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  1. Not sure about heavy duty and stuff...but the Patrol/Safari has always beena much more capable vehicle than the Land Cruisers and Pajeros...it definitely is a much better all-rounder than the 70 series. Price wise it was nearly double the price as the 70 series (at least in Japan) but siginificantly cheaper than the LC100.
  2. The 10 year age limit was for the foreign exchange earner's permit (i.e. permits issued to Sri Lankans working abroad to bring down the car they used abroad whilst working). If the individual had owned the car for 1-2 years then the maximum age was 5 years..if the person owned it for more than 2 years then it could be up to 10. Other permits of bringing down an old car can go one of two ways... 1. The car needs to be a classic car or a car of significance/special (as endorsed by the Classic Car Club..so trying to bring down Doctor Sunnies and old G Supiriyas for cheap); thus can be
  3. There used to be a permit for Sri Lankans who were working/living abroad and earning foreing exchange. For that you HAD to have owned the car during your time abroad. Other than that...no..you don't have to have owned the car abroad.
  4. Oh good ! I wanted to say that car was crap but didn't want to hurt your feelings over your new purchase. There are much better cars out there....obviously every car will have some work to do but there ahs to be others that have far less work on it to be done. The Demio is a nice car and probably the nicer and more interesting and est value for oney out of the hatched from the era. As a result I feel those who ahve good specimens do not want to part with them that easily (especially these days).
  5. iRage

    Nissan Presea

    All this...is dirt If you give it a good soak and scrub it will be a much flatter and consistant color. Even the upper darker area (the dried skin like wrapping) it is shiny because of oil residue.... You can try dish wash liquid and a rag cloth....the more expensive option would be to get something like AutoGlym Inerior Shampoo...let it soak a few minutes and then rinse it off.
  6. Really ? I thought these things went for 40mil-ish.
  7. Did you buy it ? If you did, I hope you got a decent price for it that would enable you to take care of some of those (well..almost all) of those things. When it comes to Car Check reports, some items are somewhat obvious statements overkill and are put on there just so you "know" (eg. surface rust, dried bushes, etc...) There are some obvious mechanical work that you need to get rectified. However, was there any indication as to the replacement of the front crumple zone replacement is all about ? You should have gotten some more infor about it or get it checked out by a garage.
  8. iRage

    Nissan Presea

    What on earth was happening in that car ? But you shoud give a good scrubbing to that dashboard....get rid of that balck haze on everything and it will give the interior a whole new look. Granted after that your seats would look like *&(#.
  9. iRage

    Nissan Presea

    Nice...glad you were able to sort it out. The issue with these plastics is that they dry up and turn brittle... Now...I hope you are planning on giving that interior a good scrubbing
  10. How large of a SUV do you need (for outsation travel) ? How often would you be travelling outstation ? Considering the car market in SL...it might make more sense to have a comfy sedan for day to day use and when going outstation hire a SUV or a MPV. This will give you the fun uhumm....flexibility...of hiring out different types of cars for every trip...and you do not have to deal with the hassle of maintaining two cars and then getting rid of it. I asked about the family size because for 15 mil you can get a 5-6 year diesel Sorento (or the likes of) or Fortuner or Montero Sport....
  11. Oh right...honestly I thought it might be a bit too bare bones as it is not the most comfortable of options out there (well...you get 80s/90s type comfort). But yes...the 70 LC would be the most no-nonsense capable of the bunch. But then again..how many of those are around in SL ? Most are double cabs or troop carriers right ? Seen a few wagons and the ones I know who have them are sticking to them like the crabs.
  12. All the best on your search....remember..trust no car...get it inspected through and through....there are plenty of new SUVs around that have been fixed after getting wrecked by kids joy riding in their parents' car.
  13. A 30mil budget gives you quite a lot of options actually. I am guessing the likes of crossovers like the RAV4, Santa Fe, etc..would be too small ? The usual typical choice would be a 4-5 year old 150 series Prado. I suggest a dieselor a 4L petrol V4 vairant if you are not too concerned about the petrol bill. The V6s are somewhat rare. the most common is the 2.7L variant..but that thing is not the most perkiest thing on the road and it does get annoying to drive for the same reason. So your best bet would be a diesel. If you are okay with something older..you might be able to pull out
  14. First (official) sight of the Japanese spec 2022 Subaru BRZ and Toyota GR86. The joint reveal was teased for a few weeks now and during that time people were hoping it would be a new car. Specifically, a jointly developed hot hatch which would chime Subaru's return to the sorts of a WRX Hatchback. It is a bit saddening to be honest...on one hand, it means that we won't be seeing a jointly developed hot hatch (for now atleast). On the other hand....a month or so ago Toyota announced the delayed reveal of the Toyota GT86 because they wanted to differentiate it from the BRZ a lot more than w
  15. Yes...like @Ruslan said you should remove it and respray the area...but make sure you remove all traces of rust if not all that you will be doing ins spray pain on top of the rust and it will keep rusting underneath the paint surface again. This very well could have started because the paint might have gotten scratched during installation (or there was rust previously but they did not do a proper job cleaning it off and painting it.
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