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  1. I am not exactly sure how brake failsafe works in Axio, but please get that booster/pump sorted quickly. Its not fun when brake boost and/or ABS modulation goes haywire.!
  2. Not too much of a difference in a 1500cc Lancer eh.. Sad that a life was lost , we`ve all done stupid stuff.. At least an innocent bystander wasn't affected which is good..
  3. Really cant stand that Outlander light design.. New Triton/L200`s got a similar face.. Hyundai does the same with Kona and Palisade.. Timeless car design is a thing of the past eh.. They all just go with the flow (i.e. new Mercedes exterior designs are mostly not distinctively Mercedes like the past..) OR just try to be different (i.e. Hyundai Kona?) and create designs that`ll perhaps look fresh for like 5 years.. 🙄
  4. Yeah, would like to go and see it but dont want to waste the sellers time with no intention of buying.. This guy seems to be building Is200's for some reason, had a 1UZ swapped one for sale as well... 😁
  5. C Class digital premiere ...
  6. Is 200 (Altezza) for sale... Yes, that`s an actual V12 swap..!
  7. This made me giggle.. Aristo Vs M5 battle is awesome..
  8. Nice! Interesting stuff..!! How about a resto-mod? SR20DET? 😇 😇 It`ll be nice and quick even without the "T".. 😀 I get that the body needs to be addressed before the drivetrain stuff.. Good luck with the build..!
  9. Nice!! Always wondered how these are like to drive. I suppose quite similar to something like a Subaru Legacy from the same era? Don't know whether you are in to SUV`s/ 4WD`s , but there are quite a few out there with future classic potential. Personally, I've always had a massive soft spot for the 1st gen Pajero. That was a car that changed the 4WD landscape and got pedigree like winning the Dakar rally etc (ok, it wasn't a stock Pajero that ran the Dakar rally but still.. )... With Mitsubishi planning to kill the Pajero nameplate (even if they resurrect it that will be an electri
  10. Damn!! That wont be a wright-off I guess.. looks like the chassis is ok.. Good that the CRV wasnt T-boned full on.. Over 2 tonnes of 4Runner ramming on the side of it could have easily roll the thing over..
  11. Did I post this somewhere before.? cant really remember.. My friend`s Hilux taking a leap after he got a bit over enthusiastic up the sand dune.. Apparently a massive slope on the other side.. Landed nose first.. Had a bull-bar bolted to chassis so the front chassis rails go de-railed.. The impact caused the front struts to rip though the top mount and dented the bonnet.. Air bags deployed.. He still dove the thing home, a little over 100km
  12. Only thing I cant figure out is how the hell did that thing got up there in the first place Perhaps the weight of the drivers massive balls helped with traction..
  13. MrCat


    That`s crazy eh... Just don't understand why people would host useless events like b`day parties these days.. 😐
  14. MrCat


    Well, guess what? Our Covid luck finally ran out.. One case of community transmission and the whole city locked-down until this Friday .. 😐 😐 😐 😐 It all lasted 10 months, so cant complain really...
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