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  1. 48 minutes ago, Jason Diaz said:

    All right guys... Looks like I'm gonna go somewhere away from this country. Because it seems like it's impossible to modify "my own car" even after paying like "200% taxes". What country is this anyway? Old and stupid people make laws and we all pay for it. Been counting my fingers for three+ years to smell an I6 or a V6. Not everyone can buy a widebody Lamborghini or a McLaren but anyone can get a widebody from LBWK or Rocket Bunny for their cars. That's not possible too? This country is going backwards while others are going forward. Even talked to a few friends in Tokyo to get myself a 2JZ-GTE. Painful... All we've got is a history of 2500 years and that's it. Wanted to build myself a real JDM car. (Because Muscle costs an arm and a leg in here) Other countries: Anything is possible. Sri Lanka: Nothing is possible. Disappointed and wanna leave ASAP. Because no one knows how hard I had to work my ass off to finally get myself a flashy 86 and modify it. I feel like I'm lost, I just don't know what to do anymore. I just can't even think. 😢 Anyway, I've got a one last question, if those aren't possible, what's possible? 

    BYE 👋 

  2. On 7/25/2021 at 7:50 PM, Gummybr said:

    If you do buy this, please bring it back to its former glory (as in proper 300ZX styling). I wont pay top money for a car that is made into a bastard, just think how much you will have to pocket out to restore it. And in this day and age it would be very expensive and hard to source the parts. 

    The guy is hell bent on his price. He’s like this looks and ride like a Ferrari, while being cheap to drive like a Jap. It’s owned by a spare parts shop. Not the type to buy one for enthusiast reasons. Restoring will cost minimum 2mil, the 300z goes for big money globally.

  3. MAJOR OT :

    @Devinda_Z it’s back! 6.8m 🙉

    Why am I totally getting the f*** it, I’ll buy and restore this vibe!? (Pull pinance 🥲)

    Should I? How much you think this is really worth like this?

    (Sorry for OT. but since we talked about this before here, thought might as well)







  4. 17 minutes ago, Dilshan_5 said:

    Thank you very much, when you say engine issues is it because of bad maintenance or a fault of the engine design it self. 60k is a very low mileage for an engine to go out. Will check the fb group as well. 

    Design fault of the 1.6 engines. Rebuilds can cost 400k. Most were replaced free by the agent. Best get it checked out. 

  5. 4 hours ago, iRage said:

    In all honesty....the whole Thai assembled cars have poor build quality statement has been invalid since the early 2000s. Models that are made for developing market (Vios, XPander, City, etc...) lack refinement as they chose less refined materials for its finish but they have not compromised build quality. Where "global models" are concerned, you really cannot tell a difference between what was built in Japan, Thailand, Australia, etc...

    I always thought that the place it was assembled could have been dependant on the variant itself...for example, FD1 from Japan as it is available in Japan and most other markets, FD4 thailand as it is a model that is somewhat regionally selective, etc...or it could simply be that towards the latter part Japan just did not make anything other than FD3s (which is highly likely because Honda and other manufacturers did not have the capability to build Hybrid vehicles in most of their SEA and SA plants..or those outside of Japan in some cases)

    Very true.

    I think the VIN starting with J for Japan made is applicable to Honda(all makes really).  If you are keen to find out!

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  6. 16 hours ago, MrCat said:

    That`s crazy eh... Just don't understand why people would host useless events like b`day parties these days..  😐


    One word= Instagram.

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  7. 6 hours ago, Dee Jay said:

    @fiat fanAny idea of the country of origin of the Stafford model?? Was it Japan??

    Well Stafford seemed to have ordered FD4s after around 2009 it seems and they don't even have the multi function steering wheel, paddle shifters, HID lights, cruise control and the sun roof..

    Btw now prices of used cars in SL have appreciated like crazy and you can hardly find any FDs below 4 million mark it seems except for some FD3s with battery issues etc..

    Even Allion 240s are trading above 4 million these days.. crazy times bro

    Some say it’s Thailand. Stafford says Japan. The quality is very high though, similar to german levels. So I don’t think that matters. It’s a very solid built car.

    Yes they went from FD1-FD4-FD3.

    About 10 manual FD1’s were imported(they pull like the Udarata Manike train).

    FD4 is slower,plainer,much more basic and honestly almost the same economy as the FD1.

    The beauty in the FDs are that 1.8 motor and those features,makes it close to a euro.

    If you are spending above 4mil, I would say get something nicer. The FD1 is nice, but not 4mil plus nice!

    On the topic of overpriced cars- most cars don’t get sold for months, try to haggle. Don’t  pay ridiculous money to scumbags.

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  8. 4.7mil? RUN.

    AFAIK most stafford ordered cars were fully loaded until around 2010. After that the taxes made the options too pricey to obtain. Plus the model was coming to an end and the hybrid FD3 was out, stafford dint care no more.

    The fully loaded had-


    cruise control.

    pedal shifters.

    climate control touch ac.

    HId lights.

    Fogs(base model didn’t says stafford).

    You can’t really be too lenient on grades with these. Go for a stafford import/serviced with all the options(they can verify for u).

    Also, 3.6 is the MAXIMUM I would pay for a Loaded/Well maintained example. The fan boys are hyping it up.


    edit- multifunction wheel was also on the loaded models only.

    I hope I didn’t miss anything else.

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  9. On 1/25/2021 at 9:43 PM, Divaagar P said:

    Please let me know if anybody have first hand experience with Mitsubishi IO i think its kind of cute and muscular at the same time and fits my budget 

    Had two. Bloody good off-roaders. Parts and maintenance is on par with jap pricing.Manual does better on fuel and it’s also a 5 speed(auto was 4spd, kinda laggy).

    Try to get one with the Teak NARDI Steering wheel/climate control/upgraded audio system with tweeters on the door. NAVI screen that was on top(rare but well worth it). Few around with sunroof(huuuge). 

    Get one that's well maintained. Most are now used by buyya’s and hobo’s because of the low entry price. Get an inspection for sure. Issues were with GDI PUMP/ENGINE WEARING OUT. Rest is normal. GDI is not as bad as the buyyas say, pump super petrol and ride hard. You’ll be fine. (There is an EFI Montero IO, does 5kmpl and is super basic).


    Keep a few lacks for any pending repairs or ugly surprises (This applies to ANY vehicle really).

  10. 5 hours ago, MaleCortana said:

    Well well well, we closed one chapter and now we hopped onto the next!

    What you see below is the final purchase I made since no one had the decency to sell me a good X110 Mark 2 (My birdie is raised at y'all forever) so I decided (with a chuttak lot coercion from my parents) "Hey!, I need a car fast" so I thought what was really worth it and bought this car. So what is this car really?

    You're looking at a 2.4 Liter XV30 Camry in Black Onyx. Imported in 2004 by the MD of a "Strawberry Company in Sri Lanka" (You know what it is) and owned by him ever since I laid my grubby hands on it. (Single Owner car, well it was registered to the company, car MFD and Reg in 2004). Car has 216k kms on the clock. This time I'm 100% sure its genuine, because the car was a Brand New Import bought from Toy#ta L#nka and was maintained ever since from them, car still carries a tag of the last service done in October, 2020 :) , also the plethora of old Eco Test reports also helps me sleep better at night. Additionally typing the Cars chassis code to ToyotaDIY shows me as the Market Destination of this car as Europe and a friend told me that's why the speedo goes upto 240kmph

    What features does the car have you say? I honestly don't know since I pivoted from Mark 2s to Camry's really fast once I saw this car. The only thing notable is Auto Wipers (Imagine my shock when it started raining today and it started to be busy at work, didn't know the car had this feature) and the light up ring next to the keyhole and that's about it me thinks yeah. I don't know the options of these cars so if you tell me what to look at I will tell you whether it is present or not. Electric Seats and the Antenna that automatically goes up and down is also a thing.

    How does the car drive? Exactly how it looks, pulls like a boat on the straight road with a nice roar and plenty of power but has the craziest amount of body roll you'll get sea-sick if you took it to a track. It's a nice comfy plushy ride and as a cruiser that will get you comfortably from A to B it'll do its job but in terms of road feel and fun to drive its quite rock bottom (In comparison to my experience with a EP91 Starlet). Also looks like Toyota made a 'Feedback-delete' to the damn steering cause I feel absolutely nothing. 

    InkedWhatsApp Image 2021-01-21 at 19.22.58 (3)_LI.jpg

    WhatsApp Image 2021-01-20 at 12.45.42.jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2021-01-21 at 19.22.57 (1).jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2021-01-21 at 19.22.57.jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2021-01-21 at 19.22.58 (1).jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2021-01-21 at 19.22.58 (2).jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2021-01-21 at 19.22.58.jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2021-01-20 at 15.41.27 (1).jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2021-01-20 at 15.41.27 (2).jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2021-01-20 at 15.41.27 (3).jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2021-01-20 at 15.41.27 (4).jpeg

    Looks good mate! Enjoy her. 

    Get a strut bar and coils for better handling.

    Was this the one that was on the quick site?I remember looking at this few days back(I stalk the car market).

    Starlet to camry. Thats a big leap bro. I’m jealous 😛

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  11. 3 hours ago, AVANTE said:

    Hi Guys, so I have the practice of quickshifting during spirited drives through backroads.

    Basically I clutch, shift and gas all in a few milliseconds in a way the car doesn't make any abrupt noises or jerks (obvious sign of a bad shift). Basically how you see racing drivers do. Thankfully my downshifts and Rev matching are smooth too around 90% of the time. 

    But note:- by quickshifting I don't mean rough shifting where I abuse the shifter with brute force like Vin diesel. A very soft click with 2 fingers or my palm is what I mean. 

    On normal drives I just shift.. Normally. Now I have been told that quickshifting can hurt synchros and the shifter mechanism. 

    Can someone shed some light on this topic?

    Saaar Does it do more on petrol when u do that?

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  12. Get a red/white 2.5 with the bells and whistles. Go for the facelift interior!

    Fuel 8kmpl is a yes can do.

    Very reliable. Our is babied at home but never misses a beat.

    Maintenance is the same IF you maintain at the agent. Premio maintenance is cheaper if you use cheap/used/recon parts or stick to local maka bass.

    Will make you smile and open doors. Chick magnet too 😉

    Good sporty drive. 

    Build/ quality of materials/ interior all resemble Audi’s(We have/had 10 Audi’s over time, it’s that close really).

    There is a video on youtube from the elakiri page. Not too technical, but shows the car and options well.

    I rather have Piumi Hansamali than a Premio.

    Go for a spin in one, The car speaks for itself.


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  13. 15 hours ago, AVANTE said:

    We still have a long way to go broski, this is just half the journey! 

    Since you won't be posting in social media, I'll say it anyway:

    "fatta mchn, maxxa maxxa, elama, kolity💥🔥🔥🔥

    “Mage ekah” thnks machoo 😅

    12 hours ago, Davy said:

    Ooh nice! Following! 

    Good luck with the conversion! 

    Thank you so much! 😊

  14. This is why I bought this car. That 2.7  TT V6 mated to a Quattro. Mmm yummy. 

    The engine is left as is. Everything else on the exterior is in shambles.


    Here’s the leak picture of the new “model” 😉

    Smoother and tighter than most IG “influencers! (Ok no more lame puns).


  15. Hope everyone’s doing well. 

    I have posted few times about my dream of converting an Audi A4 B5 to a S4 B5.

    As per my knowledge. We have ZERO “AUDI S AND RS” vehicles. No conversions either. Only a few RS badged regular A3’s and what not.

    S4 variants are RARE and expensive in the European countries. US has a few, mostly auto and all of them riced. 

    My plan is/was to buy one from the US and ship parts over. Obviously not all. Just the vitals and parts that can be used on a Right hand drive. Since I currently live in the US, I will be taking apart the car on my own and shipped personally.  Then those parts will be restored because I’m mad. 

    I already have a A4 B5 in the country. Stripped and shy. Them restored S4 parts will go into the A4. It will be 100% stock minus the front bumper(which will get refitted with the RS4 bumper because its 1. Plug and play almost. 2 It looks way better).

    Enough explanation noh? 😁

    Behold the beauty. My 2001 Audi S4 B5. Not in the best of nicks(But cost close to a new iPhone, so I’m not complaining). Plus I will be redoing the parts anyway.

    This will only be uploaded on Autolanka.No social media jargon and maxxa machan for me please. So you guys are the onlyfans(pun intended). So kind of an exclusive build to fellow petrol-heads. 

    Ok ok here’s the pictures.

    Ok one more sentence I promise! 

    This will be a slow thread. Also painful to some as I’ll be slaving away a bunch of cash and time/effort for a car thats a “POS old petrol wada nathi Olympic car”





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  16. 13 hours ago, dm_105 said:

    Thanks @iRage and @fiat fan for the input.
    I looked for 2007 upward models and they all seem to be more than 8 mil due to current market.
    I saw an agent maintained 2003 manual Prado at 6.9 mil (mileage more around 160k). But due to it's age I wouldn't know if it's worth for the price tag . However I also looked for Sorento and Santa Fe as well. Bit hard to find a proper one under around 7 mil and I saw on a thread that the crdi engine can be troublesome close to 200000 km.


    Avoid the sorento/santa fe. Montero/prado is much better. 

    keep looking. There were plenty around may. Not a good time to buy a car right now.

  17. On 1/6/2021 at 11:24 PM, dm_105 said:

    Hi guys,
    I'm looking for an upgrade. I was thinking of a Montero and Prado. I do not want to spend more than 7 mil at the moment and hence within the budget it's mostly like 2003/2004 Montero(v6) (I prefer 3500cc or 3800cc)  auto transmission or 2003 Prado 120 GX manual transmission. I haven't driven neither. Hence appreciate if anyone can provide me with information such as real figures of fuel economy( I know what I am getting into. Just to get a more solid idea), maintenance and the common fault that I should check for. 


    For 7mil you can buy a 2007 upwards new model. Much better than the 2000-2006 overpriced rubbish.

    Fuel on petrols before 2006 range from 2kmpl to 7kmpl

    The new model petrol does 4-11.

    Diesels don't do all that better. Add 2 more kmpl to each

    powerful and good ride. Interior Can rattle on older models.

    agents will rip u off. DIY or a known garage will be better.

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  18. They went for 3.6ish few months back. Not a highly sought after car. Max I’d pay on a loaded is 4mil.

    Not too many known issues. Nissan gearboxes are questionable Though.

    For that money-

    Vezel(please avoid at all costs).

    Tivoli(petrol is underpowered. Diesel is recommended.Bad resale).

    Forrestor(kinda thirsty but good ride).

    sportage( No personal experience) .

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