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  1. Very true. I think the VIN starting with J for Japan made is applicable to Honda(all makes really). If you are keen to find out!
  2. Any idea why the forum never updates like it used to?

    1. MADZ


      Hi Fiat fan, Yep there's a small technical issue. Planning to fix it by this weekend.

    2. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      Ohh. Glad to hear it’s getting done! Thanks boss!!

  3. fiat fan


    One word= Instagram.
  4. Some say it’s Thailand. Stafford says Japan. The quality is very high though, similar to german levels. So I don’t think that matters. It’s a very solid built car. Yes they went from FD1-FD4-FD3. About 10 manual FD1’s were imported(they pull like the Udarata Manike train). FD4 is slower,plainer,much more basic and honestly almost the same economy as the FD1. The beauty in the FDs are that 1.8 motor and those features,makes it close to a euro. If you are spending above 4mil, I would say get something nicer. The FD1 is nice, but not 4mil plus nice! On the topic of o
  5. 4.7mil? RUN. AFAIK most stafford ordered cars were fully loaded until around 2010. After that the taxes made the options too pricey to obtain. Plus the model was coming to an end and the hybrid FD3 was out, stafford dint care no more. The fully loaded had- Sunroof. cruise control. pedal shifters. climate control touch ac. HId lights. Fogs(base model didn’t says stafford). You can’t really be too lenient on grades with these. Go for a stafford import/serviced with all the options(they can verify for u). Also, 3.6 is the MAXIMUM I would pay fo
  6. Had two. Bloody good off-roaders. Parts and maintenance is on par with jap pricing.Manual does better on fuel and it’s also a 5 speed(auto was 4spd, kinda laggy). Try to get one with the Teak NARDI Steering wheel/climate control/upgraded audio system with tweeters on the door. NAVI screen that was on top(rare but well worth it). Few around with sunroof(huuuge). Get one that's well maintained. Most are now used by buyya’s and hobo’s because of the low entry price. Get an inspection for sure. Issues were with GDI PUMP/ENGINE WEARING OUT. Rest is normal. GDI is not as bad as the bu
  7. Thel wada karanne khmda macho? (Jk jk). Any mods planned?
  8. I’m confused. Are these the M/AMG type thing from Toyota? Also I see someone is heavily interested in the rear end.hmmm 😜
  9. Looks good mate! Enjoy her. Get a strut bar and coils for better handling. Was this the one that was on the quick site?I remember looking at this few days back(I stalk the car market). Starlet to camry. Thats a big leap bro. I’m jealous 😛
  10. What else to expect from a Joint fb holder.iyaa
  11. Saaar Does it do more on petrol when u do that?
  12. Get a red/white 2.5 with the bells and whistles. Go for the facelift interior! Fuel 8kmpl is a yes can do. Very reliable. Our is babied at home but never misses a beat. Maintenance is the same IF you maintain at the agent. Premio maintenance is cheaper if you use cheap/used/recon parts or stick to local maka bass. Will make you smile and open doors. Chick magnet too 😉 Good sporty drive. Build/ quality of materials/ interior all resemble Audi’s(We have/had 10 Audi’s over time, it’s that close really). There is a video on youtube from the elakiri page. Not too
  13. Easy fix. Not too expensive. Occasional Italian tuneups help alot.
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