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  1. Please note that the keyword in @matroska's response is "usable". DFSK is far from usable (thus the preference to buy a CRV with 100K at the risk of getting shot). 100K or even 200K is not a big deal for a well buit vehicle as long as it is honest (i.e. taken care of...well maintained with verifiable records).
  2. Sadly true....rumor started circulating a few weeks go and last week there was some strange (and I mean strange and cryptic) press release about Nissan focusing on introducing cross-overs, SUVs, family movers and speciality vehicles (I am guessing the likes of the Z and GTR). It did not say it was not developing sedans..just did not mention introducing any sedans (replacement models) in the foreseeable future and the plants where the sedans were being made for the domestic market were repurposed for other models (not even that it is being repurposed but...but the fact that looking at the capac
  3. Well..you should take it to a proper technician as soon as possible because if the sensors are messed up (depending on the sensor); it could affect pre-tensioning of the seat belt as well as the deployment of the airbag (may or may not be the case depending on the sensor and the generation of airbags). For the passenger side there is a sensor on the seat bottom (sort of a weight sensor. Check the connector and make sure nothing has been disconnected. It could have been pulled off and loosened whilst cleaning the car or even because a foot got tangled. Apart from that, depending on t
  4. For Nissan...yes...the Micra was the first. Premium brands like Mercs, Bentleys, etc...had headrest speakers but I do believe most of them were little cup like speakers that were mounted on to the headrest arms/locks. Nissan also offers it in the Kicks..atleast it was part of a launch/pre-order package that was offered and costed like 300,000yen with the audio setup, upgraded reverse cam, etc.... The speakers are good....it is one of those low sounding speakers that eminate those low tones that you would miss and give certain tones that little mmmf....it is amazing if you are hanging out
  5. On the contrary...I think their cars look very very good. You just have to shake your head at the right speed to get all the edges and corners to line up
  6. Yeah..the Aura was revealed about 2 hours ago...its pretty much a high end as well as big bodied, Note. Has the same power train as the standard Note but with increased power (116hp in the Note vs. 136 in the Aura) and torque (280Nm in the Note vs. 300 in the Aura). The interior itself seems to be of a better texture and a finish (same as the Note which already has a good interior), although I am not too sure about all the cloth. Also, the head rest speakers...not sure about that....interesting but some people might find it annoying so hope it is an option. It would be interesting to see
  7. Do you have electronic power steering or a standard hydraulic power steering system ?
  8. Still more Toyotas...Lexus unveiled the 2nd generation NX today. he NX was supposed to be crossover slightly smaller than the RAV4, but lookig at the dimensions of the new one; I think it is safe to say the NX is no longer a small crossover. The new NX also showcases Lexus' very first PHEV. There are four power train choices: 2.5L PHEV (out of the RAV4 PHV/Prime); 2.5L Hybrid (out of the RAV4 and Harrier); 2.5L NA (A25A-FKS :US spec Camry/ES/RAV4) and a newly developed 2.4L Turbo unit. ALl engine choices seem to be available in both FF and e-Four or AWD layouts. RIght now these are the gl
  9. You mean it only does not work in cold weather and works normally when the weather is hot ? Does it work with the remote key ? Or is it the same situation with both the remote key and the door switch ?
  10. I think the old Patrol looks better than the new and old Land Cruisers and the Patrol Same said about the old Land Cruisers as well....I think it also has to do with our age. I don't find the new Land Cruiser or the Patrol appealing at all in terms of design. Looks like a cartoon car that you would see in some StarWars like story in Phinears and Ferb (you know..the boxt look with wierd angles).
  11. and history shows that @Gummybr and @ceasarprime are right. In the past vehicle prices have had sudden spikes due to taxes, currency issues, import regulation changes, national policy changes, etc...but even after these policies are riverted back or contributing factors stabilise, the prices have not come back down (at least not by that much). Even when the opposite happens (i.e. a sudden dip) like when Hybrid and EVs were given high preferential tac treatment, the market sprung up the prices of gasoline/normal vehicles even before the policies caught up and were changed. So do not expect
  12. If you look at all the vehicles in such segments you will see that there are not many generations. One reason is that R&D takes a long time for these types of vehicles because of the reliability and robustness that they demand and are demanded of. This also adds to the development cost of the vehicle, thus have long ROI periods. Even then the generations seem to be strongly linked to the previous ones (hardly any complete redesigns) because manufacturers want the proven components to roll-over as much as possible (because they are field-proven and also because those would be the most that
  13. Guess what else celebrates its 70th ? Toyota finally revealed its 300 series Land Cruiser ...well...nothing new there because we've seen it since February...but nice to finally see the GR Sport variant... Its interesting to see that Toyota has finally gone with an underfloor seat for its 3rd row (for decades Toyota kept it for under carriage clearence as well as to give the owners he convenience of taking it off when not in use...sadly it also did compromise a LOT of luggage space) Specs: https://global.toyota/en/newsroom/toyota/35323595.html
  14. Interesting question... On one hand the Hyundai people are correct (to an extent)...the external charging (spikes, etc..) can lead to certain electrical components in the car. But then again these are "protected" behind fuses and relays, etc...that those would get spoilt and then go on to potentially effecting the electronics. Also, if your car has some abnormal paracetic bleed then the charging is not going to work that effectively. But then the chargers don't require the battery to be removed and you can just plug and use. Lets not forget, removing the battery from the car disconne
  15. C'mon ! Don't diss our leaders. Didn't you hear ? There are many who walk 250km on a daily basis..so they deserve to get the Prados and DIscos...and Disco Prados.... Heavy taxation to control vehicle imports to save landspace (like SG) or control the impact onthe environment or even to build and expand the national road and transportation network can be excused. I think all of us, at the very end, hate this high taxation mainly because it is nothing but a completely illogical method to steal money from the public to fund luxury vehicles for the a select few (who are undoubtebly the least
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