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  1. Ya thats how i got my license too sadly that was the only thing they check in SL before issuing it.
  2. Also people like Master don & My self have been owning & riding HC bikes for ages now. Do you see any of us dead?
  3. Totally agreed with this. any bike can be dangerous. But it is best to have ridden some lower capacity bikes before a person decides to go for a HC bike. If a parent wants to buy a kid a bike its best if they can start with something small so that the person will learn the basics properly. Same with cars we see alot of teens getting there hands on fast cars ending up in walls & trees with them.
  4. Those are the two kids that passed away Anuradha LuwisHewa & Iresh Perera
  5. Three guys from panadura area had set out to watch the races that morning. Only one of them came back. He had survived because he left his two friends & went to take photographs. some of you guys must have seen a page called autoyouth on FB the guy who does that is the third guy who went & survived that day. the other two died on the spot. I attended both the funerals it was a very sad scene since they were both huge motorsport fans. I hope nothing like that ever happens to anyone. Anuradha LuwisHewaJuly 1, 2012 the awesome month of the year "JULY" is gonna start with different
  6. in this case deep pockets filled by other peoples money ne
  7. this is also not the first time this car crashed. the first accident was infront of kingsburry but wasnt very public
  8. am i missing something here???? :
  9. Can u come over soon machan
  10. Machan did u lower the car more than it was before. I dont know the technical aspect of it but when u put coilovers & lower the car u get a bit of camber automatically. so that could be the problem u r having at the moment. Also machan dont put the mud flaps car would look better without them
  11. I got my EK3 out today after 4 months haha
  12. Please dont go to Upul & waruna from my experience both of them are crocks they will scam u & take your money without you even knowing what hit u.Do not sight stafford either since that place is also filled with hora's.. In my opinion you can either take your car to Nadeera at kotikawathe, Zakie at kohuwala, Wije at dehiwala or else shaz autoworks in attidiya. Those are the only people i would recommend to someone
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