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  1. Your name suggests that you are in to a Suzuki Swift 1.3
  2. Dude..just go back and take a look on your own posts. how many topics you have started actually? Lancer EX or Nissan Tiida Nissan Tiida Honda ES8 vs Nissa Tiida Lancer EX / Nissan Tiida /Mazda Axela Lancer EX / Nissan Tiida /Mazda Axela Corolla 141 vs Allion and 121 and now this whole new thread.. I think people here have done the best for a person like you.
  3. I don''t think so.
  4. Says the same guy who repaired the ABS pump several months back and also was hell worried about the hybrid battery.. lol..
  5. Hello guys, Sorry for bringing up an old thread. Any one tried newly opened Toyota Lanka service centre in Kandy? How's the experience? service charges ?
  6. You drunk bro? look at the posting date you are replying to a post from 2013.
  7. http://www.letmegooglethat.com/?q=tire+autolanka
  8. Magnum, From where did you buy Osram Nightbreaker Unlimited bulbs?
  9. Anuz91

    Fuel Efficiency

    Vehicle :Toyota 121 Year :2003Transmission Type :AutoEngine Capacity :1500 CCFuel : Petrol -92 octCITY : 10-11 kmplOUT : 14-15 kmpl
  10. Is the noise coming from the engine or else can it be from the wheels? As the noise increase with the speed Can it be due to worn out wheel bearings ?
  11. Hey Ruslan, Are Tenacity lower arm bushes better than TZK ? I have used TZK bushes and it didn't last even 1 year on my toyota 121. I'm quite not sure whether i have bought the original TZK even though it says "Made in Japan" on it.
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