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  1. On 9/21/2021 at 5:55 PM, walkernet said:

    Similar thing happened to me, I bought 4 KYB shocks to my 2008 Corolla 141 from Nama**tne motors. They get the shocks from T**s as well, the first set that was given to me was not fitting well and my mechanic checked and informed me to check with them again. Then they provided me with the correct part. Better to check with your mechanics in this situation. I think your mechanic should have advised you not to put them in your vehicle at all.

    Actually the last set of shocks I got from T**S were for my parents 141 Corolla they were perfect fit. Bought over the counter with only vehicle model and year.

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  2. 11 hours ago, Sylvi said:


    This is the first time that M/s, TASS had given wrong according to my knowledge.

    That Establishment was established by two friends, do not know they are still there. They had a good reputation in the past years. I pass that way at least two times a week, must drop in there and find out for the reason they give wrong shocks. One partner is well known to me.

    Will find out what had happened.

    Sylvester Wijesinghe



    Agree with Mr. Sylvi even I have been dealing with them may be for over 30 years now never had any bad experience.

    I'm not trying to trying to justify giving the wrong part.

    Sometimes when they do not have the exact part they tend to provide a compatible unit. However they advice your to bring the old part to ensure that it measures right.

    In hindsight knowing the part may be different, either you or the mechanic should have compared the with the old part before fixing it. 


  3. I have a POCO X3 NFC. Bit of a heavy and bulky phone over my previous Galaxy M30S

    Did not see much of a difference over AMOLED of the M30S on colour accuracy. 120 Hz on the POCO is better if you are into games.

    POCO is a faster phone and has better chip set and does not lag when gaming like the M30S

    Bit concern on data speeds as there were few issues reported. Do not know whether it is the phone or our service providers.

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  4. On 8/13/2021 at 3:52 PM, iRage said:

    50 million units in 55 years....1 sold every 34 seconds...
    Not the most exciting of cars..but it gets the job done with no fuss....
    You love it or hate it....either way it grows on you...
    Japan's peoples' car to the world ......
    Toyota Corolla ❤ ❤ ❤

    May be an image of car and text that says 'TOYOTA COROLLA 1100 DELUXE'No photo description available.image.thumb.png.6f5695b6b46f6a0f57d61be9695c3745.pngimage.png.7ed84c69708ea4613c3e34cff7328383.png

    Totally agree Had a CE100 and now a NRE-210H.

    Brilliant everyday car

  5. This is a common problem with Kia.

    Throttle body get carbon deposits and the sensors gives faulty readings.

    Can goes in to limping mode and will not rev above 2000 rpm.

    Cleaning the throttle body some times rectify the issue but Kia recommends replacement especially if the car is under warranty.

    If you do a third party repair it might nullify your warranty.

    Suggest you get Kia to do a throttle body clean until they get the spare.


  6. Each charge was about 25KWh as i was keeping the battery between 20-80%

    So there was about 500 units over my usual consumption of 200 units.

    Instead of Rs. 42 per unit i was paying Rs. 13 for my EV charging

    However I lost on the initial cheap units up to 90 which believe was around Rs. 1-2 K.

    Now my bills are around Rs. 7-10K depending in use of a/c in the night after 10.30

    You can get the rates from CEB site and work out how it will work according to your consumption.

    If you generally exceed 250 units TOU will be cheaper as most of the additional units over 180 will be charged @ Rs. 26 instead of Rs. 42.

    You need to manage use between 6.30 - 10.30 in the evening.

  7. 3 hours ago, HaeylM said:

    @iRage @kush @JayZ thanks for the Adv!  the slight opened box trick helped get through easier. They taxed 15% of CIF value through fedex but it was worth it as I saved close to 70K off the local market price of a similar model. 

    This is absurd. There is no tax for computers in SL. They only charge PAL which is 4 or 5% of CIF

    I paid approx Rs. 12K on a Computer valued Rs. 240K (CIF). It came direct with full invoice value declared by the seller.

    Double checked to on the duty through a contact in customs who confirmed that duty was correct.


  8. 22 hours ago, iRage said:

    New Macan Spy Shots...

    That dashboard totally reminds me of a spaceship from Buck Rogers...(and even BattleStar Galactica)

    I do like the proportions and the stance of the new one...although now it looks more like an overgrown crossover hatch.

    ポルシェ マカンEV 市販型プロトタイプ(スクープ写真)ポルシェ マカンEV 市販型プロトタイプ(スクープ写真)ポルシェ マカンEV 市販型プロトタイプ(スクープ写真)ica)

    ポルシェ マカンEV 市販型プロトタイプ(スクープ写真)

    Do agree on the looks

    Rear quarter panel remind me of Nissan

    Looks as if they are moving away from 911 styling clues to more SUV/ Hatchback looks.


  9. Duty will be very steep as the car is less than 10 years old.

    It may be not worth at cost + duty

    Please get documentary evidence on the duty to be paid before you jump.

    Or better still you quote for price + duty and let them pay the duty and transfer the vehicle to you.

    Good luck

  10. On 5/11/2021 at 10:36 PM, Dhaham said:

    Dear Kush

    What is the additive you used? Is it a something like octane booster?

    It says Gasoline Additive made. Branded Porsche. No other clue in the container other than safety infomation

  11. As far as I know 1.5L CRVs are all made in Thailand and exported to Sri Lanka, Japan, Australia.

    They have different specifications and features according to the market however mechanically identical.

    CRV Hybrid was assembled in Japan as far as i know.

    Made in Japan story was made by importers to sell their vehicles to ignorant over the Brand New imported by the Agent.

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  12. On 4/22/2021 at 7:40 PM, iRage said:

    GR Corolla....
    It will be a fun, fast car..but will it be special as the GR Yaris ? Considering the GR Yaris was purpose built from ground up and everything is just tied in together just to fullfill that purpose...No...

    But 290+hp out of the GR Yaris engine and AWD system and transmission in a funked up Corolla body would be fun...(funking up would apparently not involve a large number of lightweight panels or a CF roof. The expected pricing is also a lot lower (so the extra stuff is most likely a no) between 3-4mil yen (GR Yaris ranges from 3.3 - 4.6 mil yen).

    Western media (well..US)...has gone bonkers over a carsensor article about what the GR Corolla could be (based on speculation/insider info).  Images are just renderings. The US media also say that it will be made at the Motomachi GR plant..but there is no confirmation on that...since there really is not much bespoke parts going on many beleive that it will be coming out of the same factory as the standard Corollas.

    Remember..all this is just speculation for now...nothing official has been revealed except teases about a hot-hatch for the American market and then rolled out to others (probably in time when the GR Yaris has stopped sales..in Japan it is expected to get sold around 2023...right on time when most GR Yaris owners might be loking to change cars as their financing will end and the car needs shaken, etc...)


    I think GR Corolla will be a good overall GT car (not for the track) likely a Golf GTi, Ford RS alternate.

    I have been using the 1.2T and always miss that extra power and a good gear box as this time around they got ride and handling spot on.

    All it needs is a bit more sharper steering and may be adaptive dampers (not specified in my car although was available as an option)

    Hope they will retain the 4WD with 50:50 distribution and the track mode.

  13. We don't know when the import restrictions will be taken out

    We don't know what would be the exchange rate when the restriction are taken out JPY is Rs. 1.8 year ago it was Rs. 1.7

    We don't know what the duty structure will be when restrictions are taken out.

    You are trying to sell a car with a inflated price due to current market and then at the same time buy a car which would have a inflated price due to same reason.

    Mathematically you will loose as the car you are going to buy has a higher price.


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  14. Factory speakers in fit may be crap. But most of the mid range models come with decent ones.

    If you have the basic head set change it. High to mid range units give decent sound and will accommodate SD cards, USB and connection for the phone. Sadly radio only up to 90/93 MHz

    Much better than Chinese crap with belec sound.

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  15. 2 hours ago, iRage said:

    Yes...the JDM requirements for the 8NR-FTS requires regular gasoline which can range anything from 91-95 octane depending on the supplier.  But on the other hand but on the other hand if you check the manual for a UK spec CHR with the same engine it says 95 Oct.

    In SL, more than the octane, it could be whatever additives that may or may not be present in the two different types of fuel. I believe a few years ago it was stated that 95 had some additives which helps combustion and maintaining the purity of the fuel lines; whilst the 92 did not have anything. 

    Agreed UK regular is 95 and super 98 and most of the cars in UK is tuned for 98. Mine being the JDM is happy to run on 92. According to CPC (from a well informed reliable source) they purchase fuel from different sources that meets their requirements. So there could be certain additives on some of the stocks. Any also you could get crappy fuel whether it is 92 or 95.

    As a practice I pump only from few reliable stations for piece of mind knowing that your fuel is not mixed with "Bhumi Thel" or 95 with 92.

    On my Macan I'm compelled to use 95 (minimum requirement) instead of 98 (recommended). Additive is used every 5000km as recommended by the agent.

    All our family Japs whether JDM/ Domestic, Naturally aspirated/ Turbo/ Hybrid runs on 92 without any issues.

  16. On 1/30/2021 at 6:08 PM, kirala2 said:

    Based on your requirements, go for the Premio.

    I own a 2020 C-HR (NGX10 - 2WD), and it's not a very practical vehicle especially if you have a family (rear seat visibility is horrible) and need to haul stuff around (limited boot space, say, compared to a Honda Vezel or an MG ZS). Oh, and the 8NR-FTS engine requires 95 Octane (I've never had difficulties finding 95, even outstations). 

    Driving it, though, is quite fun.

    I have a Corolla Sport which has the same 8NR-FTS and it runs fine with 92 Octane. Which i believe is inline with Japanese Regular as specified for the Car.

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