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    too many to mention. check the Project R blog
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  1. lol ගහන තරමක් කරනවා සුදූ! it did about 4kmpl before the carbs were tuned. now, with the tune and the tint (yes, irispro makes a HUGE difference!) it does about 6-7 city. and the AC is a story in itself. cost a bit. done by SAS AC in kohuwala. they used a brand new corolla 141 compressor, and fixed the condensor under the radiator, angled forward. i'm getting an aluminium scuff guard fixed to it as well to prevent damage. the cooler is under the dash, and the piping was vented to the existing blowers. better yet, the AC and blower controls were wired to the existing fan controls. so it looks like it came from the factory. this was a LOT of work, and took some time to perfect. i'll upload some pics when i can. in quarantine til 10-11-20
  2. thanks machan. yes it was taxing. the teg more so than this. at one point i had to delay roofing the house by 6 months because the teg broke down! literally මේ විකාර හින්ඳා ඔලුව උඩ වහලත් නැති වුනා! but they're both nearly nearly done now. the teg is in for a full respray. have a few dents and dings over the last 8 years to fix
  3. have a little spare time this fortnight so i stepped in to say she's almost almost done. man its been quite a journey. so here's a few photos of the end products and the build summary: ENGINE - L 16 block fully rebuilt - High compression flathead pistons - 219 "peanut" competition head - twin hitachi SU side draught carbs - SSS camshaft - comp cams competition coil - comp electronic distributor - NISMO low pressure electric fuel pump - triple core aluminum radiator - crank fan delete - custom extractor and exhaust by KelumWJ projects - battery delete GEARBOX - 5 speed close ratio dogleg 180B gearbox - WRX 4 rear diff with LSD BRAKES - 510 SSS front discs - 510 SSS brake servo - rear discs from S13 silvia WHEELS & TYRES - BBS 15" mesh alloys - 195/55/15's to match the stock rolling radius SUSPENSION - gecko street spec coilvers front and rear - cusco front tower strut LIVERY - BRE DATSUN 68 homage - BRE OEM "spook" font lip LIGHTING - BMW M3 E30 headlight retrofit - 510 SSS rear sequential turn signals with custom build electronic sequencer an logic circuit by @kalinga INTERIOR - 1968 JDM SSS gauge cluster - SSS japanese oak wood gear knob with custom emblem - 610 SSS steering wheel (just fell in love with it) yes, 610 - equus volt, oil pressure and water temp gauges on enter console - AC retrofit, ducted through existing vents, and controlled by blower controls. - two point retractable seatbelts. i'm still working out a few kinks and constantly ironing out little imperfections. but man oh man has she come along way from when i started out. just thought you guys would like to see her now.
  4. inherent problem with championship white. it yellows. and a few flakes chipped off here and there. the trouble's of daily'ing it. frankly i'm glad it lasted this long. i'm actually looking to move the car along and start on something else. would rather give it on a high note and retire like sangakkara!
  5. Machan I look after don’s 510’s in Sri Lanka. So I have a 1600 two door SSS sedan, he had an 1800 two door SSS sedan, a 1600 wagon, two four doors and a 521 ute. ok, ok that’s a fleet. We are restarting walkers tours ? it’s been 8 years since paint and some parts are peeling off. Uneven and yellowed. Going for a whiter white. Or maybe Phoenix pearl yellow.
  6. hi machan. as much as it looks lovely there, the paint wasn't right. had to get the black accents done later on the front and rear bumpers. she's pending a full paintjob anyways. apart from that the honda is more or less done. i'm toying about with an idea for a digital dash, but that's it for now. it just runs, and i'm happy with it doing just that. the datsun is finished too. just some final touches on it. i mean they never really finish do they? its getting a new clutch etc but the shipment is stuck with kapruka global shop and isn't looking pretty at the moment. meanwhile i have the don's cars to take care of as well, so hands are full of 510's these days. loving every moment of it. cheers man!
  7. Yes Machan I need to get that detail corrected. Afraid to try it as the paint might get messed up
  8. Finally. At long last, the ITR sedan conversion is done!! Here she is in all her glory. More glam pics in the upcoming months! Few niggles I’m trying to fix. The front end didn’t come with fender liners/mudguards. Sourced those from uk. Also I was using a lengthened shifter linkage from an ek3 with a d series box. Apparently that’s why shifting into reverse and 2nd are difficult. Waiting on a proper ITR shifter linkage from the UK as well. Along with the stock dual bend shifter.
  9. speaking of which, there was a pair of strut bars advertised on FB. just search for it. can't remember whether aqua or vitz. @Octanehead remembers who it was
  10. would advise against colonial motors. many a nightmare from there. i do beleive our supra had a hair raising issue with this 6 maintained there as well. luckily VVTi and i were around to go to the rescue. go to mazna motors.
  11. And so, finally, I found the means to finish what I started and swap the front end. As I’ve explained before, the E-DB8 Type R sedan never came with the UKDM 1998-2001 face. It was only with the DC2 face. As much as I think the bud eye is eccentric and beautiful, it is dated, and I have a mental disorder. So yeah. I’ve had the front end with me for over an year. Picked up from Dubai, the panels are all Aluminium. So much lighter than the metal ones I have now! Project ongoing at platinum. Will update more once paint is done...
  12. @MrCat here you go kid sir. the full monty on the engine rebuild.
  13. thanks man. the B18 block was given up on long ago. its now a B20B block, with forged internals and a B18 head with an LS-VTEC conversion. i've described this in the engine rebuild post. i'll tag you there.
  14. finally. finally i did it. i put this car on the map. nothing like some silverware in the display case to prove a point! not gonna say much. just this: 1st runner up, True Street Honda NA up to 2000cc. i'll let the pictures speak for themselves. that moment i got randika at the launch. happiest quarter second of my life! a few tweaks in the gearbox maybe for next time? i've done a few updates for this race. installed the Exedy stage 1 clutch, TODA Spec C cams, tuned, and installed the Tegiwa Powerchamber intake, with a cold air partition as well. the partition was locally made by Platinum, and completely seals with the hood when closed, so that air is directed into it from under the car. there's no loss of power during daytime heat, as demonstrated! also, i had some gremlins during the runs. first qualifier, my AC and alternator belts snapped. luckily i had a world class pit crew on hand, so they went to kalutara and brought back the belts from the only open spare parts shop "bimsara motors" (hence the hastily photoshopped "thanks to bimsara aiyya" sticker LOL). the platinum boys fixed it up on site. next, with the first qualifier, my throttle cable snapped after i defeated the s2000. guess i was a little too ecstatic about victory. that was fixed with cable ties. the OEM honda type R throttle cable will reach @The Don in UK soon. also the new clutch wasn't run in well enough, and i was missing second gear. was a nightmare. reverting back to the stock gear lever, instead of the skunk2 short shifter, as per advise from almost all the pro drivers. luckily found the ITR/CTR dual bend stock shifter also from the UK, and yes, Don's the man to bring that too. all in all, it was the most fun i had my entire life, i was thrilled beyond words to have won anything! i built a racecar AND I WON!
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