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  1. Why are they saying farewell to this? New model on the horizon? The final editions should have had some major updates to performance. Just 6.5 years and then you wonder how long the GTR has been around still trying its best to compete against competition who have moved on.
  2. Was browsing through the quick site, and lo and behold a Toyota Celica pops up. Funny thing I typed Subaru and this pops up.

    1. iRage


      The red one huh ? Was quite the car..no idea what it is like now.
      As for coming up as Subaru...it can be because they tagged it as Subaru...so might even have other tags so that it pops up even if you search for a Nissan Sunny :)

    2. Gummybr


      If you search for Toyota it would never come up in the sea of Toyota's up for sale, so the car sale guy has been clever and out the tag. 

    3. iRage


      I saw the advert later on..the tags were Premio, Subaru Prado 150 :) 
      Yeah....the average Toyota buyer will not care too much about this anyway....but I wonder why he stuck Premio in there :)

  3. An electric restomod done right. Only thing that was missing from the French Goddess, a full electric version that would have been the icing on the cake at that time. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/electric-cars/citroen-ds-electromod-launched-british-ev-conversion-firm Other cars by the company https://www.electrogenic.co.uk/cars
  4. If you do buy this, please bring it back to its former glory (as in proper 300ZX styling). I wont pay top money for a car that is made into a bastard, just think how much you will have to pocket out to restore it. And in this day and age it would be very expensive and hard to source the parts.
  5. Commercial Electric Coalition is being formed by Toyota with 60% shares owned by them and the rest to be bought by Suzuki, Daihatsu, Hino and Isuzu. And I thought they owned Daihatsu and Hino. https://www.reuters.com/article/toyota-partnership/suzuki-and-daihatsu-join-toyota-ev-joint-venture-idUST9N28909Q
  6. On different note the Skyline name has been patented in the USA by Ford for vehicles. What happens now? Is this a way of curbing Japanese imports more than 25years old, or are they making a Skyline?
  7. Terrorists and dictators the world over will not in anyway use a big Land Cruiser, will be more happy with the workhorse Hilux and the LC70. Its just that our goons will love the Land Cruiser and will pay top money for it, and this makes me think if some big shots in Sri Lanka has already ordered the Land Cruiser from Japan (through third parties of course). Has Toyota been hit with the chip shortage as well? That flex (articulation)!
  8. Anyone watched Clarkson's Farm? Leaving aside the man, it shows how other countries have grown in terms of farming and makes you want to start a farm of your own.

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    2. Gummybr


      Well you see he would have made more money if he didnt have to spend money on the hired hands and his other ventures. His costs included the Farm Shop (building), fish pond and his vegetable patches. Also you got to understand that bad weather hampered the crops and lost about GBP 90,000/- there compared to previous year.

    3. iRage


      Yes. But the thing is when you have a 1000hectars with literally dozens of fields to farm, you do need hired help don't you ? The previous guy who ran the darm also gad Caleb to work for him and Gerry or whatever. 

      Yes. He did waste a lot of money on his antics for showbiz value, but even cthen most otherc armers do not have such large farms. So their crops will be smaller thus their intake.

    4. Gummybr


      Cant wait for Season2, looks to be better than Grand Tour or Top Gear. And Caleb wants it to be called Caleb's Farm.

  9. Very easy, determine what your battery capacity is (kWh) and the electricity rates charged for a unit (kWh) then multiply you should get the cost of charging. According to CEB the highest rate is Rs. 54/kWh
  10. Normally when you have a full insurance, the insurance company will undertake to pay to RMV when the next insurance date comes. Drawback is sometimes the payments done to insurance does not get updated on the RMV system.
  11. It was a nice scene yesterday when I saw 3 mint S60 Toyota Crowns in convoy on the Ministry of Defence road, looked a spectacle.

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    2. Gummybr


      Wow, but only the three of them were there and a Daihatsu Rocky was going in front

    3. iRage


      @Gummybr..ane club eke inne 3denai..ohoma line daanna epa !

      *Just kidding...there are more than 3 in the club but a few of them are out of Colombo it seems and then a few others are still in various stages of restoration or getting something fixed.

    4. Gummybr


      Well its a start, they better finish off those projects fast, before long bringing in parts will be difficult.

      I'd like to see a nice Cedric Club as well, but then again all the Cedrics must be rotting (except for a few).

  12. BMW i3 sales in the US will end this month, and it looks like by 2022 it will be phased out. Its a car that never achieved the high sales numbers expected but did prove that BMW had the knowhow to make an electric car in 2013. The following article says that its a quirky design and great drive but I am not a fan of them both. https://www.greencarreports.com/news/1132757_bmw-drops-innovative-i3-electric-car-ahead-of-more-mass-market-evs
  13. Banana Republic it is, when the Environment Minister talks of going electric this idiot says that we will produce fossil fuel and gas within the next four years. Having a refinery doesnt mean that we have fossil fuel production.
  14. We have a set of learned professionals in parliament who have proved to be just like the rest of uneducated idiots who says yes to anything and then go to justify everything. Do you think they are given the freedom to think and come out with policies or even have any common sense of a 5 year old?
  15. The reason Sri Lanka voted for a system change twice and still ended up with the same set of goats. No wonder a lot of people are thinking of leaving.
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