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  1. It is normal to feel some blow-by pressure if you hold your hand on the oil cap but that's not the way to determine that you have an issue with the engine. However, it is a good idea to get your PCV value checked or still better to get a complete tune up done.
  2. Get the injectors cleaned and tested first because then you will know whether you would have to relace them if you decide to go for an overhaul.
  3. You need to do an ultrasonic clean up and a test for the injectors for better results. Search the forum for keyword Asnu for the experience of those who have done it. Asnu is the brand name of a test rig for injector cleaning and testing but also there is a place in Battaramulla by the same name. I will send you a message with details of couple of places where you can get a compression test done. You will have to check with them for I haven't had any recent contacts with them.
  4. That much of oil consumption is not alarming. If you have a knocking it could be due to fuel starvation. Get the injector washers checked for cracks due to thermal stress. If so replace them. They do not cost much. BTW make sure the mechanic has proper tools to remove the OCV filter because in most Toyota engines this particular hex-head is mutilated.
  5. Removing/inspecting/cleaning/replacing if necessary of OCV filter and PCV would not solve the bigger issue. But still worth giving it a try if your oil consumption is something like 1/2L between services. It is not major issue.
  6. I don't know exactly what happened to me trinity but it took me a long time to realize that my interest in automobiles has been on the sideline in the recent past. In fact I take more interest in the upkeep of my physique these days. My apologies to OP for going OT.
  7. Agree with Ruslan's comments above. Just to clarify further, when you say you have a oil burning issue but there is no smoke, how do you know there is a oil burning issue? Does the oil level go down in between services? How much oil do you have to fill up? BTW did you get the OCV filter of your VVTi system and PCV valve either checked up or cleaned recently?
  8. It is an open ended question. Whether it is worth or not depends on many factors. You need to find yourself answers at least for the following basic questions. What is your basic requirement of a car? A daily runner? How many km a day? Is fuel economy a concern? Is performance a concern? What is your budget? Does is match with the price of the car you have in mind? Have you left enough financial headroom for common issues like a possible traction battery replacement and ABS repair for example? I have a 2014 Axio bought at zero mileage. I intended to it sell by the first half of this year. But I had to shelf my idea because of my unstable financial situation due to Covid -19. So I decided to keep the car for one more year because for me it is worth and sensible.
  9. He should not have disconnected the old battery without a back up. No that it is done drive for few more days to see if the idle speed settles down to its previous value.
  10. Just two questions. 1.What is the charging voltage when measured at 2000 RPM with all electrical loads switched on and off? 2. Do you use the vehicles mostly (say 90% of the time) during daytime an on long runs ( say 50km)? For the batteries to fail in the manner described there must be some contribution from your charging system.
  11. Rumesh88

    rpm problem

    Was the battery swap done without a backup?
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