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  1. 1 hour ago, iRage said:

    Thus...why waste time listing out vehicle prices when there are greater and more serious problems at hand. Bringing down the vehicles prices is not going to solve the problem that we are bankrupt as a country

    True enough, a lot of daily wage earners are having a hard time trying to purchase essentials and here the CBSL is looking at car imports and on how to limit the damage that financial institutes will have on the long run. It was the Finance Minister who instructed the banks to give leases without looking at the crib and to not cease vehicles, initially when banks were reluctant to give leases based on the moratoriums that they had (of course they made money out of it through the interest).

    In keeping with the topic you will see a lot of underhand work happening if they are to go ahead with it and they might bring it to a stop within a month or two as the case of all the decisions taken lately. Then brand new importers will have a lot of issues as they need atleast 3months to produce a vehicle and import it, unless its sourced from the stocks. When the cars are produced the rules change and those orders will have to rot in origin country until we open up again.

    Its high time the Finance Ministry or whoever is doing the planning sort of give a road map with time frames so that people can adjust rather than announce things on a adhoc basis.

  2. When you think that these jokers stop joking around this happens.


    Its just a way of telling people to bring in their foreign currency. IMO there will be a lot of background work to be done. This statement has been going around for sometime and this has slowed down the used car market a bit as well. Thing is he never says when it will be implemented, just goes to say that he is suggesting to the government (and who exactly is he? the Central Bank Governor and not the Minister, and no vehicles doesn't fall under the central bank purview).

    This will just invite the crooks and underhand people to bring in vehicles and not the people who need them. I saw a video of VIASL talking about getting two years credit from Japan if they are given a chance to import.

    Being in the industry with manufacturer agents it has been very disheartening to see what is happening around, we still dont know what to do, we dont know what to tell the principals and dont know if they will revoke the authorization given by them to be their agent. A lot of agents had to dishonour the L/C's last year. Most have gone into the buying and selling business to stay afloat but these kind of stories create chaos in the market.

    20 minutes ago, Quiet said:

    They have started collecting Vehicle values and maximum facility amounts granted for selected vehicles - Vitz, Wagon R etc with YOM 2015/16/117/18/19 from Banks and Finance companies, I think a price control on vehicles are on the way

    There has been a talk about the prices of these models, hence the reason the Wagon R's which were quoted at 7.0mil have dropped to 4.5 - 5.0mil range now. The vehicle valuers had started giving lower values in line with the Punchi Car Nivasa guys video and there was a talk of the CB changing the LTV on vehicles.

    Do you think people in Sri Lanka will stick to the price controls? They couldn't even stick to the price controls on essentials such as sugar, rice, coconut etc...

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  3. 1 hour ago, PreseaLover said:

    Odomoter is 200k which is ok mileage. Maybe because i removed the fuel tank and replaced it with a new fuel pump

    Actually what I meant was that the Odometer must be having a calibration issue (car shows a higher mileage than what it actually is) could happen due to wheel sizes being changed or with wear and tear. My old Samurai had the same kind of issue it used to show 28kms on my way to work whereas it should have been around 23kms and even the speedo used to show a higher speed than the actual, I never got around to fixing it (supposedly a DIY thing where you take off the speedo and adjust).

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  4. 17 hours ago, Ian_xD said:

    I just got a brand-new 225 55 17 from a friend of mine and my current vehicles front tires are worn out, so I wante to change my fronts to 225 55 17, is it possible ? ( No I don't want to put them in back) ( yes I only doing this for a month, because of current situation I have to wait till next month to get so e new tires 😅😅)


    Technically you could but the car will start giving error messages from the Wheel Speed Sensor. Its a rear wheel drive car so why not put the bigger tyre at the back? Front might have clearance issues if you exceed the wheel height when you turn in (remember mm's matter)

  5. 7 hours ago, Rukshan W said:

    Hey Guys,

    I'm after a Merc E240 /2004, this will be my 1st Merc and wanted to check pros and cons before deciding.. Have played with Subaru and Audi already, so though of moving on to a Merc😄.

    * Any common issues I need to worry about (Say a car with 140K on the clock)

    * Availability of spares in SL

    * Place to check the full thing before buying (Full report..)

    * Other Pros and Cons..

    Appreciate any feedback on above guys...

    Thanks .. 

    Well its a nice car, since you have had experience with an Audi you may not feel its very expensive to maintain like others may say.

    Common issues - I would say you got pay a bit of attention to the interior as the plastic surfaces may become sticky and you will see a lot of small small parts missing and specially the power shutter and power mirror switches would be faded. There was an issue with the ABS system which was common to the W211. Check on Supercharger. Be ready do some seat covers.

    Spares - D*MO will have most parts as Mercedes still manufacture parts, if you want OEM you maybe able to get from the other specialist MB shops around Colombo.

    Check Up - I would recommend D*MO to do a thorough check up and you can also get an estimate for the work that needs to be done which would be beneficial. Other places will also be able to give a report but you wont be able to get an estimate.

    Its a nice car, but I would prefer the E200 over the E240, drove one to Jaffna and back, must say its very comfortable and was a good drive. Fuel economy I got round 10kmpl on that trip and it was a 240 if I remember correct. Some came loaded (Panoramic sunroof with solar panels to keep the interior cool, both side memory, Rear Seat Entertainment, Push Button Start on the gear lever, CD Changer etc). These were much quieter than the later generation cars with the Turbo engines when in idle.

    Cons - Dont expect it to be sporty. It has that majestic Pappa look so depends on how you look at it.


    Hope this helps.

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  6. When you talk of a CEO of a car company (internationally) you think of old guys / gals who are close to their retirement age. Unless of course its Mr. Musk. The CEO of Bugatti (yes the supercar) is a 33 year old guy with a mixed background and a BMW being the cause of him getting into EV's. 


    Mate Rimac who produced the Rimac Nevera the fastest accelerating production car in the world is the new CEO of Bugatti and owns 55% of it (balance owned by Porsche). Basically VW has given him the shares without a cent in the transaction and he is supposed to bring in EV tech to Bugatti in the coming years.

  7. On 7/14/2021 at 7:04 PM, Kavvz said:

    You got to drive it? Oh cool! How does it compare to a regular small engined car or how does it compare to the other electric cars you have driven? 

    Sorry buddy I just saw this. 

    Well to drive it was nice and quiet and you could just bring the car to a halt by taking your foot off the accelerator. Kind of more powerful and agile than the Leaf I would say. Also much better response than a small car. They still manage to retain more mileage from the batteries since you can replace them easily using brand new batteries.

  8. 54 minutes ago, GK_007 said:

    Hi All, my Axela 2014 has this AFS (Adaptive Front Lighting). But for some reason I find by default the beams are focused for a short distance. (Both low and high) and may be not centered to the middle of the road. Can this setting can be adjusted, I hope its not a DIY job ? Any recommended places. Thanks. 

    Adaptive front lights should work based on the load of the car just like a gyro sensor sought of thing (IMO), I am pretty sure you can adjust the range and spread manually by turning a screw in the headlights like in the good old days.

    European vehicles came with auto range and spread adjustability based on camera's (I think radar cams if no mistaken was used on the MB Multibeam headlights and they could not be adjusted manually by a layman).

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  9. 1 hour ago, iRage said:

    Teaser images of the new Type R

    May be an image of car and roadMay be an image of car and road

    Looks better than the previous gen type R for sure. But that spoiler looks like an afterthought, unless its an active spoiler.


    Oh and I forgot they want to beat the previous topspeed of the TypeR of 180mph.

  10. 5 minutes ago, GK_007 said:

    Friends, has anyone of you renewed the insurance policy recently. Need bit of an advise here on setting the market value. Due to the prevailing 'artificial' market prices, is it advisable to set the policy for the market price. My agent warns me that that if we have undervalued significantly then they will pay a proportion e.g. Insured Value / Market Value. Is it true ? 

    This is an issue with the Insurance companies, they are trying to increase the premium even on vehicles that the insurance was done recently. My suggestion is to get an independent value from a vehicle valuer and give that to the insurance and also ask them in case the value comes down if they will reduce the premium from your next insurance.

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  11. This was an awesome race last week and I was on the edge of the seat watching this, and must say that you dont see this in F1. Exciting stuff, was always wondering why Pecco never had the pace on race day when he has been so fast during practice and qualifying. Watch from 11minutes afterwards. 8 time world champ goes against the rookie, 7 overtakes but still the rookie persists.


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  12. 18 minutes ago, matroska said:

    It seems there will always be some compromise - I'm just thinking I'd be disappointed just when I was when I had to downgrade from a Note3 to a Nokia 6 a few years back. My uncle bought a Redmi Note 10S on Monday - so waiting to have a look at it. I'm also considering the numerous Samsung midrangers too : Wife uses a Samsung M32 for over an year it's an Ok phone for the price. 

    Well the dealers could start jacking up the prices in the coming days. I was considering the Poco F3 which is slightly more expensive. The Samsung phones seem alright but for me I dont like the look of those camera placement it looks very cheap. According to GSM Arena the best flagship killer is the Poco F3, still going through the specs on that and biggest issue on those is the software and if you are looking for a cam the wide angle camera.

  13. 2 hours ago, MrCat said:

    In other GTR news, the aging Zilla is to be axed in Aus..   

    "Australian Design Rules (ADRs) for side impact collisions mean the Nissan GT-R can’t be imported to Australia from October 31, 2021."




    Damn, so even Lexus is feeling it, wonder how many of those Chinese and Indian vehicles available in Australia will have to go out of the market. Am sure the GTR and the Lexus models are much safer than those

  14. @matroska machang when you go through the specs you will see that most Xiaomi and Poco phones have the LCD screen over the AMOLED displays and the Poco has the plastic back. My issue was I was comparing them against my current phone and I was thinking that they offer the kind of same options.

    I looked at the Redme Note 10 Pro (awesome camera, but reviews say that although you have a 108mp camera it doesnt work as well as a 64mp camera) and the Poco X3 Pro (again the specs are good but reviews are mixed). Being an Oneplus fan I looked at the Nord but again the reviews are not good and the chipset and the camera aint that good compared to my old phone. Other option would be the Oppo due to its relationship with OnePlus, but still confused.

  15. 50 minutes ago, matroska said:

    Pulling up this old thread as I've been out of touch with the latest trends in mobile phones. What would be a 'graceful' downgrade to a mid-ranger from a Samsung Galaxy Note 9? Currently do not have the budget for a flagship.  A mid-ranger with around 6-8 Gigs of RAM and at least 128 GB of storage. The bigger the screen the better. Has anyone been using the Xiaomi's and Pocos - which on paper seem bang for the buck. How good are they in real life? 

    Good question, am also in the market for a phone, have had the OnePlus 5T for three years now and now have a crack on the screen after so much of rough use and a few niggles (2 actually). 

    Been researching but cant seem to find a worthy replacement yet. The reviews I get on the MI's and Poco is mixed. So yes someone with some knowledge please share your ideas. A mid range for me as well, I prefer a good cam and as long as the phone is not bulky with protruding camera's (classy and stealthy would be my pick)

  16. 12 minutes ago, Gummybr said:

    Ok I was just having a look, seems like they have three versions, one which is more GT then a Sports version Track Edition and the Performance NISMO.

    Other than that they dont have a translation running so dont have much details. Found the English version, so only 100 will be built and offered through a lottery for two weeks.

    Few colours from the heritage models are bought back. 


    Pictures and more details

  17. 17 hours ago, iRage said:

    Supposed to be an update to the R35 as a final farewell to the R35....at least that is what the speculators say....what Nissan will do..no one knows...but more than likely the speculators are right. How drastic the updates will be is yet to be seen...everything from a boost in power with the exising engine to mating a Hybrid system seems to be hovering around

    Ok I was just having a look, seems like they have three versions, one which is more GT then a Sports version Track Edition and the Performance NISMO.

    Other than that they dont have a translation running so dont have much details. Found the English version, so only 100 will be built and offered through a lottery for two weeks.

    Few colours from the heritage models are bought back. 

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