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  1. You will get a stack of documents from the post office. Don't fill anything in it right now. Take your ID, the papers and go to the Central Mail Exchange in McCallum Road, close to the rear entrance of the Fort Railway Station. Take some cash with you. You should usually get the letter within 2-3 days of your package arriving at customs but may be things are delayed due to COVID. You can try calling them but they might not be very helpful until you get the papers on your hands. The process there is very smooth. You will be given a token number and your name will be called when the pa
  2. What will be helpful is to post the honest truth after using the car for a few months.
  3. Off the top, Avanza is what I can think of. There are also Sedonas, Delicas and Friendees around, but they are quite rare. The next best option for OP is to get a van.
  4. I always wondered why cars can't have speed limits inbuilt to them in this day and age...
  5. Yup this strange shifting pattern is for a Magnetti Marelli box. At first glance, one would wonder where the D is! Many Fiats, Alfas and some Chinese and Indian cars came with this box but this specific knob is from the Punto, so you are perfectly correct.
  6. Yup... it is an AEC Routemaster RM-class bus. We mostly know it as the "double decker" bus. The last 3 digits are actually the code of the specific bus. In most cases, the code number went on as the bus's registration number. So RM731 was registered as WLT 731. Bit of Googling revealed that RM731 was originally delivered to London Transport in 1961, made its way to Sri Lanka in 1988 and is still with Ratmalana depot, running hires for Ebert Silva. Back in London: ... and in Colombo, with her top removed... If you notice the just above the left fender, you
  7. Something we've all seen Need the specific name and model though...
  8. Let me summarise the two previous posts in a few sentences A group of guys went to a cheap pettah whore... just because she's cheap and they couldn't afford someone better The cheap pettah whore was pimped by a known pimp in the industry, who found an opportunity The pimp and the whore promised lot of things but didn't deliver - simply because a pettah whore is always a pettah whore, no matter who the pimp is And now the customers are taking sides and arguing with each other about her , forgetting that if they choose someone from pettah, they get what they paid for
  9. Most probably its still lying on the police guy's desk. If it was registered post you can make an inquiry from the post office if you can get the item number from the police. If not, you will need another police complaint from the same police station so either way you will need to go there. This happened to my NIC. After going round and round and round, it was eventually declared as lost.
  10. So what are u trying to say exactly?
  11. Tip: the lever on the right of the steering wheel is the gear shifter
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