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  1. @Rushneli Samanthika, Welcome to the forum. It would be helpful to members if you can add in some detail to about what you are after exactly.
  2. How satisfying to watch an already beautiful icon get a makeover.
  3. Congratulations mate! Never thought I'd say this about a Yaris, but that actually looks amazing! Nice choice of colour too. Wishing you many happy journeys with it!
  4. 200k km is nothing for a petrol engine. Just make sure the mileage is genuine (it it weren't, I doubt it would be listed as 200k km, so it likely is genuine). Check emissions test certificates to be sure. If the car has a verified maintenance history and is in good condition, then there's nothing to worry about. Just do your usual checks before buying. Good luck!
  5. 1. The idle screw on the throttle body is not meant to be adjusted. It's preset to match the engine and ECU combination the throttle body is fitted to. Most local mechanics who want a "quick fix" try to solve issues by messing with the idle screw, but it throws the ECU off completely which is why you are currently experiencing issues. There is usually a mark (like a torque seal mark that comes on nuts and bolts from the factory) on the idle screw to indicate the factory position. But it won't be easy to determine how many turns the screw was moved. So your best bet is to take the car to
  6. Hi @Piranavan Lancer CS1, Welcome to the forum. My first guess is that the reconditioned IAC valve is defective. But before concluding, can you answer the questions below: 1. In point #1 you mentioned that the "engine is set to 1100rpm". Do you mean that the idle RPM is manually set to 1100 using the idle adjustment screw on the throttle body? If this has been done, it needs to be reset to factory position. 2. Before fixing the new IACV, was it cleaned with contact or throttle body cleaner? If yes, how was it cleaned? Was the liquid sprayed directly onto the IACV? 3. When y
  7. It has been a while since I updated this thread, but I didn't have that much to say about the car - until now. COVID surely slowed things down. The car has only been driven around 5000km since the purchase in June 2019, but some noteworthy events prompted me to make this post. About a month ago, a good friend of mine borrowed the car to run some errands. He had just moved to a new home, and wanted to pick up some stuff. Given that the Mazda has good boot space once the seats are folded down, it can comfortably move quite large items - even small furniture. So I lent him the car. He picke
  8. I'm actually not sure. I came across this on Evo IXs, but I guess it would have been offered on other cars as well. Was that a Mitsubishi as well?
  9. Davy

    Honda Fit Liftkit

    I'm not convinced stock dampers would fail prematurely because they are in a slightly more extended state. But I do see how it can have an impact on comfort and handling. Also, there are spacers that go above the strut mount, so the stock stroke of the dampers or coil springs don't change.
  10. Davy

    Honda Fit Liftkit

    I think your argument still holds valid @Kavvz. That project shared by @kmeeg is on a league of it's own and not applicable for OP's requirement. We're talking about getting a little more ground clearance for convenience and to preventing the suspension from bottoming out and damaging the undercarriage. That guy has cut out his fenders to get the bigger wheels to fit in there which I doubt is something OP would be willing to do . I think OP has severely over-estimated the height increase required. 6 inches is quite drastic if you ask me. A couple of inches of ground clearance goes a long
  11. I have a feeling that these two issues are unrelated. Your car was probably struggling to idle and move because one of the cylinders were not firing due to the defective spark plug (I assume you were referring to spark plug when you said that one plug was burnt). So you should get that issue sorted out first. Replace all spark plugs for starters and ensure they are gapped properly. If you get the genuine Toyota spark plugs for the Yaris, they should be gapped properly from the factory. Automatic transmission fluid is non-conductive. So even if you submerge the entire ECU in ATF, it'll pro
  12. Something interesting I stumbled upon today. Mitsubishi Evo 9s (at least in the Australian market) came with a factory option to GPS track the car. It's called "Diamond Trac". The SIM card slot is on the right, under the Mitsubishi Motors lettering and emblem. The device is located on the A pillar on the driver's side. "Diamond Trac’ has been implemented to further deter thieves. Diamond Trac uses satellite positioning (GPS) and mobile phone technology (GSM) to track your vehicle. If your Evo is stolen, Diamond Trac can liaise with the Police to track your
  13. I had missed this thread, so read it from the start today. Didn't expect to read this! 😐 Anyway, good luck with your next purchase!
  14. Duude! Your 4Runner deserves a thread of it's own!
  15. The advice I can give you is to buy your favourite colour. You're buying the car for you and not the next owner. 🙂 Having said that, I believe a couple of colours on offer are a little more expensive than the rest. The "Soul Red" colour is one of them if I am not mistaken. This wouldn't really make a huge difference in the second hand market IMO. At the end of the day, colour is a personal preference, so there's always going to be someone who will like it.
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