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  1. Welcome to the forum! The flashing HOLD indicator suggests an electrical issue in your transmission. Although your ATF is okay, you need to take your car to a good automatic transmission expert (suggest Mazna motors in Attidiya as they are experts in Mazna), and get your automatic transmission's valve body serviced and change the fluid with a new filter. As transmissions age, the o rings and solenoids inside the transmission wear out and cause loss in fluid pressure that cause gears to not engage. As the transmission warms up, the o-rings expand and becomes relatively supple to seal any leaks causing the transmission to work as normal. Good luck!
  2. Welcome to the forum! Idle RPM sounds normal. It's meant to be 650 - 700. But if the car vibrates when the AC kicks in, that is not normal. The IACV (Idle air control valve) should compensate for the additional load by seamlessly to maintain a proper idle RPM. The most common reason for this is carbon build up in the throttle body and IACV. Poor fuel quality in SL and harsh driving conditions tend to cause excessive carbon build up in the intake, and periodic cleaning is required. So here are a few questions: - How long ago did you get a fuel system clean-up (i.e. "tune up") done? - Does the vibration happen in Neutral as well? Or does it happen mainly in gear?
  3. Welcome to the forum! Most of them are Unfortunately you'll have to take it to a couple of paint shops and get a couple of quotes as it could vary depending on the extent of the repair. Just looking through the photos, the front guard scratch and the top circle in the first photo should be fairy simple, but it looks like the blue sticker is also scratched (first photo, bottom circle). Can you not claim it on insurance? Just tell them that you lost control and tipped over and they'll assess damage and even recommend a garage to carry out the repair. Good luck!
  4. Yeah. Powder coated black too. Looks better. I must correct myself. It's not forged aluminium. Still heaps better than the plastic one though.
  5. The issue with 92 octane fuel in SL is that quality is highly questionable. In comparison 95 is safer IMO because according to my knowledge, it conforms to Euro 4 emissions standards. IOC used to have a Euro 3 variant of petrol which used to be only slightly more expensive than the base 92. That's what I used on my CS3 back in the day. Modern day petrol is not plain old gasoline anymore. It's a chemical that consists of additives for lubricating, rust prevention etc. Is there an independent body in SL that tests the quality of petrol?
  6. Apparently this is a common issue in the series. There's a forged aluminium version of the part (aftermarket of course) that I've seen a lot of people use.
  7. Wow that price for the power steering hose! 🤑 I had a similar leak on the same hose when I had my CS3 and fabricated a new hose for around Rs. 500 several years ago. The banjo fittings on either end were crimped onto a new hose.
  8. This one is for @Magnum. 600hp, Lamborghini inspired Hiace. Source: TopGear
  9. Nice! You'd be lucky to find one for less than 30K these days. Thanks! Actually, Datsun Parts Shop is one of the main ones. Has loads of parts for the B110. Another one is Mad Dat. https://www.maddat.com.au/search?q=B110&type=product (Link with search results for B110 parts) For weather strips and rubber beadings and stuff, you can try Rare Spares https://www.rarespares.net.au/
  10. Great stuff! An Arduino fan myself with several boards around the house powering my home automation system. The first time I'm hearing about Speeduino. Pretty cool! As @MrCat said, there's a great Datsun community here. Not just in Perth, but in most other states as well. Prices of highly sought after models have definitely sky-rocketed in the past couple of years. It's crazy! There's a few local websites as well that shop internationally. Happy to provide details.
  11. Did the "garage guy" drop the brake drum on the floor while the car was on the hoist? Certainly looks like that kind of damage. 😉 In any case, get it replaced soon as that can cause brake pedal vibration if the crack develops further. Also, there a hole there, so water can get in easily and corrode the springs and brake mechanism inside.
  12. ATF M-V automatic transmission fluid DOT3 brake fluid
  13. @De_ja_vu Pretty sure your car isn't burning oil. If it was burning 85% of oil within 5000km, there would be obvious signs. My guess is that they either under-filled oil, or the method you're using to check the oil level is not quite right. As soon as oil is poured into the engine, it may usually show an incorrect reading, so the common practice is to know the oil requirement of the car and fill slightly less than that amount. Wait for a couple of minutes for the oil to settle and then check the dipstick to ensure the level is OK. It's also a good idea to check the oil level the following morning to ensure its alright. When you're checking your oil level, make sure that your car is parked on flat ground and wait for the engine to cool down and for the oil to settle. Checking oil immediately after a trip is guaranteed to show a lower than normal level. Check your owner's manual for more info.
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