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  1. Sadly I am from Nugegoda mate. I am actually waiting for confirmation today/tomorrow whether I will definitely get the bike. One of my friend is assisting me with the deal. IF I get it I will be really lucky as the ride is in running condition and within stock status. The current user has not done any mods or upgrades. I just wish I can bring it to mint on the long run - gradually. I just saw your bio and seems you enjoy cycling too ☺️ Road or MTB?
  2. Guys, I believe this is the only motorcycle related thread in here and appreciate your guidance. I'm hoping to grab a Rebel 125 from a friend and need to attend to some immediate work prior to hitting the road. I have long term hopes of restoring it but for now I'm keen to attend to following: 1. The self start needs to be sorted and there's no kick start. Current user says it's some solnoid (as I heard - I'm not techy) issue and an easy fix. 2. Few basic electronic work such as Neutral gear indicator light, Turn/Brake indicators etc. 3. A proper tune-up as I feel the petro
  3. Thanks mate and sorry for the late reply. Yes, the first year emission test was exempted. Got the revenue license online.
  4. Guys, need some advice on obtaining revenue license for a brand new scooter. Is it necessary to obtain an emission test for brand new scooters? I recall something about no emission test required for the first few years? Can anyone shed some light on this please?
  5. May be the OP is interested in buying an old neglected vehicle that've been parked for >5 years
  6. Thanks Magnum - I really wanna get used to the habit of washing the ride more frequently just like you cheers!
  7. Thanks a lot Davy - this is a detailed one from you as usual. Appreciated.
  8. thanks mate. i guess 12k for the entire car right?
  9. thanks mate. btw may i know where you got the 3m tint done? and would you mind sharing the costs please
  10. thanks mate. i am not a fan of car covers as i had a time using few on my previous ride. on the other hand, i am sure its gonna be a mess trying to cover/uncover a wagon
  11. Guys, I am compelled to park my car outdoors and may continue to do so for some time. However I am glad there are no trees on top of the car/around hence the car is somewhat cleaner without much dirt or bird droppings. Given the weather conditions and other external factors, I would appreciate some expert ideas from all of you on how best I can take precautions and continue? I am right now using a sunshade on the windscreen, that's all. I am concerned about the rubber / beading etc and how can these be protected? Are there any protectors or cleaners available in the market for s
  12. I am posting my question here as I couldn't locate any specific threads about my specific doubt May be this is a noob question, but I would really like to know what is the exact purposes/use of this in the dashboard? TIA.
  13. Reopening an old post Can someone explain me what is this 2 bucket method with a grit guard is all about By the way is it alright to let the car dry on its own naturally or it is important to dry using a towel? TIA.
  14. [emoji16] Sent from my Redmi Note 4X using Tapatalk
  15. You initially said "I'm planning to buy couple of 660CC vehicles to start a taxi service." and now asking this question
  16. The OP says he is able to drive light vehicles now without any difficulties hence I think it is best you discuss with a reputed driving school or the information counter (at DMT, if they have one) for specific guidance. Probably you may be able to go ahead without any major modifications or under any special category. Good luck mate.
  17. Can't the agents sort this for you mate?
  18. wow thanks mate. hope i can grab some from keels or arpico. btw whats the brand?
  19. HI there, Can you please let me know from where you buy these natural oil from?
  20. MAS, Would like to know where you bought the Dulux rust remover from and hows the application process on surface? TIA.
  21. Guys any idea how much will a leather momo brand sports steering cost? Any recommended place to buy one? Posting on behalf of a friend.
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