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  1. Nice. As for the L engines...you might be surprised what you find in SL....know quite a few people who have found some rare engine upgrade parts just lying around in random parts shops and scrap yards :D

    As for the body....yes...you said it :) the bottom of the doors, and fenders look like they were sculptured out of putty :) It is going to take some serious artistic skill to sort out the right shape of the body lines....will you be doing the body work yourself ? 

  2. 5 hours ago, fiat fan said:

    Thel wada karanne khmda macho? (Jk jk).

    Ha ha ha !!! 

    May be an image of odometer and text that says 'TRACK Outside 12℃ 11:14 20 10 DistancetoEmpty 81km km Total Average 4.4km/ 7 80 60 40 8 000 min Hold OK toR toReset REAR ODO 11 49km km 20 XPITR'

    Granted this was with just 50km. Now it does about 9 :) (better fuel than the Corolla Wagon ;) )

    FOr now the only mods I thinking of is just the exhaust....the stock one sounds like ..wel..it doesn't sound like anything. Our Singer electric sewing machine sounds better. Do not like the TRD one and still waiting for other after maker options that are not too drastic. 

  3. On 1/22/2021 at 6:11 PM, Davy said:

    Congratulations mate! Never thought I'd say this about a Yaris

    Ha ha ha...that was my reaction when I saw the invoice :D 


    1 hour ago, K.o.N.o.S said:

    Nice,Waking up to see this. It looks like Toyota has nailed "The Design"

    Congratulations mate!!

    Thanks....yes....the design is quite distinctive..and menacing in a cute sort of way (apparently)

  4. 1 hour ago, fiat fan said:

    I’m confused. Are these the M/AMG type thing from Toyota?

    Sort of.....Gazoo is Toyota's tuning garage and race team. 

    So you get Gazoo Racing parts and tuned versions for normal cars (body kits, suspension setup, extra welds, ECU tweeks, etc....and models like Vitz GR Sport, Prius/Aqua GR SPort, formally known as GSport), to developent of special models (GRMN Mark X, GRMN Vitz) and now they do ground up development of specialty cars, like the GR Yaris, on their very own production line. 

  5. Well...Japan does not have any large hatchbacks except for the Corolla and the 3. Simply do not like the new 3. The Corolla...just seemed Corolla-ish and the Yaris and Fit were much more interesting under the seat.

    Also....the 3 and the Corolla fall in to a slightly higher tax category so shaken, road taxes, etc..are a little bit higher. As for insurance...its most about value of the car and the driving history of the drivers. So 99.9% of the time you would end up paying the same amount in insurance for a an Evo and a hatchback of the same value.

    As for safety...trafiic in Japan is quite tame. True you get the bad wreck and the crazy drivers every now and then..but for the most part people say away from each other (just like they do in person). Accidents do tend to happen during winter...winter driving in Japan sucks mainly because in most part of the country people ar enot used to it and snow removal sucks. Also..old people...they have a tendency to accidentally step on the wrong pedal...but they are more deadly within city limits and whilst walking on the sidewalk... (I am serious...not being funny here).

    Review: Toyota Crown

    18 hours ago, Magnum said:

    I have seen some pics of Crown's with TOM's emblem, didnt really look into it in detail

    well..there were other TOM's offerings for the Crown sold by Toyota dealerships...most were suspension and exhaust upgrades...

    Review: Toyota Crown

    1 hour ago, Magnum said:

    It has 63NM of torque more than the 3GR but it makes its peak torque at a higher rpm. There seems to be a supercharger from HKS is that the one you are referring to?

    There is a HKS one as well as a TOM's one. The TOM's one is what Toyota put in

    Review: Toyota Crown

    Yes...the 120 series Mark X SuperCharger super charger kit. Quite a popular upgrade for the Crown boys over here. Also was compatible for the IS.

    But the stock 2GR is no comparison to the Super Charged 3GR or even the Supercharged 2GR. The 2GR, although it has about 315hp, is still a rather leisurely engine. If memory serves me right the 2GR itself has only a slight increase in torque than the 3GR. The super charger kit adds about an additional 100-150Nm of torque which is lovely :) 

    Review: Toyota Crown


    About the Crown....around the 90s when the Crown went wide body....Toyota pushed the Crown to be a range of large sedan/estate cars; so the Crown was a family of different cars.  Under this range, you got the Athlete, Royal Saloon, Majesta, Crown Sedan, Comfort, etc.... So Royal Saloon and Athlete were not necessarily a trim level but a variant (like you said, Allion and Premio are different variants of the same car but not different Trim levels).

    The series of Crown you have (S180 series) is called the Crown Zero. It is called so because after many years of simply refreshing previous platforms; the 180 series got a complete ground up redesign and for the most part believed to have gone back to the core essence of what the Crown was...a large (mid-sized) executive sedan. Some of the features you talk about are there because it was designed to be a car to be driven in (thus the front seat controls for the rear passenger; front headrests that fall down, etc...).

    Yes, the Royal Saloon is a very soft ride compared to the Athlete which has stiffer suspension. However, it still does not offer 5 series or E class like handling tightness. It is very Japanese in its ride..leisurely :) After driving your variant, you will hate being in a 4GR variant. It is pretty good but you feel the engine slightly strained.

    So....have you looked in to what it would take to Supercharge it ? ;) 

    Suzuki Samurai My First 4x4

    8 hours ago, Gummybr said:

    Jokes aside, do you get these in Japan anymore? I know they were a limited run for 2 years. Haven't seen any popping up on auction sites. 

    Well...no..you do not see old Jimnae around....occasionally you might see one or two...that is it. But then that is the case with all old cars in Japan....even the E100 Corolla is hardly seen.

    As for the Samurai...well..yeah...the Japanese market did get the Samurai badge..but it was more like a trim level that was reserved for it 1300cc line up. So even when you search the web and online car sales you will still see them for sale as Jimny. So it jsut gets put togetehr with the 1300cc Jimny all the way from 1993 - 1998 when the 1300cc was properly marketed as a separate line up (Jimny Sierra or Sierra).  

    Suzuki Samurai My First 4x4

    12 hours ago, Gummybr said:

    After doing all this the vehicle failed the Eco test, which I believed was due to the rich mixture going into the carb, so i got a friend from office to tune it and now it runs like a dream.

    I was thinking of taking off all the red from the interior and decided against it as it would consume more time to get it back to the original. The previous owner has spent too much doing it up and he had done up the interior well enough and I didnt want to spoil it. maybe down the line if I come across a good interior I might be tempted but for now I'm keeping my disco interior.


    Nice car...and congratulations...

    but lets be honest...you are keeping the interior becuase you want to feel the pimpness of it :) 

    Toyota Vitz 2016 to 19 Review

    I have not heard of a GR but there is a GR Sport.  Gazoo Racing tuneups come in three levels.

    GR Sport is the entry level sporty variant and is equivalent to what used to be called the RS....sure it comes with disk brakes and slightly stiffer suspension than the normal grades and a bit of more welds. Some GR Sport vehicles have a slight tune in the ECU to make it feel a bit more responsive.

    The next level up is the GR Sport GR. This is what is commonly called GR. This has more sportier suspension, more welds, more braces and some vehicle models come with paddle shifts, etc...and the ECU settings would be a bit more intense. This is kind of like the TRD phase 2 vehicles or TRD spec'd vehicles we used to have.

    The highest level is GRMN...this is like all out tuning with everything from the engine to the suspension is completely redone and does not look or feel anything like the stock vehicles we are used to. This is equivalent to the special limited edition TRD performance models that used to be around.

    I have only heard of a GR Sport Vitz in Sri Lanka....the one I know of was a Hybrid when imported but was converted locally to a gasoline variant :) 

    As for the Vitz in general...yes...the 1KR engine is a dead mule....has always been so even in the previous models. The larger capacity cars have a completely different character.

    The 1L Vitzies in Japan are usually fleet cars or entry level cars used by beginner drivers who want a bit more space than a kei car but want the cheapness of one.

  6. @matroska...well...it is a bit of a mixed bag isn't it ? Even the my old RAV4 gets close to 7 and that is 11 years old....the CR-V got close to 8 and that too was (or god) 8 years old (when we sold it). Even in Japan the XCross is getting abit of a mixed feeling. Peope buy it as a vehicle in the same category as the CHR and Vezel but it gets the same performance as a much larger vehicle. In fact I believe the new RVR will be much better received.

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  7. 1 hour ago, kush said:

    Going through review I realize how similar the car is to the Corolla Sport, mine came with TRD body kit which reduces the already low ground clearance by further 20mm you get used to drive with care and avoid certain roads/ places can be a pain if it is your only car.

    kmpl similar engine perky throughout the rev range/ damn CVT ruins the whole experience.

    Safety nanny can be pain in the a** couple of times it did not allow me to reverse the vehicle to the road

    Traffic keep up feature useless as it keeps too much distance with the car in front and slow down is too aggressive and not at all comfortable.

    Radar cruise and steering assist is excellent in the highway car can virtually drive it self.

    Handling excellent, grip from 225/40/18, sport seats gives excellent side support, steering could be little more direct although not bad for a Jap (Toyota). Wish it had little more power may be 150bhp +

    Rear space and boot space may not be not up to Civic

    Runs happily on 92, a substantial saving when you do 20K km / year

    Hope get better resale in 3-4 years being a Toyota with a 4 port engine

    Good alternative to Civic

    The Civic and the Corolla Sport are pretty equal...however the CIvic does feel more engaging and more responsive..with the Corolla Sportt you feel the lower power but I feel the Corolla Sport is a easier and softer car for long runs and just sitting around in Traffic (which goes back to what these two cars were way back in the past).As for the steering well....I wold not say it is not direct...it is pretty responsive and the TNGA frame is nimble and turns in quite well....but there is a certain weird "what the heck is going on" feeling to it as it doesn't have the linearity you would expect when you are steering.

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    Suzuki Vitara 2019 SZT

    23 minutes ago, Magnum said:

    yeah my bad! I just checked it on car directory weight difference in a Rav4 is around 40-60kg. I assume the weight difference on a Hiace is bigger due to the difference in the AWD system. 

    Yeah...but still shocking...because the prop shaft and the rear diff hump and axle housing is already there....so the addition would be the front axles and transfer case........so interesting...I wonder if the AWD and 2WD variants have different diffs requiring a different housing in the back...and even a stiffer prop shaft....hmmm


    Suzuki Vitara 2019 SZT

    On 10/5/2019 at 5:59 AM, Magnum said:

    Well the 4WD Vitara weighs 75kg more than the 2WD version(full option). For some vehicles like the RAV4 the weight difference is around 150kg, while for the Hiace it’s 100kg. 

    The fuel economy would be expected by how the 4WD system works as well

    You have said you get a fuel economy of around 10km/l. How much could we expect from the 2WD version?

    Absolutely and categorically NO !

    The RAV4, X-Trail and Harrier weight difference between the AWD and FF variants is within the 40-60kg range. NOT as high as you say it is. The most significatn contributor to that weight is actually grade and AWD specific accessories.  So whilst people say the AWD variant is more fuel hungry than the 2WD variants of these vehicles...it really is not so....In Japan a friend of mine had a 2WD RAV4 of the same thing I had....on long road trips we both ran out of petrol around the same time and we both pumped about the same amount of fuel each stop. I remember we crossover kids were hanging out and the AWD guys' vehicles were doing only about .5 - 1 kmpl less than what the 2WD kids were getting. Mind you this was a good 8 or so years ago when engine efficiency was not as good as it is now a days.

    but yes...the the Hiace AWD and FR variants have about 110kg in weight difference. I thought vans would be lesser because it already has a full rear diff and prop shaft and needed only transfer case, center diff and front axels....


  8. As a side note...the reason why the X and G grades started getting Stability Control and the likes of it is because by law manufacturers were required to have Stability control in all passenger cars sold after February 2019. By Feb 2020 or 2021 (can't remember) all cars sold in Japan are supposed to have braking assist which includes accidental acceleration prevention systems. So manufacturers are rolling these out as standard in Japan. In fact, these systems can be retro-fitted to some older models like the 3nd gen Prius...

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