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  1. Need Advice or an Idea : My friends house was burgled last night and the burglars made off with the Smart Key to his GP1. The grey imported GP1's usually come with 1 smart key and a regular key. The risk is that the car is now vulnerable to be stolen at any time by the burglars. Is reprogramming the car to a new smart key with a new unlock code possible? Any one faced a similar situation? 

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    2. matroska


      Update - in case anyone faces this dilemma: Agents have quoted an eye-watering sum (~500,000 LKR) therefore he is looking at getting this done by a third party. 

    3. Ruslan


      That's Absurd. i think i saw few specialists in Hitad. one is in close by Nugegoda WIjerama. sure they can manage it. ill post it if i found it..

    4. mazdaspeed


      Don't know if the guy can re program but there is a chap near Nugegoda - about 100-200 Meters passing the bridge going towards Maharagama. It's on the left hand side and there is an apartment complex Opposite the shop. Sadly don't have his number. Did u try Pet#o or Advance Audio - Dehiwala ?

      Rs. 500,000/- ??? My %$#@*&

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