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  1. Sorry mate, I am not owning a Bluebird 😞, what I wanted to say is that I have found the same model that you owned in SL here in NZ. I use to see a few ARX's on the road but it is a bit hard to find them here but still very easy to find U13's with wreckers. Due to strict regulations, it is easy/ cheap to send the old car to wreckers and get a new car. regards, JC
  2. Congrats mate. It is not that common the ARX in Sri Lanka, if i am not mistaken. Do let me know the parts, got the same model ARX. I should be able to get them once we out from level 4 lockdown here in Auckland. https://pickapart.co.nz/eziparts/ViewVehicleImages.asp?MobileVersion=Y&Location=pickapartconz&VehicleID=12375 regards, JC
  3. Hello Pasindu111 If I am not mistaken you can only have a front plate with a black background if the vehicle is a post "Sri" era. I can remember we been charged with 150 rupees by swapping the front and rare number plates in our Delica P25 (Delica front plate fitted to the side of the front bumper) When officers are desperate for money, they will walk around to find some case 😀 So my advice is to try to avoid all the possible points. regards, JC
  4. Hello Iroshw, Sad to hear your story! Hope you or your mate who removed the plug replaced the head gasket? Best to consult the tech who had replaced the head gasket and explain the situation. N.B. I have noticed you looking to top up with the Lucas Stop leak, to me, it is a waste of money but it it's your choice. regards JC.
  5. Eyeing out for a set of Watanabe but unfortunately, we have gone to a lockdown here in New Zealand. Need to wait to lift the levels. I like the Lancer wheels
  6. Del Sol had a fresh paint recently, picked up last Friday night from the paint shop and had some time yesterday to burn some gas. regards, JC
  7. Hello Kasun, Sounds like you trying make apple from wood apple. Why don't you try with matching Toyota 4WD parts? If you check your truck model year and try source the 4WD model parts for the Toyota from Same era, I am sure it should save lot of time and may be money too. regards, JC
  8. I think wife is still inside the bathroom but here is the car. 😊 regards, JC
  9. I have done a quick scan with Fast site, I can see some 2004 KIA's within your range if you keen. regards, JC
  10. Hello Nushi, Looking at the photo I can see, FCM, Auto high beam and Land Departure system which is part of the Safety package. Best to scan and look for any fault codes. regards, JC
  11. Once I can remember garage replaced the pads for the car with "Original" pads and about 6 months later we realized the original pads had eaten the disks that's how good some of them are in SL.
  12. I don't think Brembo's are cheap, this is what I have paid for my STI pads recently. This is the highest price I have paid for a set of pads by far. 😄
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