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  1. Ammo thel bauser owa!! jk 😅 Nice car dude. I like this gen more than the newest gen.
  2. The guy is hell bent on his price. He’s like this looks and ride like a Ferrari, while being cheap to drive like a Jap. It’s owned by a spare parts shop. Not the type to buy one for enthusiast reasons. Restoring will cost minimum 2mil, the 300z goes for big money globally.
  3. MAJOR OT : @Devinda_Z it’s back! 6.8m 🙉 Why am I totally getting the f*** it, I’ll buy and restore this vibe!? (Pull pinance 🥲) Should I? How much you think this is really worth like this? (Sorry for OT. but since we talked about this before here, thought might as well)
  4. Design fault of the 1.6 engines. Rebuilds can cost 400k. Most were replaced free by the agent. Best get it checked out.
  5. Some engine’s had issues which made it go boom in about 60k kms. The SL pug fb group is very informative.
  6. Need legal advice!

    I have an old car with me thats been in the family for ages. It originally had the “book” and now has a green paper for the registration. 

    We just noticed is has a few errors in it.

    1.The Name of Make is incorrect by 1 letter (O instead of E)

    2. The name of model Has N, Instead of L.

    3.seating capacity is “-1” (it’s a 2 door, 4 seater)

    4. The tire size says 560x15? I don’t know if this is an issue.

    It’s not had any issues with cops or anything. We do the yearly registration/insurance with no issues. It's a 1975, so no eco-test.

    Can we get these errors fixed? Also whats the legal standing right now? 

    We have it since 2006. Kind of in a rush,as I just started restoring it! 

    oh btw it’s a 1975 VW Golf-L “Swallowtail”

    (2 Door 1.1L and quite rare I’m told)

    Thanks guys!

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    2. Ruslan


      I say its not worth the hassle, forget about it since you're already getting your annual registrations done without any issue. restore it and enjoy it :)

    3. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      Thank you for the replies guys. You guys cleared up my doubts. I guess I’ll just let it be. 

      A color change is in order. It’s blue on the car and book. But I want something unp.😅

      It says Golf-N, insted of Golf-L @matroska.

      Really appreciate all of you!

    4. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      A thank you gift for you all…

      It definitely wasn’t us that did this abomination!

      It’s a long story. But its back with us now.

      It needs a LOT of work done.

      But I think there are only 2/3 “swallowtails” in the Country. Also only about six “2 door” cars here. So I think it’s worthy!




  7. What do you guys think about the show off culture that is going strong nowadays? People(mostly young kids) posing with expensive rides and even bashing other less fortunate folks seem to be the norm now!? Instagram of-course is pure cancer. Am I the only one who likes to stay low key nowadays? 

    1. MaleCortana


      I don't mind seeing people I follow posting their flexes on Instagram, I mean clearly if it brings joy to them why not?


      Like the reason sponsored ads is there is to promote businesses or a product, these kids PAY to get their portraits and 'thirst trap' (or so they think) pics just for clout and everytime I see some dumb picture with some cringe caption (possibly when they google 'Cool Captions for Instagram') I lose faith in humanity a bit.

    2. iRage


      Humility is a lost trait on the younger generations.  Yes...showing off sucks whether it is with cars 

      There is nothing wrong with posing with ones pride and joy....what is cancerous is the intent behind it. If one poses next to an expensive car..fine...especially if you worked hard for it and it is a symbol of your success.  However, most of them actually do seem to do it just to show how much better they are than others or to show what entitled brats they are. 

      This does seem to be an outcome of misguided education (not that our education system is stellar anyway) and new money.

  8. Can anybody give me a complete list of Car detailing products that are actually needed when doing up a car?

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    2. iRage


      Oh yeah...and sometimes brands like autoglym have products taht do multiple tasks...as well as progressive stages of products that make it easier 

    3. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      Wow. Thats a big list. DIY or specialist? I’m guessing this stuff is not cheap.

    4. iRage


      Well...you can start off as DIY and before you know it you will have pretty much everything a Specialist will have :) (definitely more than what most "detailers" in SL will have...even with the DIY stuff).

      Start off with a good polish and a wax/sealant for the body, trim restore, dash/interior cleaner and some good microfibre towels....


      Right now you probably do not want to get a full on paint restorer (you will unnecessaruly thin out the paint, etc...) You could get a clay bar as well...but I would stay away from it (I usually do although I put it in my list). No matter what is said and done clay does leave swirls even with tons of good lube (it is just that the swirls get masked off with the polishing you will follow the claying up with). 

  9. Very true. I think the VIN starting with J for Japan made is applicable to Honda(all makes really). If you are keen to find out!
  10. Any idea why the forum never updates like it used to?

    1. MADZ


      Hi Fiat fan, Yep there's a small technical issue. Planning to fix it by this weekend.

    2. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      Ohh. Glad to hear it’s getting done! Thanks boss!!

  11. fiat fan


    One word= Instagram.
  12. Some say it’s Thailand. Stafford says Japan. The quality is very high though, similar to german levels. So I don’t think that matters. It’s a very solid built car. Yes they went from FD1-FD4-FD3. About 10 manual FD1’s were imported(they pull like the Udarata Manike train). FD4 is slower,plainer,much more basic and honestly almost the same economy as the FD1. The beauty in the FDs are that 1.8 motor and those features,makes it close to a euro. If you are spending above 4mil, I would say get something nicer. The FD1 is nice, but not 4mil plus nice! On the topic of overpriced cars- most cars don’t get sold for months, try to haggle. Don’t pay ridiculous money to scumbags.
  13. 4.7mil? RUN. AFAIK most stafford ordered cars were fully loaded until around 2010. After that the taxes made the options too pricey to obtain. Plus the model was coming to an end and the hybrid FD3 was out, stafford dint care no more. The fully loaded had- Sunroof. cruise control. pedal shifters. climate control touch ac. HId lights. Fogs(base model didn’t says stafford). You can’t really be too lenient on grades with these. Go for a stafford import/serviced with all the options(they can verify for u). Also, 3.6 is the MAXIMUM I would pay for a Loaded/Well maintained example. The fan boys are hyping it up. edit- multifunction wheel was also on the loaded models only. I hope I didn’t miss anything else.
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