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  1. What else to expect from a Joint fb holder.iyaa
  2. Saaar Does it do more on petrol when u do that?
  3. Get a red/white 2.5 with the bells and whistles. Go for the facelift interior! Fuel 8kmpl is a yes can do. Very reliable. Our is babied at home but never misses a beat. Maintenance is the same IF you maintain at the agent. Premio maintenance is cheaper if you use cheap/used/recon parts or stick to local maka bass. Will make you smile and open doors. Chick magnet too 😉 Good sporty drive. Build/ quality of materials/ interior all resemble Audi’s(We have/had 10 Audi’s over time, it’s that close really). There is a video on youtube from the elakiri page. Not too
  4. Easy fix. Not too expensive. Occasional Italian tuneups help alot.
  5. “Mage ekah” thnks machoo 😅 Thank you so much! 😊
  6. This is why I bought this car. That 2.7 TT V6 mated to a Quattro. Mmm yummy. The engine is left as is. Everything else on the exterior is in shambles. Here’s the leak picture of the new “model” 😉 Smoother and tighter than most IG “influencers! (Ok no more lame puns).
  7. Hope everyone’s doing well. I have posted few times about my dream of converting an Audi A4 B5 to a S4 B5. As per my knowledge. We have ZERO “AUDI S AND RS” vehicles. No conversions either. Only a few RS badged regular A3’s and what not. S4 variants are RARE and expensive in the European countries. US has a few, mostly auto and all of them riced. My plan is/was to buy one from the US and ship parts over. Obviously not all. Just the vitals and parts that can be used on a Right hand drive. Since I currently live in the US, I will be taking apart the car on my own and
  8. Avoid the sorento/santa fe. Montero/prado is much better. keep looking. There were plenty around may. Not a good time to buy a car right now.
  9. For 7mil you can buy a 2007 upwards new model. Much better than the 2000-2006 overpriced rubbish. Fuel on petrols before 2006 range from 2kmpl to 7kmpl The new model petrol does 4-11. Diesels don't do all that better. Add 2 more kmpl to each powerful and good ride. Interior Can rattle on older models. agents will rip u off. DIY or a known garage will be better.
  10. They went for 3.6ish few months back. Not a highly sought after car. Max I’d pay on a loaded is 4mil. Not too many known issues. Nissan gearboxes are questionable Though. For that money- Vezel(please avoid at all costs). Tivoli(petrol is underpowered. Diesel is recommended.Bad resale). Forrestor(kinda thirsty but good ride). sportage( No personal experience) .
  11. F30 is better overall. Looks better and drives better. Also the diesel BMW will be more powerful ,economical and longer lasting. Buy one that’s not super basic. It'll do 8-10 kmpl city. 14ish outstation. Not if you floor it though.
  12. Whats the best dash cam? Dual is ideal. With shock sensor and mobile viewing. Small power reserve is also cool. Can manage to spend a pretty penny if really worth it. Thanks

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      EK is the back alley of the city of Sri Lanka in the vast country that is the Internet

      Authorities rarely look upon what is going on, you won't be doing your internet reputation any favors by being active there, you'll find yourself depressed most of the time... but there is a freedom that isn't found in more civilized parts of the metropolis


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      U mean ppl share dank memes there without repercussions? 😶

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      Elakiri seems to be the Sri Lankan 4Chan, degenerates and the lot do make for exciting conversation :)


  13. I second this. Too many people blame sunroofs without doing basic DIY basic maintenance on it. Look up online, many videos explaining how to get it unclogged.
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