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  1. Im back! What did I miss? 

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    2. iRage


      Ooh !! Yes ! Yes ! 

      Can be a whole new build thread

    3. MADZ


      Welcome back @Magnum

      @Davy well I purposely choose this new badges and ranking system which came up with recent forum upgrade instead of old one because it is more advanced. The new badges and ranking system is based on achievement rules and points. The old ranking system was only based on number of posts. 

      @iRage is now gone up to 'Enthusiast' rank and achieved quite a lot of badges which is quite impressive! ..oh that summery is super 😀 I'm sure things will pick up after the pandemic situation and also when the SL economic crisis recover back.

    4. PreseaLover


      I login once in 3 days too to see the drama. Logs back out when I see no drama :D 

  2. Verstappen has become a much better driver than he was 2 years ago, the guy deserves more win
  3. Frustrating to see Max losing 1st place(for the second time) due to R*D B*LL's strategy fault 😤
  4. Something I realised when I came to Australia
  5. Drove an Aristo V300(2JZ twin turbo). The thing goes like bat out of hell
    Pic: https://ibb.co/0D3XM0V

    1. MaleCortana


      damn those are two fine big toyo ladies :) 

    2. Magnum


      @MaleCortana yep but they are very different in their own ways :D

  6. Yeah it sucks the Master G didnt have any successor, here in Australia the popularity of Crown had trickled down into the Blade Master but I heard theres not many in Japanese auctions
  7. Look at them 504s and 505s Peugeots! This shows how tough they used to be. 😍
  8. Premio/Allion taken off Toyota Japan site.

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    2. Magnum


      haha whats happening? 
      I just went into Toyota site to check if they have made any changes to the Hiace, looks like they arent offering Super GL in 4WD anymore 

    3. Gummybr


      Toyota is offering the VW based ProAce right?

      Can see how our idiots will put the prices up on the Allions and Premio's just like what happened with the end of the Ladder frame based Defender production. Or.... will if fall?

    4. iRage


      Yes..the GL variants seem to have los the AWD variant. Strange....a few weeks ago there were some articles talking about how the Hiace still sells 80000+ units per year that was only made stronger last year because people were buying vans (Super GL variants especially) for home use as an outdoor/travel vehicle as they do not want to use public transport anymore.

      @Gummybr...that ProAce is not offered in Japan (or any other Asian markets if I am not mistaken).  Some markets have the small body HiAce (200 series) for commercial applications and the large body GrandAce (HiAce ?) for passenger passenger and large commercial vehicle applications.

      The above mentioned article also mentioned that the dealership networks do not beleive that there will be a proper replacement for the 200 HiAce because:

      - The current model is still a strong contender in the market (due to lack of strong competition)

      - Because of the electrification requirements releasing a new model now would make no sense and a new electrified version needs to be developed.

      As a result there are probable intermediate solutions being whispered as well...

      1. Market the ProAce as the HiAce...apparently this is not a very cost efficient approach considering the 200 series' ongoing competitiveness.

      2. Use the upcoming Noah/Voxy base vehicle..which apparently is not attractive because of its FF layout...

  9. Im sure it will would be a Toyota 2C engine, they fit those into everything
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