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  1. Facebook might be your best bet - there are a few Datsun groups and even one/two dedicated group for b310 - parts for these are pretty common - there are posts frequently about parts for sale like dashboards. there's also a few sellers who sell like the guys in kandy/gampola area ([email protected]@.lk) who claim to have almost any part - haven't got from the personally but just check with them and see
  2. @iRage since OP's main criteria is a car that can safely and comfortably transport his mother what about a lumbering old diesel barge like a Camry/Vista CV30 a Bluebird SU12 or even a CT170 Carina ? OP have limited options since you're looking at cars that are 30 years or older make sure you have at least 100,000 for immediate repairs. Since rear seat comfort for your mother is important I will exclude hatches like Nissan March or Toyota Starlet. - Nissan Sunny SB13 early 90's 64- plates : diesels are right in your budget. Petrols are overpriced - Toyota Carina/Corona AT/CT17
  3. @asrock if he's still around would be the guy to answer this question.
  4. usually the average buyya poops his sarong when they see a euro. Exceptions : Beemers, Volkswagen Beetles and Mini's.
  5. Yes it should be possible - but as irage mentioned you need to source the correct ECU . There are two separate ECU's for Auto and Manual in the 4EFE of the same era so I assume it's the same storry with 5AFE. Used gearboxes will cost around 40,000-50,000 nowadays I guess and an ECU will be around 15,000-20,000. You will also need to sort out small stuff like gear cables etc. Labor cost will vary. Not sure about the labor cost - so speak to a mechanic/garage - do some research find the ECU number and see if the parts shops have them. Just checked on the classifieds ( I***n) a Recon 5A
  6. Power to weight ratio. the problem with the B13 for instance was it's a heavy lump with a tiny engine mated with an autobox = absolute duka specially when you want to overtake a bus
  7. that was in the Puttalam Crash - where a riced Allion hit a truck and the girl who was in the passengers seat died. Guy who made this meme obviously never drove an underpowered car like a 1000 CC Belta or the 1.3 L Automatic B13/N16 - there's no Sathuta ...only Duka when you floor it but the car still crawls.
  8. This is a slightly viable option - because right now it's almost impossible to buy a car from the original owner. 75% of car sellers AND buyers are the buying and selling type. There's just very few actual people who buy a car...and most of the cars are on open papers. One more disadvantage in keeping the car on open papers after you buy is you by any chance lose the Revenue License. You can get the revenue license again if you're willing to pay - but they will not issue if you do not provide the NIC of the registered owner (copy will suffice for documentation but you need to present th
  9. matroska


    man!!! you too? spent 3 months in an absolutely horrid winter (one weekend it was -25 C) and came back to the absolute heat of February in 2012 at 35 C the blast of hot humid air was so welcome (and mind you that plane was full it was a 12 hour flight and i was seated near a toilet that was being repeatedly assaulted by an endless horde of french depositing their le poopette so that fresh air was more than welcome) - almost almost did an MR. there was no jet bridge that day - just the good ole steps and the waiting bus. Coming to local airspace and circling above and seeing the palm t
  10. matroska


    This is quite true - all this is circumstantial and based on that individual. For some it works out, few people I know returned cos it never worked out for them. For some life really sucked here - and things got better once abroad. For some it's a chance to carve out their own path than being overburdened by very demanding families/relatives. For some it's the promise of pursuing their dream career. For many people I know it's a fresh start. There was one guy who moved to avoid clashes with the in laws And for many people I know the sole reason is providing their kids a good environment to gr
  11. Slightly rare model locally - Since it was based on the Vitz mechanical parts should ideally not be a problem.
  12. Congratulations on what looks to be a car that's been really well maintained. Due to local mentality - you can find really good 'Barge's for a reasonable price. With a 2400 CC engine I'd guess it gives about 160 horses - that my friend is sweet! Agreed. Nothing wrong at all in a well maintained specimen. say sorry for going OT... Katana and Starlet... Large house, large garden with coconut trees? Did you pick up the starlet from who I think you picked it up from?
  13. Sigh! Posting your number here will not provide you the information ...as mentioned above by Kusumsiri and Twin Turbo use the website - press the proceed button then login with your google account - enter your NIC and mobile Number ( if you can't remember or can't be bothered it does NOT validate so any series of numbers works) enter your car number. You get the following details The android app is another option - less hassle as you don't need to submit your information each time - but it's been down for a few weeks now. Website still works.
  14. I have very little experience with diesels let alone this model - my A/L physics tutor had one as he used to travel a lot doing classes as per him very economical car to run but this was 10-12 years ago. So I'm not quite sure how parts availability and reliability is for the CB8 now. Overall Diesels are a bit cheaper - this wasn't the case some time back when Diesel was almost 50% cheaper than Petrol .. But Interesting thread and let's wait for some more inputs from the other members as I see most of the Diesel discussions on the forum are from a long time ago.
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