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  1. I think wife is still inside the bathroom but here is the car. 😊 regards, JC
  2. I have done a quick scan with Fast site, I can see some 2004 KIA's within your range if you keen. regards, JC
  3. Hello Nushi, Looking at the photo I can see, FCM, Auto high beam and Land Departure system which is part of the Safety package. Best to scan and look for any fault codes. regards, JC
  4. Once I can remember garage replaced the pads for the car with "Original" pads and about 6 months later we realized the original pads had eaten the disks that's how good some of them are in SL.
  5. I don't think Brembo's are cheap, this is what I have paid for my STI pads recently. This is the highest price I have paid for a set of pads by far. 😄
  6. I don't think the visible inspection is possible to check the key barrel, may be once the key in the on position, try move the key up and down and try pull out and put back in (Make sure to NOT to use lot of force) See if you see any different in the time with the immobilizer light. If the time changes when you try multiple times then most likely the key barrel. Your decision to consult the dealers would be the correct decision. regards, JC
  7. may be worth check the ignition key barrel ??? regards JC
  8. Is the immobilizer light always coming up after about 5min or is that time change?
  9. A few years back I have sent about 20 Desktop PC's that I have had from my old company which I have sent them distributed to schools/ students who can't afford one. 5 of the CPU's taken off by an officer in charge and the balance released. So I think 5 PC's taken as tax 😀
  10. Is you SX4 is key less start with rotation dial or key in model? Glad to see a SX4 Hatch in SL and hope it is AWD model. 😊 regards, JC
  11. Ha Zinger, Worth checking if the dripping tube clogged with some debris?? It was the case for one of my mate recently in SL. Best to check with a reputed A/C tech and it could be what iRage indicated. regards, JC.
  12. Bugatti Rimac deal and Mate as CEO to operate the Bugatti Rimac. https://www.theverge.com/2021/7/5/22563898/bugatti-rimac-electric-supercar-acquisitoin-deal Mate announcing the deal
  13. Nice! Look for the service history, If I am not mistaken 2015 fitted with the 7 speed DSG box, not the 6 speed. 7 Speed is a dry clutch. Look for any noises when it's downshifting. It is normally very smooth and no shudders. When you starting from a flat ground your dashboard gear indicator will show you it is starting from the 2nd gear which is normal for Diesel Tig's but make sure to change all the gears using the Tiptronic option, don't forget to test the reverse too. Look for the service records, Look for cambelt replacement and the most important service is the Haldex unit oil change. I am sure it has to be done every 40k service. Check the auto hold option works as it should and the electronic parking brake system operates as it should (Try to operate multiple times) The last thing, check for the tailpipe, it has to be clean inside, if it is clean that indicates us the DPF works well if you see a lot of black ash inside the tailpipe better to take the car to a reputed tech and check how much DPF clogged with ash. You can open the tailgate and look for the spare wheel, on your left-hand side you will see a white sticker, take a photo of that, that should tell you a lot of details about your car and this is something common for VW's regards, JC
  14. Hello Lahiru, Welcome to AL. Is the Tig you going to buy, TDI (Diesel) or TSI (Petrol) model? regards, JC
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