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  1. Hi Members i know it is not relevant to Automobile, but I just need to get some advice if anybody has gone through this. I lost my house deed a few days ago and until today I couldn't find it.it is a prime property. I suspect that it was stolen . can anyone misuse it by using the original deed. what precaution steps i should take? can i get another original copy? appreciate your valuable advice. Many thanks
  2. @Schiffer I am sure that you have not driven an A-Star to make such comments. I think A-Star is way ahead of the elite. Astar is not a car which was built just for Indian and sri lankan customers,it is exported worldwide and there are very good comments in other international forums about this car,
  3. may be something seriously wrong there
  4. I agree, the behind leg space is slightly less than Viva but not bad as an Alto or maruti.I suggest you to do a test drive in both cars and make decision. In my point of view I preferred A-star to a viva regarding the waiting time, A*W delivered the car on the date they promised which is around 2 months.
  5. In addition to that the vehicle control is very good and pulling power is great ... its is actually a bigger can than a VIVA and have good ground clearance
  6. If you have a higher budget to go for a swift, you can also consider an unregistered Passo which is the best option than Perodua. I have seen few Viva's on the raod almost to hit the ground. worst ground clearance for a car in SL
  7. A-star is a fantastic Car .. go for it... only thing is the price-tag is bit too high than Elite
  8. I think Investing on the new Indian swift is better than spending money on an Old model Jap swift or Chav which is anyway going to be around 1.9 or 1.8 mil
  9. cooltempo

    New Maruti A-Star -

    During good old days, this is wat the european car owners said for Japanese car owners .... but today things have changed... you cannot think in the same way everyday.... people learn by mistakes and experience... I also had a jap swift(old model) but I dont see a major drawback in this new Maruti Astar ...looks good in every aspect a usual small car should do, it terms of looks its upto the buyer who is willing to buy, if u dont like the headlight size u dont have to buy it..simply as that... but I dont see Maruti800 and alto as good cars..they have to improve alot
  10. cooltempo

    New Maruti A-Star -

    well with regard to petrol consumption, it works around 13-14 with AC in Colombo. outstation more than 18 (estimated when I drove to matara last week) very good control in high speed. clearly shows the effect of an aerodynamic dynamic design of it. i Liked it alot. need more power in traffic which you find it in most of the 1000cc powered cars. u can here the engine noise slightly may be because it is a 3 cylinder engine.looks nice on the road trust me this car makes people to look back again . hope this will help you.. please check on below link for further details http://www.carwale.com/r
  11. cooltempo

    New Maruti A-Star -

    I agree Devaka ..Gobi you can refer my thread of Astar from this link I am an owner of it. so far so good for me http://forum.autolanka.com/Index.php?/topic/9312-suzuki-astar-car/page__view__findpost__p__135618
  12. No i was a maruti alto owner for more than two years... initially I had a starlet tooo. but indian altos are not that bad as u have mentioned abv...
  13. previously I had an Alto... I Recently purchased an AStar from A*W... got it last week to my hand..it is a very good car for 1.7 Mil ... Decent Interior... attractive design... for me it looks nicer than a Passo or Vitz .. good ground clearance (170mm)... excellent handling (U have to drive and see to experience it)...security system was installed by the dealer free of charge..in addition to that u get a good factory fitted sound system with MP3\CD player with four speakers.. if you can afford that price this is the car for you...infact in India users have rated this car above Hyundai i10..
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