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  1. It is sad to see that a life was lost due to something very unnecessary... I have gone a bit out of my depth when I skidded our LN107 on the gravel road when the Horana Rathnapura road was being built and also skidded in between a truck and a parked bus when it was raining. Not the highlight of my life but someone was looking out for me at that time and came out in both instances without a scratch to anyone or the cab (Dad would have murdered me if he got to know ๐Ÿ˜…) All I want to say is know your limits and don't try and be a race car driver. Go for some GoKart racing if you have th
  2. Wait this was the original condition it was in???? Damn should have kept it as it was honestly
  3. Not sure, should ask and see ๐Ÿ˜ I very much want to
  4. I saw one in a showroom and another white one on the road... pretty nice. I should drop by that showroom and have a look ๐Ÿ˜‰
  5. They do make a rant about changing the color but anyone can do a wrap, odd law we have๐Ÿคจ
  6. Your car seems to be a new one even though its been 2yrs but as mentioned above the battery might be the main issue. Why not take the car to the agent or a competent mechanic if the battery check turns out to be okay?
  7. Yes, it might be hard at the moment to get stuff into SL with the post and custom proceedings but once hopefully everything blows over you can start emptying your wallet ? till then be calm and carry on. So to explain this a bit further. I use Chrome as it translates Jap to Eng so I know what the heck I am looking at. lets take the following example https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/g459953821 as something I want to bring from Japan. Then I go to this site https://www.fromjapan.co.jp/en/ (Create an account here) on the search bar (FromJapan site), copy and pa
  8. @IndulaC best place I would advice for you to is to visit the holy grail called "Yahoo Japan Auction" and browse around there. When I had my Legacy this was my best friend to get stuff in. This at times do tend to get a bit a expensive but you get the original deal. That link will get you closer to the parts you might want if something needs replacing. https://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/search/search?p=Teana+J32&auccat=26322&va=Teana+J32&exflg=1&b=1&n=50 Its not the same colour but came across this as well. https://www.ebay.com.au/i/264451765482?chn=ps
  9. Haha like I said it depends on what works for you. I tried so many brands when I had the Legacy had a box full of stuff. Finally narrowed everything down. its mainly CG & Meg now but even that's not used much now due to a ceramic coating these guys applied when I got the Fozzy.
  10. @zanzibar CG is available in Sri Lanka <https://tsemachglobal.com/> Call Ayesh up, the location is on the site. Some might find that certain brands work better for them. For me however its a mix. I use CG for all the interior parts, exterior plastic & engine bay. Leather and exterior paint would be Meguiar's.
  11. Haha "Young one"? Naa... still not the Landy I like. Maybe this one might grow on me but love the name "Grenadier". It actually looks like India (front part) and China (copied the Defender) joint up to design this? Prefer the old one so far, maybe growing up seeing my Dad coming in a camo Defender was just the highlight.
  12. Damn, that's an old gal right there. Saw the new defender here but still not sure if to love it or hate it?
  13. Yahoo japan auction will be a very good friend ? to you like it was for me
  14. I would use ArmorAll bug and tar removal or Autoglym bird dropping wipe products to remove bird droppings or even just wipes might do the trick. On a weekend if you can give your car a good wax you can just wash it off easily as well with a bucket of water once you get home without leaving a mark on the surface.
  15. I would say the same as well, prices are a whopper here ? Planning on getting a small paint can to cover the small stone chips
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