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  1. The old girl started missing badly, so had to stop in Nugegoda to check what was wrong, lo and behold I hadn't connected the wires to the coild after checking the plugs in the morning. So it went from Nawala to Nugegoda on two cylinders. Must have collected a lot of fuel into those cyclinders

    1. terrabytetango


      That won't happen ne? The cylinder will just expel all the un burnt fuel and it will burn in the manifold or somewhere along the exhaust pipe.

    2. Gummybr


      Dont think they burnt at all the smell of unburnt fuel was there

  2. Never underestimate what a 13 year old 97bhp Suzuki can do. It will still leave newer machines to eat the dust

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    2. Gummybr


      Got to be a bit more than that, because its a 4 door saloon.:)

    3. nexus


      then it's aerodynamics and good piece of engineering and driving skills. :)

      sadly it's a very underrated car in SL most of the people don't know it's even exist. :(

    4. Schiffer


      tbh its not that light, its around 1.3T, and not sure about aerodynamics either. its the surprising amount of power from a 97bhp engine. Fallen in-love with suzuki now.

  3. Went shopping for a new bumper and headlights, a shop in Delkanda had a whole face cut of a Baleno and I asked regarding the bumper seeing it had the fog lamps and the shell altogether. Bunper 44k, fog lights 16k and shell 16k. So 76k for a bumper. Headlights which were faded costs 22k each whereas I bought new for 26k for all. The way people rip off motorists I tell you.

  4. Finally my headlamps are here. So good bye discoloured headlamps...

  5. Imagine a lorry carrying baked goods for sale having the tune 'santa claus is coming to town' :D passed one yesterday night on my way home.... Maybe they give bad baked stuff to bad people.

  6. Ahh the 301 - X011 club, 2011 is a Lancer GLX and 6011 is my Baleno, what about the rest?

    1. Simplelife


      KV - 2011 is a montero sport :)

  7. I love the Baleno even more after the Nuwara Eliya trip, its just awesome. 13 years of hard use but still has enough go to easily out run the modern cars. Above all I loved how it put to shame newer and bigger cars to shame inside the Ramboda tunnel with its exhaust sound which belittled the small peeeep horn of the Prado and the Allion

  8. Had my first drive on the Southern Expressway, 5kms on 5th gear @ 2500rpm (110kmph), could have gone much faster if my mother didn't announce the speed I was doing; she probably figured out the smaller dials were kmph and the bigger dials are mph. The road surface didn't look good at all, there are some smaller roads which are better carpeted.

  9. Bring on the world's end theories again. Earthquakes and an impending tsunami.

    1. NadriquE


      man i was thinking abt it! coz parana awurudda is on friday the 13th :D

    2. JadeyBlitzen


      really I thought aluth awruddha falls on the 13th this time

    3. NadriquE


      is it? didnt know the nakath :D

  10. Dear Hybrid owners; if you want to conserve fuel by running on your electric motor, but please do keep to a side if you are going to crawl and let the other traffic pass

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    2. CyRaX


      and also these arses whose on there phones while driving

    3. Gummybr


      All that to achieve what 15kmpl? I get 11.5kmpl on my 13 year old car. And Manufacturer figure states that if I do a constant 90kmph I will get 18.8kmpl.

    4. shanX


      jst go ballistic with honking ;)

  11. A replay of the WC final, bloody hell what did were our guys thinking? What happened to the electric fielding? Its too obvious that there was something going on underhand, they should have let Tendulkar get his century atleast

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    2. nexus


      india won by 7 wickets and 80 balls remaining and malinga got a 12.52 econ that was embarrassing to watch.

    3. Gyiman


      Well its not like the Indian's had anything to lose anyway :))

    4. CyRaX


      That was the last day I watched a match.

  12. Bloody hell just when you thought you bought a decently fast car, a VZR pops out of nowhere

    1. Pericles
    2. Pericles


      Nevermind, found it. Damn, looks pretty good.

    3. Gummybr


      Peri, how much do you think the car is worth?

  13. Too much torque, cant put all that drive onto the road.

  14. I think I saw a 2010 Subaru Legacy GT yesterday.

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    2. Schiffer


      saw a red one on paper

    3. nexus


      @Schiffer what was the asking price mate?.

    4. Schiffer


      cant remember mate. it was in Observer classified magazine thing.

  15. money can get you a lot of things but not class when it comes to buying a vehicle

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