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  1. My ex girlfriend had a Pajero iO Fun little RWD crossover. Had a proper 4WD system. Did not have much problems except for the fact that the coil pack needed replacement. This was in East Timor with poor petrol and being a GDI variant it had some wierd knocks every once in a while but they would dissapear and still kept on running. Had to change the fuel filter a few times and it was a pain to replace because of its location. I beleive these GDI engines had some issues with fuel in Sri Lanka and most Mitsubishi engines with the early GDI engines were messed around by maka baases and got screwed
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    Wow..lucky. We felt really safe in Vietnam...everyone from the government to the people were very careful (even though the government published names and addresses,close contacts, including peope they slept with, of infected people). Coming to Japan, things felt a bit dicey. You sold the E30 ? What's next ?
  4. Well..I suggest you keep one unregistered. That way you dont have to pay he rev. li. fee....actually if you write a nice letter to customs saying that one is just a parts car and never be regisered you wouldn't even have to pay import duty for one. When your registered RR breaks down...just use your Premio for a day and your personal team of mechanics can fix it. Now..don't get me wrong..., the Premio is the best option for you if those are your priorities/requirements. ....the Premio is a 13 year old platform. even in 2019 you get 2004-2007 mechanical and platform tech (which is why Sr
  5. Ha ha ha...that was my reaction when I saw the invoice Thanks....yes....the design is quite distinctive..and menacing in a cute sort of way (apparently)
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    So how is everyone holding up during the pandemic ? Has anyone's job being effected ? I am sure we are all taking an equal beating emotionally...restricted outtings, etc... Yesterday marked the 1 year mark since our family got tied down with COVID-19 related restrictions. Yes...one year ago they started closing down schools in Vietnam (just before the lunar new year holidays with an uncerain start date). So one year of not being able to go to work (home based working sucks for my job)...now nearly 1.5 years since I was able to go back to SL (our firt trip in 2020 was supposed to be in Apr
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    I don't believe he intended to nor did disrespect anyone who lived abroad. He just expressed what he felt was best for his family. I am sure having a child move away to a far away place despite the safe nest one has built as a father is hard. But I hoped he would find some comfort in seeing that it is not all bad and she actually does have easier access to resources she wouldn't if she and her family work for it. The thing is..the whole first class, third class view is not relevant in the world anymore. It is something that was used during times of slavery and colonialism. It did not work
  8. Well...you shoud consider getting the car inspected at the agent or a place like car checks....these chaecks ae comprehensive and check the mechanicals and the structural integrity of the car. With cars these days you really cannot just do a visual inspection and see if everything is ok. Obviously the likes of a Toyota or Nissan will be easier to maintain even in the remotest areas of the island because of easy access to parts...but where skilled mechanics are concerned...that is a different question.
  9. Now..moving on to the interior.... The car has frameless doors...huge frameless doors. The dashboard is straight out of the standard Yaris. Stepping in, you are greeted with a pretty old fashioned mechanical cluster. Some people do not like it and wants it to be a fancy digital one similar to what is found in the high spec standard Yaris. I like it...it is simple, straight forward...has a very functional feel to it. Took a while for me to figure out how to adjust its brightness as there is no scroll switch... A little tag that only few cars can actually c
  10. Could be that in some European markets they had it as LE and XLE...but I was pretty certain in the UK they had some wierd trims like GLS and CDX or something...
  11. Sort of.....Gazoo is Toyota's tuning garage and race team. So you get Gazoo Racing parts and tuned versions for normal cars (body kits, suspension setup, extra welds, ECU tweeks, etc....and models like Vitz GR Sport, Prius/Aqua GR SPort, formally known as GSport), to developent of special models (GRMN Mark X, GRMN Vitz) and now they do ground up development of specialty cars, like the GR Yaris, on their very own production line.
  12. Premio... The CHR is a comfortable car and much more engaging to drive...but it won't be as cloudy as the Premio.
  13. No..LE and XLE were US market specific grades. In most export markets (especially Asia) 2.0L = E, J, G 2.4L = E, G, Q, V 3.0L = G, V Japan got = G and Touring E was the base grade in almost all markets and most commonly the base for the taxi variants. G was the highest grade in most markets, whilst the V was the ultra high grade. In Australia I beleive it took a whole different shape and form in terms of trim levels because of its popularity and variants...so you got wiers dames like Altis Type, Altise Type, Sportivo Type, etc...and they all had their o
  14. The very first post I suggested a FOrester (one of the more interesting and exciting ones to drive). Then there is the RAV4 (a more all-rounder), CR-V/Harrier (the more refined and comfy one), X-Trail (if you find a 1st gen turbo one that will be so much fun...but other than that it is just another crossover). Then there is the Grand Vitara..a no frills old school work horse. Search the foru and you will find a lot of threads discussing these cars. Most who are skeptical and say all those things about these "Jeeps" (because that is what they call anything that has 4WD and is a bit high..
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    I did not say YOUR POST was a rant. I moved it to a seperate thread so that the thread you originaly posted on will not get cluttered. This thread is for general ramblings and rants about life (this means anythign and everything anyone wants to share about life and life's experiences). No...not true...I am not a Japanese citizen...but I am entitled to social security (i.e. pension fund, age disability, etc...). A foreigner here even on a work permit is supposed to pay it and can get a refund when he/she leaves the country. I get national insurance...thus I pay only 1/3rd of the ac
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