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    North of the River
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    Toyota's Honda's & Nissans from the 80's and 90's

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    Honda| Toyota|Toyota
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    Civic| Starlet |Camry
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    P10A2 | 2E->4E|2C-T
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    2E-4E Conversion Done!
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    Lots of plans for the Starlet
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    A Barge
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    Non Expert. I just love cars.

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  1. Back after a while - what's up folks? Things seem awfully quiet here. 

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    2. sathyajithj99


      Nobody seems to be buying vehicles . So questions regarding vehicle suggestions are low.

    3. alpha17


      Hello @matroska! Hope you remember me😌

    4. matroska


      @Ruslan it's badly in need of a paint job and there's a bit of corrosion to be sorted out - which reminds me i need to write the rest of the blog :D @sathyajithj99 sadly yes it seems cars are just getting exchanged between buy-and-sell people and due to the cost of parts and labor no new projects either. @alpha17 in fact I do good sir...good to see at least some of the members are visiting the forum time to time. During the lockdown we had some interesting banter but I guess times are tough and people have a lot of problems. 😕 

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