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  1. The other benefit of going to Drive One would be when selling your car in Sri Lanka. People would prefer an agent maintained vehicle with service records. I'm not saying Sunway is bad or anything, just the mindset in SL car market. I am servicing mine at Drive One and mine was a grey import. So I had to pay that 50k for the initial service as well. Second service if I recall correctly was around 32k. This was for an A3.
  2. I can understand what you are going through. But keep in mind that all of these parts are replaceable and can be repaired - even though its a JDM, there is no magic in the Vezel that isn't incomprehensible to a good technician. If Stafford gives you the diagnosis to replace the master break pump, I would strongly recommend you get a second opinion from another non-agent vendor who is specialized in Honda repairs. Stafford from my experience is trigger happy to replace parts and do trial and error repairs which can end up being a waste of money. Do you have the diagnostic report they did when the scanner was connected? Usually HDS errors are very specific and point in the general direction of a solution.
  3. After 13 years of driving various Japs, I recently switched to an euro. While there are cons of owning an Euro in SL, I don't think I'll ever switch to a Jap again. Just saying...
  4. I changed coolant at every 40k km which is around once every 1.5 years - 2 years. I used the Toyota Blue coolant on the Honda.
  5. I put Mobil 1 0W-3 fully synthetic oil for the 6 or so years I had my previous car (Honda Civic Hybrid) from Sterling but did the service at 7500km. I ran about 1000-1500km per month. Maybe you can do 10k with that oil, but I didnt want to take any chances with the climate and extreme traffic conditions in SL so I did it at 7.5k just to have peace of mind. I never had any engine related issues in that car and I had run 125000km by the time I sold it. I also changed the CVT oil at every 10000-15000km. Agents recommended 40k intervals. But there was a noticable improvement in the shorter cycle changes I did after researching online. That CVT ran smooth without any issues until I sold it. Did I go overboard with oil change intervals? Probably yes. Was it worth it? Absolutely.
  6. What I mentioned may not be true for all cars. However as far as I know most of the vehicles use a tech based on that general concept. I dont see a delay in my current vehicle (2019 YoM) either. But I saw a delay in my previous car (2011 YoM).
  7. This is quite normal and I do not believe this is an issue. The reason for the slow update is because of how the level mechanism works. On most cars, the level mechanism is an arm attached to the top of the fuel tank which has a plastic float at the bottom. The float will be on top of fuel surface at different angles given the level of fuel in the tank. The cars guage works by calculating the angle and height the plastic float is at. It takes these readings intermittently and at somewhat slower intervals. If I am not mistaken, the delays between readings is by design. If you design this to update in real time, the fuel gauge will fluctuate when you take a bend, when you are on a slope etc.
  8. This bears all the hallmarks of a low 12v battery. Do a load check on the 12V. Once you replace the battery, you need to connect this to a Honda Diagnostic Scanner (HDS) and clear all the logged error codes. If not, some systems may work in safe mode since the codes will be retained in memory. If it's not the 12v battery, HDS report will indicate what is wrong with each system. I would strongly suggest you get this done via agents or someone reputable who has a Honda diagnostic scanner. Generic ODB scanners in most of the garages would not detect or show all the error codes. Either way if you purchased the vehicle without an inspection, a full scan using HDS is strongly recommended. Please note that some of the errors that may show up in HDS scan are nominal and does not require addressing. But these can sound scary when you read the report and if you mechanic is a scammer they can exaggerate the issues that are logged and try to exploit you with it. So when you get the report do some research on the internet about the errors codes logged there. Or go to a mechanic you can fully trust. Or go to the agents.
  9. Same with mine. Although mine doesn't say 'Brand New'. It just says New. It had to be taken to RMV for weighing etc - the process was handled by the car sale guy that imported it.
  10. It is clearly mentioned in the service manual and depending on the vehicle it would be displayed inside the fuel tank cap as well. But not all 1000cc would need 95. Most Euros would. Mine (Euro) clearly says 95.
  11. 1st row - right side is the game. I flags on the building are less detailed. 2nd row- right side. Picture of some construction equipment visible on the building on the left image.
  12. That's what I was thinking too. From which place did you get it done for your cars? Any specifics? Thanks.
  13. Where do you guys go to do wheel alignment and how often? Audi agent told me wheel alignment is not necessary and hence they don't do it. That goes against everything I've learnt so far about cars so I want to do it elsewhere.
  14. In the case of Audi and DriveOne, they would service grey imports. But they do charge a hefty initial service fee - 58k for 1000cc or below models and 70k for 1400cc or below. IMO worth the premium. But as you said they would likely not honor recalls or warranty for grey imports.
  15. I use 3M leather and vinyl restorer which is available in local supermarkets and some care care establishments. A spray can would cost around 2500 and would last for more than 6 months on moderate use. My vehicles seats are not fully leather but a mix of fabric + leather (there is a fancy term for this which I cannot remember). So far this seems to have worked well but I've only been using the car for 8 months so durability remains to be seen.
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