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  1. 1 hour ago, □AVANTE□ said:

    Wait..So what's the Macan's role now? Larger family hauler?

    Also a bit biased here, but I don't understand why no one is importing the new swift sport 1.4 turbo? It's a real quick grocery getter so it's a bit surprising there aren't any.. Or are there any in the island that I'm unaware of?

    Yes mostly outstation runs and early morning week end drives.

    A 1.4L Swift will have the same tax as a Audi Q3/A4/A5 so who would want to get one

    The reason I went with the Corolla was the 1.2L engine and I only had to pay Rs. 265K over the permit so it made sense. I basically I paid only for the car. As no one from SL was interested I got the car for around Yen 1 Mn. less than what it would have cost new. It was used with 6k on the clock auction grade 5.

  2. Going through review I realize how similar the car is to the Corolla Sport, mine came with TRD body kit which reduces the already low ground clearance by further 20mm you get used to drive with care and avoid certain roads/ places can be a pain if it is your only car.

    kmpl similar engine perky throughout the rev range/ damn CVT ruins the whole experience.

    Safety nanny can be pain in the a** couple of times it did not allow me to reverse the vehicle to the road

    Traffic keep up feature useless as it keeps too much distance with the car in front and slow down is too aggressive and not at all comfortable.

    Radar cruise and steering assist is excellent in the highway car can virtually drive it self.

    Handling excellent, grip from 225/40/18, sport seats gives excellent side support, steering could be little more direct although not bad for a Jap (Toyota). Wish it had little more power may be 150bhp +

    Rear space and boot space may not be not up to Civic

    Runs happily on 92, a substantial saving when you do 20K km / year

    Hope get better resale in 3-4 years being a Toyota with a 4 port engine

    Good alternative to Civic

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