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  1. The feedback on the glory was not good - there were a couple of threads on it. If i was pointed a gun and asked to buy a Glory or a 2013 CRV i'd buy the CRV. But really I wouldn't recommend buying a vehicle these days - specially if you are buying for the first time. If you're upgrading from an existing vehicle then makes a bit of sense - since you'll be getting a higher price for your current vehicle as well. Rent a vehicle might be a good option. If you're buying a car from scratch (you're not selling your current car and buying something else) my personal opinion is to go for the
  2. Excellent choice of car ! Congratulations! Keep us updated with more about this car - there aren't too many 6's around and this is a keeper cos as far as I hear the 6 sets the bar quite high.
  3. If you want value for money - go for Mitsubishi (unless you want a classic lancer Box - ridiculously overpriced now) CS series cars are attractively priced. Toyota's are bought whole sale by the buy-and-sell crowd. Honda's are bought by dudes who watched too much movies and youtube and both fetch crazy prices. For a while now Nissan's were reasonably priced - not the case now. Hyundais - no experience. Fair Price - parts are not like unicorn tears (can be found) might be a good option. Have a heard a lot of bad about the B14 - my dad had one for 12 years or so - it certainl
  4. Nice choice of car for starters. This will be an issue IF the car's registered owner submitted his MTA form set some time during the last 22 years. While this is not likely - it is certainly not impossible. If the seller has both sets of the MTA form that means previous owner has not submitted. As far as I know what RMV do is inquire if there is any objection to this transfer and if there isn't within a set period of time they transfer. If previous owner has submitted then you will have to pay a fine. Either way selling or buying on open papers is NOT legal. But as Presealover
  5. yeah the 90's interiors are a b*** when it gets messed up. Also due to the excessive use of fabric(again opposed to something from the 80s') they tend to smell like a dog - specially if left at the mechanics for a few weeks and neglected.
  6. ay no - I think this is gonna cost a lot more than that. In todays market lowballing will not get you a 2M car for 1.6. If you do actually lowball you get a car with some work to do - and this work will not amount to the prices you mentioned it will be more. Paint for 40K will not happen - and will depend on the paint. Those metallic shades will cost more. The basic white (040 code for Toyota) on 80's cars are cheap - but that will not work on your bluebirds. Interior wear and tear will cost more - 90's car interiors are not as simple as classic interiors or even the simple
  7. Take originals and copies of both NIC, and CR - only works if you're the registered owner in the CR - to the nearest regional secretariat office. Depending on the age of your misplaced Revenue license - for example if your license was taken in December and now it's May you'll have to pay around 50% of the original revenue license amount and get a new license. It's a 10-15 minute job. වාහනේ පොත, පොතේ කොපියක්, NIC එක , NIC කොපියක් අරන් ලඟම ප්‍රාදේශීය ලේකම් කාර්යාලයට යන්න. අදායම් බලපත්‍රයේ කාලය අනුව දඩයක් ගෙවන්න වෙනවා. ඒ වෙලාවේම අලුත් අදායම් බලපත්‍රය දෙනවා. NIC එක NIC කොපි එක වාහනය
  8. What's up with larger sedans and interior abuse? Most of the 90's Cefiro, Bluebird, Camry/Vista interior bits look like a bunch of sabre toothed tigers had an orgy inside them. This is not the case with the Sunny's Corolla's Starlets and Marches *most of the time*

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Magnum


      @MaleCortana Is right, lack of parts is the major plus these cars are hard to come by in Japan too to get the parts. Ours wasnt in a good nick when we got it 17 years ago.

    3. matroska


      Thats a clean U13 @Magnum 

      @MaleCortana you're right ...other than the spares issue - being a non buyya car people are less likely to have resale in mind. Some people buy without proper financial means to maintain  due to the lower price and then leave the cars to rot. It's sad actually- most of these cars have options well before their time and in good nick would be an absolute joy to drive it's a shame they have been abused like this. 



    4. iRage


      @MaleCortana is spot on...it is the context the car is used in and owned in. 

      As for parts, @Magnum mentioned that it is hard to find parts even in Japan...well..yes but no but yes...back in the day, interior parts, sets were easy to come by back in the day...but now (which is when all these cars actually need the parts) they are hard to come by as there are no old cars in Japan. they've all been shipped outside to countries like Africa (where these old barges have a HUGE market). The lack of parts apply for any old car. Been stocking up parts for my Corolla Wagon....it took 7 months for me to find a set of headlights, grill and tail lights ! On the other hand..there were plenty available in SL...used Japanese ones and new Thai reproductions.

  9. Well that's nice -the 'build' part is what the average 'buyya' does not do. You need to be a bit of an enthusiast to do that. The most common buyya would actually 'drive them for a while' if he get's a good car. Buyya's sometimes when they find a good car keep it for a while. Do you mean U14's in general or SU14 Diesels in particular? Diesels are more popular due to lower fuel costs. The petrols - I think you can bargain a bit and get the price down cos they're not that rapid movers. Specially the few that have SR20's (2000 CC). A while back there was a SSS petrol that was in need of
  10. The SX4 is an Ok car - a friend had one and I used to be a regular traveler in it. It's spacious has good ground clearance and has very good visibility. Most of these cars were b/new imports bought on permits. Has the usual ruggedness and reliability of Japanese cars of that era. Slightly thirsty - as per my friend does around 8-9 KMPL. Not the most popular car among masses so you actually have a good chance of finding one that has not changed hands a lot or hacked and molested. Since it's a 10 year old car do keep a slight margin for potential repairs due to worn out components.
  11. Anyone recommend a upholstery place /fiber shop that can re-upholster a car door - the vinyl bits are warped, cracked and basically hideous - have a look below it's worse when you see it up close 


  12. it's been a roller coaster year and a half and really no one can predict what's gonna happen - It seems you're hesitant to buy a car for an inflated price, if the price comes down when imports are allowed you're going to lose out? If that is the case and you really want a car best choice is to get a car that is not price inflated. Local people are s#it scared of gas guzzlers get a good old 90's barge for a good price. Their price is not inflated.
  13. Taxi Services have a cut off year of manufacture so older cars do not qualify and for that budget theres just one choice which is Alto.
  14. I assume you are referring to the GP1 or GP2 at that price point. As far as hybrids go those two are the most unhybridiest hybrids out there. So yeah they will not give you a lot of pain: tough old school Japanese cars (probably the last generation of the rugged reliable practical cars) I had a GP1 and my neighbor still has a GP2 and they just kept on running- the GP1's some of em gave oil burning issues and was a hot topic back in the day check for the thread where the chassis code range is mentioned. The GP2 has no specific issues as such. Do a hybrid battery test before purchase. But
  15. The CRV has a CVT gear box. Checked prices -you're right CRV's are well above 10M. Even the previous generation 2016 ones are around 9M 😂
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