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  1. So, While I'm still pondering what I'm going to buy next (and since the display issue on my Note 9 is giving me headaches) I was able to temporarily switch to an almost brand new Samsung Galaxy M02S. Just summarizing my impressions for the benefit of a potential buyer. Not going to list out the specs as they're readily found on GSM Arena. I am using the 4GB Ram/64GB Storage version (the other is 3GB with 32 Gigs storage)Frugal phone. Frugal Package - has a fast charger and cables (along with the booklets and sim ejector) and nothing else..no headset - not even a cheap one. Plasticky back -has a texture and some kind of pattern: not bad. Not a fingerprint magnet, nor is it slippery. There is no protection for the screen so I got a screen protector straightaway. Cliched Camera module with 3 apparent lenses and no fingerprint sensor. There is supposed to be face unlock but can't be bothered - just swipe like we used to a few years back. Phone comes with a low spec'd chipset - but it's not too bad to be honest. (Despite some really humble results when I ran geek bench) There is so far no lag. App switching is quite smooth. I watched a review on the Poco M3 where they show considerable lag between app switching - I don't see that with the M02S. And I did play RR3 on it - no major issues there either. Android 11 with One UI - standard Samsung fare. Coming from a Note 9 the lack of AMOLED and the low PPI is pretty obvious but then again it's not an eyesore. Sunlight visibility while not stellar is again Ok - usable outdoors. The screen is large enough for videos. Speakers are nothing to write home about but again functional. Battery is 5000mAH and that with the low res screen means the phone can run for a long time without charging. Camera is 13 MP - produces pics that look like they were taken back in 2014. Survives in good light, messes up indoors. Overall after a few days it's an Ok device at the range. 'Gets the job done' is how I'd describe it. Not as fancifully spec'd as something Xiaomi or BBK would make but I haven't experienced any hiccups similar to the ones the SinoPhone users regularly complain about.
  2. Not sure if anyone in the forum has used them yet - AFAIK this is made by a Bridgestone affiliated company in Turkey.
  3. Well I did get to play around with a Redmi Note 10 s- and i have to say overall it was impressive : the build quality was great for the price ... the only initial downer was maaaybe the camera but I cannot say for sure. The Poco X3 seems quite tempting too.
  4. True - either way he'd need to do a lot of mods if he takes the wagon route. He'd probably need to sort out a lot of things with any car of that vintage actually. Those traps -at least the ones up for sale are barely roadworthy.
  5. I saw this video : The senior citizen from Kurunegala or somewhere right? He claims to restore B211's to factory spec and say that they can be used as daily runners. But since you have mods in mind getting a restored car and tearing it down would be pointless wouldn't it? Also I remember you asked something about Lancer Box prices but i can't find the exact post to quote here : anyway Lancer boxes prices are decided on the number, grade and a lot of factors. The early 1979 ish ones with 10sri/11 sri numbers with the smaller 1200 engine go for a lot cheaper. The 1.4 engine is sought after and so are the ones with 5FW gears as opposed to the ones with 4FWD. Cars with the 'red beading' and the tachometer(RPM) will cost even more. Minters will go for a tad above 1Mil. If you can find a 1.4 L car with maybe a bit of work to do that might be a good choice. When it comes to getting rid of it at some point it will be easier to part with it as there's apparently a lot of demand for the model.
  6. Yeah - for a drift car that would suffice. B211's are usually in horrid condition - it's not just the plasticky mods - most of these cars have chassis that are skewed, body's made up of 50% catalloy.. when we sold the B110 I missed it so bad that for a few weeks I hunted for a few B210/11's : barring a few minters (they were actually B210's) the B211's were in horrible state both body-wise and even mechanically. maybe OP will be better off with a Datsun wagon? less likely to be patched up and those are dirt cheap... just remembered the VB110 resto an autolankan was doing. OP can buy the car for next to nothing and spend his budget on all the mods - heck if he's really into it might even swap an RWD SR20 now that would be something! Image for inspiration 😉
  7. Upto the B11 Sunnys were RWD.This means B110, B210-211, B310 were all RWD. The first corolla that were FWD was the E80 series. The Carina AA60 was RWD tho. B211s arw nice little cars but almost impossible to find a non molested car. Most are hacked beyond recognition now by the wannabe "muscle car" folk.
  8. So you'll want an RWD car. Most cars in the sub 2 mill bracket would not be RWD. You can try to source a rare Trueno maybe. But really - it's your first car so here's a left field idea - spend a fraction of that budget and get yourself a Lancer Box - it's RWD, parts are a plenty and a simple basic car. Try out the basics first-and once you're done it won't be too difficult to dispose of it either. This is another option - and a slightly more interesting option than what I have mentioned - just that you'll need a bit more time, money and patience with this.
  9. It seems there will always be some compromise - I'm just thinking I'd be disappointed just when I was when I had to downgrade from a Note3 to a Nokia 6 a few years back. My uncle bought a Redmi Note 10S on Monday - so waiting to have a look at it. I'm also considering the numerous Samsung midrangers too : Wife uses a Samsung M32 for over an year it's an Ok phone for the price.
  10. This is the same badge that came on the U14 right? Older Bluebirds like the 910 had a rather cool logo with a blue 'bluebird' on a yellow background.
  11. Pulling up this old thread as I've been out of touch with the latest trends in mobile phones. What would be a 'graceful' downgrade to a mid-ranger from a Samsung Galaxy Note 9? Currently do not have the budget for a flagship. A mid-ranger with around 6-8 Gigs of RAM and at least 128 GB of storage. The bigger the screen the better. Has anyone been using the Xiaomi's and Pocos - which on paper seem bang for the buck. How good are they in real life?
  12. matroska

    Nissan Presea

    Well this is tricky. Ideally yes -but with age the fuel consumption can vary between two cars drastically. Ever heard of the two parrots that were born together and separated and one lived in a temple and the other with a bunch of cutthroats? (it's actually a Buddhist story-sattikumba jataka if i'm not mistaken) Same applies for the two cars - depending on how they were used/abused parts replaced fuel figures may vary a lot.
  13. matroska

    Nissan Presea

    @PreseaLoveris the resident Presea freak and has done extensive research on vehicles at this price bracket. 😁 Just off the Top of my head I'd recommend a Carina AT192... falls in your bracket. Not as hyped as it's successor but a decent car nonetheless. Generally as with anything 25-30 years old make sure to do a thorough inspection, mechanicals can be sorted -body work is painful. Overly abused interiors are a b*t*h to sort out -specially in 90s cars. Found out the hard way 😁 Look out for corrosion and also potential leaks through beadings etc . You will not find a perfect car at that price but get one that you can live with and has small things that can be fixed as you go.
  14. I'm not sure I've said this before - but time and time again I realize that when you're sad, frustrated or emotionally down someway or the other a quiet drive can always fix things for you...

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    2. iRage


      Are you okay ?

      Whatever it is I am glad a drive made it feel better (at least momentarily)

    3. matroska


      @iRageYes. I'm Ok. My mother was in hospital for over 3 weeks and eventually passed away last Monday. The correct music, and taking the longer, more scenic routes home helped ease the anxiety and after her passing it soothed the pain. 

    4. iRage


      @matroska so sorry to hear that ❤️ 

      They say death is the only certainty in life but it is something you can never get prepared for. Enjoy the long drives until the pain gets erased by joyful memories.

  15. well that's something you find out yourself - using google. Some of the lesser known/now defunct automobile classified sites are not updated and you can find the price. It took me around 2 minutes to find this - take a look at the date.
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