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  1. Im sure it will would be a Toyota 2C engine, they fit those into everything
  2. Nuwara-Eliya road vibes( check out the link)


  3. I'm not a fan of the modification, but still he has put in some time and effort into the car, which makes it sad to see the car end up like this.
  4. One of my favourite scenes from James Bond movies! Mainly because there are 504s involved in the chase 😍
  5. Anyone here has used NiBK/JNBK brake pads?

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    2. Magnum


      Akebono is good, I'm using them on my Hiace, I dont notice a difference between the Akebono and OEM. Maybe it's because Akebono makes OEM pads as well.

      Bought a set of NiBK pads for my Crown, will update how they are once I fixed them

    3. Ruslan


      Where did you get the Akebonos in Sri Lanka? Srikantha Motors? was interested in Akebono Ceramic pads once but these guys were only carrying regular types.

    4. Magnum


      @Ruslan I got it from a friend in Matale, I heard its available in Colombo in couple of shops

  6. Drove a Toyota Century, what a machine. The 5.0L V12 is silky smooth. 


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    2. Kavvz


      Engine and drive train certainly yes! Better suited to wide open spaces but the OZzy crowd must think the styling is off 🤔? ( I mean the car of choice there is the Holden and this is as dissimilar as you can get right?) 

    3. Magnum


      @Kavvz There’s a following for JDM cars here. People who are into cars will definitely notice a Century. When i drove this I noticed people staring, they probably were wondering what it is. My Crown also picks up a lot of attention at traffic lights and at shopping centres, I often get people asking me what it is.

    4. Magnum


      Not only that, most Toyota JDM cars have really good resale value, not only they hold their value but go up in price as well

  7. When you send it too hard on the touge
  8. V30 Vista is a beautiful car, but I haven't seen one in a very long time, they seem to be some what rare. Parts are bit hard to come by including mechanical parts. Last time when I went looking for CV30 parts, some spare parts shops didnt even know the model. Petrol is either EU13(SR18) or HU13(SR20) and diesel is SU13(CD20) The CV30 Camry is diesel intercooler turbo, 2C intercooler turbo to be specific. Have driven one and can confirm its pretty quick. A small light on the instrument cluster comes on when the turbo kicks in
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