only thing I would look out for is to make sure both engines are of the same generation of the SR. (Parts catalog confirms this as it has the same part numbers for both) 2. Doesn't the SR18 and SR20 Bluebird come with the same FL4F03A gearbox ? I am pretty sure even things like the alternator and compressors are also the same. Again, just make sure if is of the same SR generation. I would also look in to upgrading the cooling system. Also, some variants of the SR20 comes with a larger brake booster and master pump. This is more specific for the grade levels than the engine so it is up to you to go through with it or not (same with the suspension). 3. Suspension for the SR18 and SR20 are also the same (parts catalog confirms it). Only time it changed seem to have been with different grades (sportier trim lelvel having slightly harder springs) and when there was a facelift (the part nubmers have changed but I can't see what has actually changed). 4. Cons : If done by a maka baas you will have a pile of very expensive metal junk on your hands. Then you ahve to go through the hassle of dealing with the RMV. Fuel consumption might be a bit on the lower side but I am sure it won't be by that much once you get used to driving it and not be heavy footed.
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  2. exactly . I think i run on the same too. Cant remember the exact code though. Bought 2 for around 35k 3 months ago
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  3. Dunlop SP Sport LM705 (Japanese) superb Tyre for Honda Fit GP1. Very Comfortable, Quite, Durable.
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