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  1. 1. Plenty of great car washes available from imported brands. The ones I have used meguires gold class, Eagle one nanowax as you wash and armor all. You can buy these from local online sites. Do not wash your car with only water. It doesn't remove dirt and dust properly. 2. Plenty of brands available at supermarkets. 3. Since you have a mazda6 and if its serviced at C#lonial M#tors they generally recommend fully synthetic oil and 10,000 kms intervals. Best to double check the service manual if it came with the car and when the last service was done. 4. Stick to a garden hose
  2. Given the choice I would always go for a brand new over reconditioned. Also Australian varient will have display in English which is really useful for all the maintainance minder reminders as well as the audio.
  3. You've kept in good nick. Car looks mint!
  4. Sorry to hear about your situation. Shouldn't the agents or hybrid hub have it? Also hope you got the car checked out by a proper mechanic.
  5. Land is always the safest bet for someone who is relatively risk averse.
  6. What's the hand made of? Vibranium?
  7. If you've just spent your hard earned cash on repairing your car why not you keep it because you know its good for atleast a few more years. When buying a used car you have no idea what kind of issues you may have if the previous owner skimped on maintainance. Unless you are well and truly sick of your car there doesn't seem to be a big reason to sell.
  8. The most talked about problem seems to be the AC packing up so check with the previous owner if this happened and where it was fixed. Camshaft of the 1.0 turbo is driven by a belt in oil instead of chain and looks a pain in the ass to change that's probably why your mechanic was fussing. But that kind of maintainance should be simple enough for the agent. And as someone else has mentioned if it's been well maintained belt should be inspected after 5 years and replaced in 10 so don't worry about it.
  9. Interesting thread on mazda reliability. I got to agree. Had a 2014 mazda3 which I used for 5 years and it never missed a beat. Sold it when it had done 70,000 kms and it still drove like new with only routine maintainance.
  10. Looks like the parking sensors off/on switch
  11. Just replace the filters. They don't cost much. Mine is also a 2018 and air and Ac filters were very dirty after 2 years. I have been using 5w-30 full synthetic since I got the car. They recommend it in the manual also. I havnt changed CVT oil yet but planning to do it at my next service.
  12. Perhaps you can get the motor fixed at electrical shops that repair power window motors?
  13. Pretty certain I read somewhere that engine and gearbox from current models will be carried over which is the 1.0.,1.5 and the diesel. Hopefully they have fixed some of the issues such as the oil dilution problem from the 1.5 turbo and the AC going bust. Car looks good. Reminds me of an Audi A3 especially from the rear quarter panels.
  14. deep freeze Kotte if you are in the area- did some minor work on my AC and seemed to know their way around the car. Modern Air Peliyagoda was where I got my condenser replaced- you can check them out on FB. They have serviced plenty of Civics and even someone at the agent recommended them to me. I did the replacement around 18 months ago and touchwood still no issues
  15. Sorry to hear. First of all owners manual recommends synthetic. 5W-20 or 10w-30 so why on earth did you use the wrong oil? I havnt heard of too many owners having this problem and I have seen a few cars which have done mileages in excess of 60,000 + locally. Though the 1.5t versions an oil dilution issue which causes the cars to stall particularly in cold climates. Are you servicing at Stafford? Wat was their diagnosis? My recommendation is to get it done elsewhere as Stafford will probably charge you and arm and leg for the repair and if they have been using the wrong oil d
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