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  1. Hello Chinthaka89, I will add little to the SX4 model, you will get them as 4 door sedan and a 5 door hatch. The Hatch version is famous between senior citizens and ladies due to good visibility, good turning circle, easy in and out from front seats and later models from 08 came with side-impact airbags. You will get them with 4 speed auto, 5 speed manual or later fitted with CVT box. some of them fitted with an on-demand 4WD wheel drive system which is great. I have seen them with 1.5 and 2.0 petrol engines. I have hardly seen any issue with Suzuki engines but please st
  2. Here is the new addition to my collection. SG9 Subi It is JDM only production if i am not mistaken and very hard to come by specially factory stock condition. Stay safe everyone. JC.
  3. Looks like the road next to the car is an unsealed road, so with the road tires, it is very easy to get the car fishtail. If the driver is not an expert it is hard to recover and gain control.
  4. Done this about 17 years back. Guess it is still the same. You will be buying on an AS-IS basis, with no guarantee or warranty. The company I was dealing, was a small finance company so hardly any competition. Registered bidders get an opportunity to view the vehicles a few hours before the auction, had no chance to take them for a spin but the company use to say if it is drivable (last) Once you have placed the winning bid you will be asked to "pay in full" (They gave us some deadlines to collect the goods) You can't buy the car under an open book, the Leasing company
  5. Love the leather smell on early 50's British cars, takes me to a different era.
  6. Lot of torque on low rpm’s on Caldina compared to same era Subaru. I am into any kind of Classic but it’s bit hard to secure a SUV in good shape as they use here for the purpose.
  7. Hi all, Just managed to secure stock Caldina GT Four. It is not N spec but that’s okay. Need bit of a tidy up with bit of a elbow grease 😀 Regards, JC
  8. Looks really good and looks like some one looked after the car really good. We do have 2 of them at the moment, V40 and V50 Hybrid. They are very comfortable to drive long distance. 2AZ-FE is one of the best engine watch out for the timing chain rattle and water pump slow leaks if no issues with those two you will be all good with the engine. Good luck with the car. regards, JC.
  9. Between 05 and 07 I use to drive my car from Gampaha to Trinco every week Sunday and back on Friday. From Inamaluwa junction onwards road is pretty empty back then towards Kanthale and hardly seen any vegetation. I was doing the same but had no issues, for an Indian made car and 5 speed Maruti transmission and it was common to have issues with the 5-speed transmission but I have had none for engine and tranny. If I am not mistaken I had to replace 1 or 2 engine mounts. regards, JC
  10. This is the best i could find for you. looks like max is about 10 years from the manufacture date. http://gic.gov.lk/gic/index.php/en/component/info/?id=415&catid=65&task=info regards, JC
  11. How about a good CD200? I am sure they are comfortable for long trips, my father had a 185 when i am very little and later he had multiple 125's, the whole Honda CD family is comfortable i guess. He use to ride the 185 daily from Dela to Rakwana for years. I am sure that's a heck of a ride. it's way comfortable on top of 185's fuel tank than a back seat of an I*dian motorcycle. regards, JC
  12. May be a Morris Oxford S III
  13. No mate, can't click on the NG button but i have press and hold the Memory CLR and that had done something and cleared all of them, so i ran the test again, now it is showing as OK i have restarted the car and now it says to connect using Bluetooth if i need to install more apps but Bluetooth option is grayed out still 😝 regards, JC
  14. My Toyota Bluetooth menu greyed out, unable to connect the phone, so I have done the onboard audio diagnostic which failed as below. Any one of you aware of this error AVN "NG" and fix for this? regards, JC
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