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  1. You need to replace it with a AGM battery I don't think normal sealed DIN 100 batteries would work!
  2. You can get genuine stuff from https://www.powerbulbs.com if ur not sure about eBay sellers. They got free shipping from UK to SL with 25% off these days. I got "Philips X-treme Vision +130" since I like the yellowish 3600k colour. Huge difference from stock bulbs. There's also the new "OSRAM Night Breaker Laser" if you like 4000k white like the pic from @Magnum.
  3. They don't make Civic's in Japan anymore
  4. c1nder

    Unusual Tire Wear

    That isn't the main issue but I'd say that loss is normal. I've experienced that in all my past cars
  5. c1nder

    Unusual Tire Wear

    That's what i thought too. But I check it every 2 weeks. All tires had lost about 3psi on average when I check.
  6. c1nder

    Unusual Tire Wear

    Yeah it's there on both the outer and inner edges on both front wheels. Ok I'll do another alignment at a new place other than my usual tyre team kohuwala this time. Heard good things about macro auto tech near raththanapitya junction.
  7. c1nder

    Unusual Tire Wear

    Thanks for the info guys. I'm not that much of an aggressive driver except for an occasional spirited run. It's an e46, RWD so shouldn't the rear shred? The pressure tag states Unloaded front: 32rear: 38and for a more under load setup:front: 38rear: 45 So I went for an average. I guess it's tire age then. Tie rods are ok, checked. Shocks are new. As I said, aligned every 5k. Time to fork out some cash for new rubber :'(
  8. c1nder

    Unusual Tire Wear

    Guys any idea why I get wear like this? Both the sides of the front tires are like peeling off. Rears are fine. 205/55/16 dunlop sportmaxx manuf 2012. The middle of the tire shows even, normal wear. I keep a consistent 35psi and align every 5k.
  9. Norbar torque wrenches at ACP can't go wrong the cheap ones are cheap for a reason. They aren't pre calibrated or accurate at all.
  10. And I they sell it here with a with crappy SOHC variant of the 1.6L R16 found on the 8th gen FD4. New body + old engine + new CVT gearbox
  11. Do you guys know of a new tax on synthetic engine oils introduced this week? Mobil1 5W50 synthetic can is now a whopping 12,250!

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