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  1. iRage

    Honda Fit Liftkit

    Well...as you can see...there are lifted Fits....but then again, this is not a simple suspension upgrade to get a bit more gournd clearence. This is a HUGE conversion project tha will require a lot of fabrication to fit the required components and a lot of tuning to cope with the changes to the drive train that will have to be made during the lift As I said...2-3 cm is doable with minimal intrusion (2-3cm transtales to 1 - 1.25 inches)..beyond that..it just becomes a whole different beast. Same goes with lowering....1-2 cm lowering easy....2-3cm..do-able but get messy...
  2. iRage

    Honda Fit Liftkit

    Well...there aren't "kits" as it is not a common upgrade, however, if you search around google you will see that some suspension companies and retailers will assemble all the required parts for the lift (so a kit but not necessarily an out of the box kit that has all the rquired brackets, converters, etc...). If you do want to lift the car wha you should do is go to one of the performance garages that deals with the usual suspension systems in SL (like Gecko, D3, etc..) and get them to do the lift. It is not jsut a matter of putting taller struts or putting spacers. A small lift like 1 or
  3. Come join the Tokyo AutoSalon 2021 (Virtual) from the 15th - 17th. https://www.tokyoautosalon.jp/2021/
  4. You are not allowed to bring down the frame of a car...which means...you cannot bring down the entire car as it is. Which means; after you purchase your scrapped car from auction, you will need to get someone based in Japan to remove all the parts off of the frame. Then, ship you all the entire car in parts, minus the frame. Also, some pats such as tires and seats require permits before hand which can be a pain to get. In the past they had permits where you can show that your car needs restoration and get a permit to bring down a parts car with certain conditions in a certain manner. I be
  5. The paragraph on page 339 says that the warning light indicates an issue with the LED headlight. It also so says that under certain situations the lights will still function. So my guess is that the car is picking up an issue with either a relay or a control unit...so althought the light does light-up there might be something problematic with the system.
  6. I do not have a Kwid....but I do know people who did get them...and one who actually works for the agent and sold/sells them and my dad rented one once whilst I took his car. If you can...Don't buy it...those who bought it can't wait to get rid of it. It is a very basic vehicle that will get you from A to B with no creature comfort..with no safety....with not that much fuel economy...and with age, with not much reliability (it seems). When new and with the manufacturer's warranty the car was cheap and seemed like a good value proposition (considering other new options inthe same pri
  7. under the current taxing scheme yes...you cannot get any reduction in taxes. So if you bring down your 10 year old Corolla with a 1500cc engine you used abroad or if you import a brand new Corolla with a 1600cc engine you will pay the same amount of taxes. Only break you might get is luxury tax may or may not apply depending on the cost/value of the car. The only savings you would make would be on the body price of the car. So it really is not worth bringing down your foreign used car unless it something very very very very special and you can afford it. Anyway....this is not somethi
  8. This is not to condone driving on public roads without any form of license/permit....the risks and the outcomes of what might happen are simply not worth any gain to get by driving unlicensed. Now....was this an old guy (probaby not because he was on FB)? Way back in the 80s there were a lot of old people who just got in to driving in the 60s and 50s and never actually got licensed. They just learnt to drive and just kept driving (as cars and driving licenses were a sort of a social luxury or a requirement to serve the masters..not to mention the issuing department probably would no
  9. Just saw your reply..but yeah...I do not get how these conversions are effective at all. I do not find a difference between twisting a key for ignition vs. pressing a button. To me the benefit of the whole smart key system has been the convenience of keyless entry and other comfort features (although the smart key has been very very dumb many many times in the past). These Aquas still have remote door locks...I suppose the keyfob that comes with the push start system upgrade is setup to handle the remote door locks. It is just that it will not be keyless. @f22raptor..the botto
  10. It doesn't. They just replace the keyed multi-stage switch with a press button. It is just for the ignition switch...does nothing with the security system of the car (i.e. steering lock, keyless entry). So it is like the push button systems that you found in the 60s and 70s cars where the switch was purely for ignition. To do a proper conversion you would need the entire system from a scarp car (or buy brand new from Toyota).
  11. Well...if you are trying to import a nice car for a decent value...you are out of luck...you will get taxed out of your bank account. If you are importing one as a matter or automotive heritage you value...you are out of luck...you will get taxed out of your bank account. It is doable...there are peope who have brought down some amazing cars for their automotive heritage...but it is costly...
  12. That is a coin holder. Quite useful in Japan as there is an unbeleivable amount of coins being used here (ranging from 1 yen to 500 yen). It is a 1500 yen option from the dealer but usually it is also one of those things the dealer throws in fo free. If not it comes with a blanking cover like this: Yes...it is where the Push Start/Stop button is located (which you can retrofit if you want to set it up...but if you do set it up..please make sure you get the genuine thing from a scrapped car or brand new parts, which would be expensive. So not use the cheap Chinese solutions
  13. It is a case of...if youhve to ask then you cannot afford it. You will pay excise duty based on CC units. Plus a few other varied taxes such as luxury tax (100% for a petrol car exceeding 3.5mil). I cannot remember the per CC excise duty price rate for the 3000cc bracket...ut jus tto give you an idea...a 2000cc engined car has an excise duty of about 11mil LKR. Plus you will have to pay a 100% luxury tax....so right there itself you will be paying about 24mil in taxes for a 2000cc vehicle the same price as a NSX NA1. SO a 3L car is going to be even pricier. In addition you will have
  14. Had a 3.5 in East Timor....I got a beautifl 3-4 kmpl
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