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  1. Few months back I visited T**S Agencies looking for a pair of KYB made in japan. Unfortunately they now import KYB shock absorbers that are made in Thailand. Has anyone had any experience with the shock absorber brand Gabriel?
  2. Things to be aware at service stations in SL. Always make sure they never use Kerosine “Boo-mi thel” as CV rubber boots, rubber mounts and bushings will perish soon and not to forget gasket packing’s and oil seals start failing too. So stay away from kerosene oil. Due to this matter I bought an undercarriage cleaning detergent that came in a 12l canister, surprisingly was not that expensive. It’s a concentrated cleaning detergent that is non-corrosive and rubber friendly. I take this can with me when I get my vehicles serviced and all they got to do is mix water and spray away. Observe if the service person is wearing metal rings and jewellery on his fingers. At a service station next to Rajagiriya HSBC (Sun-G*wa motors) the guy scratched my windscreen when wiping with his fancy silver rings. When changing oil and fuel filters never let them use the unknown low quality stuff. These service stations buy low quality filters and keep a big margin to get big profit. Always take your own good quality oil and fuel filters that you buy from a genuine place I normally go for Saku-de-raa* or We-I-see. The same advise goes for the engine oil, I always keep a 1l bottle of gear oil in case a top up is necessary for the gearbox and differential during the service. Sometimes workers pilfer the oil provided by the service station and they replace with kerosene as not to get caught. so it’s better to provide your own lubricants. Don't stay at the waiting room as a customer you have the right to see whats happening to your vehicle. Follow the necessary safety measures don't stand under the big hydraulic jack don't have little kids running around and always wear a mask not only as a Covid-19 precaution but the chemicals sprayed may cause you harm. Hope this helps.
  3. Splat

    Project A72V

    Thank you ever so much for your contribution. W!ck's are a good supplier they have a good customer service. Up to now they have not cheated me and the parts such as heat sensors are of very good quality (As it always a risk to buy something that cant be returned). The Covid19 pandemic has indeed created a negative impact to the economy. How ever many vendors at Panchikawatta are exploiting the customer with sky high unfair pricing. Yesterday I bought an odometer sensor and I was charged 3500/= when its true value would be 1200/= to 1600/=, a rubber bush that's locally manufactured was sold to me at 900/= when in January it was 350/=. I hope things get back to normal after a cure is found for the C19 virus. I found a technician at Kaduwela they do repairs and tuning for carburetors I hope to visit them and see how they do as its difficult to find good technicians for carburetors that has become a monopoly service. Thank you once again for all your help. Hope the wet weather clears, be safe and take care.
  4. Splat

    Project A72V

    Bravo... I admire your courage to take matters to your hands and I am glad your project went out well. you were very wise not to go to "Banda" as he is a swindler. Thank you very much for sharing your lessons learnt and experience as I too am planning to get a carburetor cleaned and restored and I’m sure this thread would be of immense help. If I may ask from where did you buy the carburetor rebuild kit? Any experience and advice on the brand and quality of the kit and parts purchased? Any recommendations on shops that sells parts for carburetors? Thank you once again for your informative thread. Wish you well.
  5. Splat

    Project A72V

    Wow that's an amazing trick. I am sure it would definitely come in handy.
  6. Some Micro Privilege cars did not have the camber adjustment and the company did nothing to rectify the error. so once again the customers had to fabricate and make ways to adjust the wheel camber for wheel alignment. Car care wheel alignment at Galle Rd, Colombo 4 has the necessary measurements for the Micro Privilege wheel alignment due to the fact that the wheels on the Micro Privilege and Econo 800 are based on a isosceles trapezium pattern ( front axle is short and rear axle is long, see figure)
  7. the body of the Micro Privilege is out of fibreglass and any body repairs could be done by a fibreglass boat repair person unlike a conventional tinker . Micro company does take orders to make the fibreglass doors and the windscreen can be got down on order (it takes months to come to SL) . Some Micro Privilege cars were built with a Subaru Italian engine and some were with a Chinese Suzuki engine although Japanese parts are available for the Chinese Suzuki F8A Engine. A Japanese Nissan gear box was used although spare parts for the Chinese steering system Eg- steering rack, rear wheel drive shafts and front wheel lower arm are a bit of a challenge to get. There was a big blunder with the shipment of the steering parts that was imported to Sri Lanka resulting all the steering racks for the Micro Privilege to be for left side driving like in the United Sates. Micro company advised customers to modify and fabricate the steering rack chassis mounts to accommodate the mistakenly imported left side driven steering rack .
  8. You could consider a Micro Privilege or an Econo 800. Go for the non air conditioned model as its economical and spacious. I did a modification by adding an extra cooling fan to get the hot exhaust out. Plus replacing the factory engine cover with a mesh flap to improve the hot air flow getting out of the engine bay.
  9. Thank you very much irage for your informative advice and experience. I had never heard of "Deeber" until you mentioned. Thank you once again for your contribution.
  10. Dear AL friends, When it comes to painting a vehicle body what type of paint is normally used. As Sri Lanka is a tropical country is there a type or brand of paint to consider when painting a vehicle? One of our dear members “Davy” mentioned “Sikkens paint”. One gentleman told me Caus*wa*ee. Any experience or advice would be much appreciated.
  11. Knowledge never gets old my friend . Thank you for your kind response. I was just about to mention your name on a new topic about types and brands of automotive paint in Sri Lanka. Thank you for walking the extra mile by taking the trouble to Google street view finding the place for me, That’s very kind of you. Wish you all the best with your projects and ventures.
  12. that's a good list Thank you for posting.
  13. Dear Davy, Could you be kind enough to let me know the place of this painter. I would be very much obliged.
  14. I shall conciser your valuable advice. thank you once again for your kind help. Wish you a bright future.
  15. Thank you very much. Your help is much appreciated. God bless you.
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