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  1. Magnum


    I'm pretty sure MCM had more to do with the E30 than Covid boom
  2. Drove a friend’s Audi A6, it’s super nice to drive but lacks a lot in terms of comfort and interior quality 

  3. Whats the highest grade called as there? Here its called as Grande which only came with the V6
  4. Congrats on the purchase! These are very popular in Australia, I personally know someone with a unit over 250,000kms, it still runs trouble free with just regular maintenance. The one you have got here is a top spec model, most of the cars I see here arent this well specd. There was a V6 engine as well, but I have heard they are difficult to work on, maybe because its a transverse V6
  5. Fixed the original suspension back on the Crown. I can barely notice any potholes now even with low profile tyres. 

  6. That makes it tough to find the ultimate car, because SL wasn't blessed with the fun variant of the JDM station wagons which could accomodate 4 adults and the 2 dogs. If the car is going to be packed only once in a while then the Carina might be a good choice In my opinion Y33 is the best looking in the Cedric line up. Thats a beauty of a car, which trim level was it?
  7. How about either a Carina GT or a Cedric Y33? Carina would be an ideal daily driver for you, heaps of parts, most mechanics would be able repair it without an issue. At the same time its heaps of fun, the 4AGE 20V will sing for days and there was a 6 forward option as well. Cedric however is a gas guzzler and it's a big land yacht. Its suited for a relaxing drive and when done right it will definitely be a head turner. There are some 170 series Crown in SL as well but i'm not sure about their price range, havent seen one for sale for a while.
  8. This is going to make a lot of people angry
  9. The previous owner wanted it back after seeing that you have restored it back or was he emotionally attached to it?
  10. Magnum

    Honda Fit Liftkit

    Wait what! You want to install a lift kit on a Fit?
  11. Thoughts on this comparison? Especially between Mobil 1 and Liqui Moly
  12. Happy New Year to all Autolankans! I'm surprised I made it to the list of top bloggers
  13. Go for the FD1, it has the most power out of the 3 plus it's a beautiful looking car.
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