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  1. It was a nice scene yesterday when I saw 3 mint S60 Toyota Crowns in convoy on the Ministry of Defence road, looked a spectacle.

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    2. Gummybr


      Wow, but only the three of them were there and a Daihatsu Rocky was going in front

    3. iRage


      @Gummybr..ane club eke inne 3denai..ohoma line daanna epa !

      *Just kidding...there are more than 3 in the club but a few of them are out of Colombo it seems and then a few others are still in various stages of restoration or getting something fixed.

    4. Gummybr


      Well its a start, they better finish off those projects fast, before long bringing in parts will be difficult.

      I'd like to see a nice Cedric Club as well, but then again all the Cedrics must be rotting (except for a few).

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