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  1. Was browsing through the quick site, and lo and behold a Toyota Celica pops up. Funny thing I typed Subaru and this pops up.

    1. iRage


      The red one huh ? Was quite the car..no idea what it is like now.
      As for coming up as Subaru...it can be because they tagged it as Subaru...so might even have other tags so that it pops up even if you search for a Nissan Sunny :)

    2. Gummybr


      If you search for Toyota it would never come up in the sea of Toyota's up for sale, so the car sale guy has been clever and out the tag. 

    3. iRage


      I saw the advert later on..the tags were Premio, Subaru Prado 150 :) 
      Yeah....the average Toyota buyer will not care too much about this anyway....but I wonder why he stuck Premio in there :)

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