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  1. Anyone watched Clarkson's Farm? Leaving aside the man, it shows how other countries have grown in terms of farming and makes you want to start a farm of your own.

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    2. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      I wish our younger crowd got inspired into farming. I know people who makes millions farming in the Apura, Kegalle areas. 

      It’s not a fancy job. It’s not easy to get going, but it can make you more money than working at a gas station in “Aussie”


    3. Gummybr


      Our younger fellows wont get inspired by this, they get inspiration from the politicians and the 3 wheel mafia (Recent Panadura Computer burglary for example shows the status of our younger generation). And our generation like the rest of the civilians only remember stuff for a short period of time, like the so called "puran kumburu asweddeema". Cant even find the buggers now.

    4. iRage


      I found it very very funny and informative :)

      Loved Caleb :P

      Farming is not an easy job is it ? Sadly most Sri Lankans equate farming to a place of poverty and an outcome of being uneducated. Most Lankans do not view it as a serious profession (quite an insult to our fore-fathers). It is sad that at the end of the day, the total profit was just 140GBP !!! For all that work...and that includes all the subsidies the govt has given.

      Sadly, yes...like the others have said..our youth is completely lost. They get inspired by senseless tiktok videos of flufters and politicians showing off and acting like thugs and acting like they are above the law. 

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