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  1. Twin Turbo's post in 4dr5 sound was marked as the answer   
    Check your engine oil level.
  2. Twin Turbo's post in Vitz 2015 slight jerk was marked as the answer   
    Start by checking the level,.
  3. Twin Turbo's post in Engine heat goes up in traffic driving was marked as the answer   
    Replase the thermo switch
  4. Twin Turbo's post in Timing belt replacement - Maruti Zen was marked as the answer   
    How sure are you of the ,milage?/ Our car odo m eters are famous for running back when they are about to change owners 
    Your car is 10 yrs old, recommend getting a qualified peson to open the timing cover and inspect. if in doubt, replace with tensioner.
    Note:The manuacturer,  Maruti Suzuki India recommend 100.000km changes to the timing kit,..
  5. Twin Turbo's post in Speaker brands was marked as the answer   
    Pioneer TS-A1675R 6-1/2" 3-Way TS Series Coaxial Car Speakers
    There's a small size difference with the 6.5 in model  specifications , availability may be different in other markets.
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