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  1. Car does about 12kmpl in Kandy roads and traffic, its hilly here and she drives slow so it's kinda the same before and after, also the wheels were swapped in early 2020, so no suspension issues either
  2. My wife's Vitz has 195 50 R15 7JJ, I think it's ET35 2018 1L engine, there's no difference in fuel economy, or the measly pull, There's no rub either. The car came with puny 14s It's got heaps more grip, and is very comfortable. Running Nexens I don't understand the paranoia here, if a friend has a starlet gt around, do a test fit and see. It's a common size in the starlet gt fandom. There are cars running 16s and 17s also In SL with 50 and 45 profiles
  3. Read through project R blog in this forum, I recall komi painting or dyeing his dash Also there is a mainstream importer of pajero parts KTS , he stocks dashboards, inquire in to that as well. I've no experience working with them.
  4. But why???? I can't fathom as to why you didn't get the EFI one, in this day and age carbs are troublesome and an inconvenience.
  5. Your presea has a carb??????
  6. This is how it looked, had to drill out these rivets The rear door also had these 3holes but would not line up with the after market speakers The pic is from a premium model that had oem speakers
  7. Has anyone done any audio build with car Nakamichi speakers or other hardware ? Are they as good as their home sound kits?

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    2. Magnum


      @tiv Take a look in some of those used spare parts shops, sometimes you will find a good pair of Alpine or Carrozzeria speakers from Japan. 

    3. tiv


      Looking for brand new, used ones mostly have been bay handed stored or damaged, 

      As Speakers are fragile, no one gives a damn. 

      Also I need a component speaker set, odds of finding that recon is low

    4. tiv


      And best part is when you do find something recondition in a used parts shop. Sensing your need 

      The dumb **** go to quote about 250% the brand new price saying its original japan!

      I'd rather pay my money to ebay and customs and get it brand new 

  8. The factory ones are absolute crap, I ve owned 2 vitzs over the last 2 years Binned 2 sets myself Mostly plastic and paper, It's just bull that these newbies made up to self praise their car's workings, those who think car audio should mimick what you hear on a private bus. Clearly some mercs BMWs come with crappy speakers in low end models, and we bin them, yet go all flabbergasted on a used 600,000jpy cars speakers. Don't fall for these jokers 6 - 6 and half it doesn't matter the speaker groove has long mounts that allows enough play to mount it, Using an amp will immensely improve the sound quality however, as you are looking to for a get by install, atleast do the task of swapping all 4. Or else after you get 2 good speakers you ll be going ninja on them as the sound quality is good, and in a few months due to the added load cheapo speakers from the front doors will start to sound like an asthmatic.
  9. Both cars are detuned from the factory, thus you cant comment on which is better unless you shell out some money. Again this involves spending about 1 mil on a " no market" car I have a copen and the sheer reason why I went for it when compared to a s660 is; I have several cars, so this was purely a weekend toy but even then the s660 was impractical even for a weekend run to get a beer. 1. I can't seem to fit myself into a s660, too small whereas I have ample space in the copen. 2. The rag top smells bad if it gets soaked too much, or after it loses its hydrophobic properties, thereafter a bit of leaking is expected. The copen has an aluminium roof 3. It feels like a kei, feels small, The copen doesn't feel that way. 4. There is no real storage space. Whereas the copen has a huge boot almost the size of a vitz L X B but a bit short in height. I mean it's no grocery getter but say you went somewhere and saw a nice antique or wanted to carry some souvenir, maybe a bluetooth speaker, the s660 cant do that unless you make the passenger seat a boot. 5. S660 most parts are bespoke and are VERY hard to come buy, whereas the copen shares parts with the Mira, given the no of miras here we have nothing to worry. Living in kandy and seeing that mid engine, I dont have high end specialist mechanics, I love diy and copen seemed very conventional except for the roof. Nothing fancy. In terms of tuneablity, both cars have a huge cult following in japan, the s660 has more off the shelf tuner parts than the copen and both can gain about 100hp safely with the correct mods, 100hp on a 800kg car is a lot of fun mind you. Again this involves shedding atleast 1.2mil on a "no market" car /"waste of money" (wife) And "neighbours laugh at us" car (mom).
  10. Yea in my wifes vitz, entry level budget install which came out quite well. Just buy 4 Pioneer speakers off Damro, 6 inch It fits just like oem, but you will need to drill holes to mount em as it's a 4 screw mount for the pioneer, and 3 plastic rivets for the oem speaker. Should be genuine Pioneer 2 way or 3 way speakers Pair costs like 5500-7500, get 2 pairs No point going extreme on the vitz as we get the base model and it's not that well sound proofed and you dont have an amplifier. But if you really want JBL sets cost like 22-25k Rs per pair with tweeters 10-18k per pair with no tweeters based on model Infinity also in the same range. Make sure your head unit is also genuine. Replace all 4, pls dont settle with 2, When you take out the rear door card the 6inch hole will be covered with a sound proofing layer of polythene, cut it to fit your speaker and screw it in. The wiring clip for the rear speakers can be found tucked in on the upper part of the of the speaker hole on both sides on the rear It's a very novice level diy job.
  11. DOWNLOAD the Yaris manual from the Toyota Australia website. Works well enough, I've owned 2 Vitz's and managed from that manual
  12. So fellas, need a bit of advice

    What brand of car speakers do you recommend. Hoping to get a component system.

    Expecting intermediate to high end brands.

    Would love to hear opinions pls

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    2. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      No, they are owned by H/K. Infinitys are the lite versions of H/K. 

    3. tiv


      Do you know of a local retailer who sells Harmon kardon? @fiat fan

    4. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      There is a place called HI-FI center. I think they are the “sole distributor”. Also a few other places stock them.

  13. As you mentioned these were a hit in the middle east, my dad too had one. Used to do easy 1000km a day. When they put it away it had closed over 400 000km with the stock engine and transmission. The front end was totally sand blasted though. I dont recall what the engine was but they have a very high end trim there.
  14. Is this car J*-**** V*P single digit no. I might have seen it today in katana?
  15. It's either the rich boys terrorizing the innocent road driver or policitions showing off their power with a range rover. 

    So called parts big shot importers trying to establish cults and RIP off innocent petrolheads.

    Average users destroying hybrids and wagon rs then shedding them for more money.

    Good drivers cars being paraded at insane prices 

    Old sodden suvs going almost higher than newer counterparts

    At the rate people are doing this buying and selling scam, soon their wont be customers, just buy and sell con men!

    But why bother? Even the big companies are doing the same under a brand name.

    Sad to see what motoring in this country has come to.

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    2. tiv


      @iRage thank you, I have a bigger one at home and they aren't this cute when they grow up. Mine put a hole in my nose once, I had 3 nostrils for a month!


      With time and covid my travelling habits have been badly cut down. I was out and about in the Colombo side and the roads on the demise of my grandfather.

      Suddenly it hit me as to how treacherous the roads have become.

      And I've been doing some work on the copen. Sourcing parts from the so called performance part import moguls is really cumbersome. Except for a few encouraging souls, most are just here for the quick money. No love for motoring. It's not the pricing, it's the attitude.

      In that aspect the 4x4 guys are gods here. Been working with them over 2 decades 

      So now onwards its straight from japan, with much love from ebay yahoo auctions. I might have to pay the amount of another copen but atleast I get the real deal, bolt on genuine parts will less commotion, low profile and drama. Just want a small build not the Facebook youtube hoo haa

      The Customs have already wiped my life savings clean.

    3. Ruslan


      Yes, Same here, Sourcing parts from Japan, mostly from Yahoo auction, Partsouq or Amayama. pretty reliable i must say. and worth the wait rather than get your blood boil after talking to parts dealers. Since started working from home from Last Year and due to the prevailing situ, never had the opportunity to step outside with the family.

    4. iRage


      @tiv...oh...got one at my parent's place (actually she is my son's but had to have my parents adopt her because of our movements). so know all about it. I have sofas, carpets and boots all destroyed...worst yet....she crept under the Trueno and chewed up the steering rack....the metal has tooth marks on it to remind me of it for etertinity. How she got under that narrow place only lord knows...

      But they are so cute when they are small :) 

  16. You will have to go to center in the relevant province
  17. The document goes to the previous owners address on the CR
  18. Subtle suggestion Since u love 90s cars so much, do taste something larger with more power like a Mark2 or something, life will never be the same again. Cheers
  19. That an atrocious amount for a used hilux but given the times it's fair. Main issue is injectors, make sure they've been taken care of, regular cleaning and used super diesel etc Also based on the mileage check if the preventive maintenance has been done, Timing belt, tensioner, ATF oil changes Also periodic lubrication of all universal joints. If any of the above have not been done you may end up replacing bits so keep a budget if atleast 200k lkr for those If it's a UK pickup check the chassis for rust and the front end for heaps of corrosion. Also check the AC condenser and Radiatior which may also be rotting away, unless changed of course. Lastly the auto one does like 7 to 10kmpl 1KD and about 10kmpl 2KD. The common rail rattle is normal, but they dont smoke much, if they do in white its leaking injector seals, or poor compression or turbo issues If they smoke heavy in black, could be blocked injectors etc If it's a 1KD, may have a DPF, pay attention to if it has been clogged, cut off or properly deleted etc. Check If the 4wd light is blinking on test drives, NOT WHILE ENGAGING AND DISENGAGING; that indicates a fault the system, could be lubrication to missing parts so beware. They should pull very well almost like a car so if it's slow thats a red flag. Go super OCD on the mileage as most vehicles had done over 100k miles when they reached SL except for personal imports and Thailand ones. Obviously were paraded in sales with under clocked mileages. Furthermore locals also go ninja on the odos lately. As far as I know the engines can manage 500k km if taken care of and can also be worn off by 200k km if abused. Gearbox also depends on maintenance and usage. They are incredibly reliable vehicles therefore most preventive maintenance is likely to have been overlooked and can be hiding small errors all over. Then again it's not that costly to repair. As long as you have a budget of like 200k to 300k set aside for repairs, you are safe unless it's a worn engine or gearbox. Expect about 50k in annual maintenance if you run 10k to 15km a year and do a proper service all round. As it's a pickup dont go anal on the body condition, do not overlook the above. I had one for a while sharing based on experience dated 10 years from now, so there maybe newer data out there
  20. Due to the exhaustion of performance parts, I'm literally begging people for a genuine blow off valve,

    Does anyone know If a gen 2 HKS SSQV used is worth for 35k, also do these udef valves fail easy? 

    I'm desperate!

  21. Sadly the enthusiast in me nods to the mini being the best choice to OP But Sri Lanka being well versed in cheating with minis, 1.5mil is likely to fetch you a con. My neighbour apparently used to have a mini parked in front his house, well done up, wide wheels etc Despite both us being car fanatics he was very shady when he came to talking about the car. It was on the curb for ages, a faily runner which he supposedly borrowed from a kingpin businessman in Kandy. Well it was all an alibi for the car had some dodgy paperwork and after about 2 years he finally got copped, and the legal proceedings are still in place. So unless its 100% clear or the documents match the car 100% stay clear. Will not talk about practicality and running expenses as they would be the least of the problems.
  22. Why dont you do a custom build for all of the following. You ll get better power gains as well with more durable parts. Viscous fan - use an electric fan, or a pair with a nice race spec radiator, also will come with the expansion tank The fan shroud problem is also eliminated Turbo hoses, you can find silicone hoses in all shapes and sizes. They dont deform much and withstand heat much better Air filter housing, use an after market filter assembly, branded of course, K&n cone etc Unless you are planning to sell or flip the vehicle the above replacements are upgrades to the stock setup so you ll be fine. Only part you need to look for stock is the steering stabilizer link.
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