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  1. Since this thread has been resurrected, anyone remember how many AE111 GTs made it to SL? In the last few months I saw a couple advertised, one Corolla and one Sprinter. Sadly both ads are gone now.
  2. 1969 Volkswagen Beetle Part 2 - How not to restore a Volkswagen When we left off the search had just ended due to lack of patience and I had pulled the trigger on a car. Despite my previously decided idea to focus on a solid running car instead of a cosmetically nice one, I ended up picking up one that had been sitting for months but looked quite pretty inside and out. So bright an early one saturday morning I went to pick the thing up from the seller's house. Collecting it went smoothly enough, and I figured the best bet would be to fuel it up first of all. So we rolled up to the nearest petrol station and I proudly said "full tank". The pump was running for barely 30 seconds when people outside the car were yelling "Petrol halenawa!". So I jumped out to see what was up and fuel was streaming to the ground! So I popped the frunk (Beetle tanks are in the front of the car) and checked, to find that the seal around the fuel floater (at the top of the tank) had given up, causing fuel to escape from there. Also, the hose from the filler cap to the tank was past its best so that was leaking too.... Not an auspicious start overall. Still we managed to fill up to a point it didn't leak and rolled on homeward. I had noticed that the brakes seemed a little bit iffy but I figured it was good enough to get home and then to the garage for a check up as long as I kept my braking gentle. Unfortunately for me, as we were approaching Rajagiriya, a gent in a Mahindra Scorpio decided to come to a sudden stop at a junction. So I hit the brakes hard, only to find the pedal sank all the way to the floor! Pumping it a bit achieved not much, and we were still doing about 20 km/h when the Beetle impacted the tow bar of the Scorpio with a solid thump. Got out to find a very large dent in the front end, and the frunk lid not closing properly. Great start! Beetle with its face punched in Anyhow managed to limp the car to the garage where I was given some unfortunate news. Firstly, the impact had acted on the spare wheel (which was right at the edge of the frunk) in such a way that it had moved back, bending the structure behind it quite badly. In addition, what I was assured was a rust free car turned out to have floor boards that were crumbling into dust, as well as rusty door bottoms and quarter panels covered with cataloy. So my plan of gradually sorting it while running suddenly turned into a full on frame off restoration. D-oh! That ended up taking several months and costing a lot more than I originally thought, but at the end of it the car came out looking rather decent and driving well. The only real issue was that the front never exactly lined up to close perfectly, but I could live with that. With it finally done I set about enjoying the freedom that my own set of wheels provided, using it as the daily driver to work and driving around with my girlfriend at the time. It didn't always provide sterling service: there were recurring issues with running smoothly and cutting out that were caused by some combination of coil and plug wires, which was eventually sorted out but was a real headache until then. I missed two Volkswagen Beetle Club drive events because the car crapped out on the day, which was really annoying. Still after it was sorted I did manage to get good use of it, even took it on a roadtrip or two. Drove it on the beach Then promptly got it stuck on the beach and various other shenanigans that you get up to when you're young and dumb. It served as the daily for about 2 years, but the lack of AC was beginning to tell during the commute and eventually I got hold of the vehicle that would become my next daily. I kept the beetle around for another year or so after that but it was being used less and less so I decided to part with it a while later. I often wondered what became of the thing and got into the habit of searching Beetles for sale over the years just to see if it survived. Had no luck for years and then lo and behold, last year all of a sudden it appeared on a classifieds site. But it didn't look anything like the car I had sold sadly. Some j***a$$ had decided it would be best without a roof and had gone and cut it off, replacing it with what looked like a 3 wheeler's top section. The side windows too seem to have gone. I consoled myself with the thought that at least the thing was still on the road, but I do wonder if it would rather be put out of its misery..... So there ends the story of the Beetle.
  3. As far as I'm aware, there are 5 examples of the ND generation Miata in SL and all of them are Soul Red. There is one that has been for sale since 2017 at a car sale in pepiliyana with a rather high asking price, that's the only non registered one around. Certainly no metallic orange ones.
  4. I'll eventually write the Miata story in the Cars of a Lifetime thread. Had it for just under 3 years, drove it all around the country, sold it at the end of last year.
  5. Update: 6 years after the fact So its coming up for 6 years since I asked this question on the thread and the 6 is still very much around. It truly turned out to be a great idea and has provided superb service to date. Had done 14k when we got it and now is approaching 90k. In terms of expenditure, other than the usual servicing and brake pads etc, the only major expense was engine mounts, which were needed at around the 75k mark. Oh and also shocks were replaced at 80k. At the same time the steering rack had a bush kit that was replaced. Total cost of the repairs was around 275,000 at the time. It returns 8ish to the liter in town/12-13 outside and 15 plus on the highway and still drives well. As it approaches 100k I'm guessing there will be some suspension work that will be needed. The paint finish seems to have deteriorated a bit over the years, but that could be because the driver washes it every day and it isn't waxed much. Interior has held up motsly well, but the steering leather has faded and will need re-doing. Recently it has started giving an issue where the switch that detects that the transmission is in Park doesn't always do the job, so the car won't fully switch off. Shifting out and back solves it, but I assume that will need replacing soon. All in all, it turned out to be a pretty solid choice and will likely be sticking around for a while yet. Made me so much of a Mazda convert that I got myself a 2016 2 Sedan as the daily, and ended up replacing the Jaaaag with a 2015 MX5 Miata as well!
  6. 1969 Volkswagen Beetle Part 1 - How NOT to buy a Volkswagen Right, well here we go then. For as long as I can remember, I've been interested in cars, apparently by age 4 or 5 I could recognize makes and models from some distance away, and I obviously had quite a collection of toy cars (Matchbox at the time, Hot Wheels hadn't made it to SL). At some point in my childhood though, I took a detour towards planes and for a while the car interest petered out. Then at about age 11 or so I started reading the good old MOTOR magazine (and occasionally was given a copy of CAR or Autocar from the UK by a family friend), which brought the interest back into focus. I was fortunate in that my parents both had vehicles of their own (will eventually make a post on them too), so you can say I grew up fairly well versed in automotive stuff. By the time my driving license rolled around, I had already been thinking for a few years what my first car would be. Obviously the budget was not big, I had about 400k with some help from my folks, so that was what I was looking to spend. Back in the early 2000s that kind of money went a lot further than it seems to do today, and there were quite a few choices available. But for reasons that to this day I'm not entirely sure of, I had my focus set on a Volkswagen Beetle. One reason could be because my grandfather owned a black 1959 example from brand new until the year 2000, and I had quite a few memories of outings in that car with the grandparents. Why didn't I just get his car you ask? Well my grandfather apparently had no idea that I would be interested in the car and when he stopped using it, he ended up giving it away for free to a work colleague! I tried to get (pay him and buy) the car back at the time but the guy didn't want to part with it. So I ended up having to search the marketplace. Online adverts were still in their infancy, so most of the hunting was in the weekend papers and the Motor Mag. I read as many VW books and articles as I could find and talked to VW mechanics where I could find them so I thought I had a pretty solid idea of what to look for. Fellow AL member @milindu had a couple of bugs as part of his collection and was nice enough to let me see what a good one looked like. He wasn't selling any of his, but he WAS selling a KE25 Toyota Corolla Coupe, in absolutely mint condition, for 200k (and he offered me a discount on that too). For reference, it was something like this, but MUCH tidier Anyway I had beetle blinkers on so I stupidly passed on the 'rolla, which ended up being bought (and lovingly maintained to this day) by one of his mechanics. So I went on hunting beetles, over a couple of months I looked at every single beetle that came up for sale, and i mean EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Overall I think I looked at around 30 cars and they all had some fault or the other. There were really nice ones quoting 400-500k but I didn't want to blow everything I had on buying the car (probably the only sensible decision I made at the time), so I wanted to spend no more than 250k on buying. Now my priority was a car that was mechanically and structurally sound, figuring cosmetics could be worked on later and I told my self I would buy a car that was a regular runner, so mimimum problems would exist. Unfortunately after 30 cars my stock of patience (always low in an 18 year old) ran out, and car number 31 happened to be an example that was cosmetically very nice, but had been sitting unused for some months. The seller was a nice old uncle and he assured me everything was working well, My mechanic gave it a look over and pronounced it acceptable, so 220k changed hands and I had a car! The plan was to drive it around for some time, figure out the quirks and then sort it out. However as they say, the best laid plans......
  7. Damn, completely forgot that I started this thread, must get around to posting up soon. 😅
  8. You can probably get a D8 406 though for that budget right?
  9. If you are ok with a non mainstream option, but one that is significantly newer and from a brand with a longer track record than the Chinese options, I would suggest looking at a Suzuki Ciaz. It's a car many people seem to overlook, but actually is a very strong choice in that bracket. The best way to describe it would be a modernized corolla 121, and that is actually a compliment. The diesel option in particular has strong performance and genuinely staggering economy. @Devinda_Z would back me up here, he had one until very recently and was shocked at how good it was.
  10. I suddenly had the idea to start this thread so everyone could tell the stories of the cars in their lives. Basically, any and all cars that you owned or had in the family, write a post (can be about a single car or about multiple, your choice), the more descriptive the better, and of course put pictures if you have them. The point is so that we all read and appreciate the stories of the cars each of us have had over the years which have grown our passion (or is it insanity?) for the automobile. Let me know if you think this is interesting, I'll put my first one up soon if so.
  11. Somehow missed this thread before, best of luck with the project! It's really good to see a starlet that hasn't been riced, they are becoming a rare breed! Toyotas of this particular time period (90s/very early 2000s) appear to have been some of the best built vehicles of all time and should be able to keep going indefinitely if looked after.
  12. Dear Mr Wijesinghe, I observe that you still have your tendency to deviate several miles from the topic at hand. And you seem to be aware of it as well, based on your reply so I do kindly request that you attempt to stay within the boundaries of the topic as far as possible. While some of us do enjoy hearing about the automotive history of the island, I feel a lengthy screed such as this would have been better suited to the thread that was created specifically for that purpose years ago: If you would be so kind as to keep your responses to general questions as brief as possible, and put the longer descriptions on the above thread, that would be greatly appreciated. This way we can help answer a members' questions as efficiently as possible, and still be able to also appreciate your rich and varied automotive historical insight. Thanks.
  13. Mr Wijesinghe, With all due respect, your knowledge may be wide but in this instance it is a bit out of date and you are just plain incorrect. Vehicles made from around the 1980s onwards are perfectly capable of running for any length of time as long as they are well maintained, as long as @Tharaka Samarasena does his due diligence when selecting a vehicle and keeps it well maintained, he will be able to use it without any problems. Kindly do not spread misinformation.
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