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  1. How about either a Carina GT or a Cedric Y33? Carina would be an ideal daily driver for you, heaps of parts, most mechanics would be able repair it without an issue. At the same time its heaps of fun, the 4AGE 20V will sing for days and there was a 6 forward option as well. Cedric however is a gas guzzler and it's a big land yacht. Its suited for a relaxing drive and when done right it will definitely be a head turner. There are some 170 series Crown in SL as well but i'm not sure about their price range, havent seen one for sale for a while.
  2. This is going to make a lot of people angry
  3. The previous owner wanted it back after seeing that you have restored it back or was he emotionally attached to it?
  4. Magnum

    Honda Fit Liftkit

    Wait what! You want to install a lift kit on a Fit?
  5. Thoughts on this comparison? Especially between Mobil 1 and Liqui Moly
  6. Happy New Year to all Autolankans! I'm surprised I made it to the list of top bloggers
  7. Go for the FD1, it has the most power out of the 3 plus it's a beautiful looking car.
  8. Did the latest episode of Grand Tour remind anyone else of Unchartered 4?

  9. Colt Ralliart, a seriously underrated car
  10. Anyone tried two different brands of tyres for front and rear? Does it upset the balance of the car around corners?

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    2. matroska


      @HaeylMI'd say they're better than GT - imo. 

    3. Ruslan


      No issue unless its an AWD vehicle. Diameters has to be equal on all 4 corners. at least that's what stated on my Vitara Owners manual. it will cause premature gear wear on Diffs.

    4. Magnum


      Found a set of tyres, two Bridgestone and two Dunlops. I gave up the idea, I think I will go with a a full set of Pirelli or Contis. I currently have Goodyear Eagle F1 directional tyres, they got good grip but they are bit noisy. 

  11. Those gear changes and car control, damn!
  12. Have you checked the DFSK 580 FB group? There are people interested in this vehicle even when they know that it has a gearbox issue 😂
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