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  1. Ok I'm utterly confused now. My car (FIT GP1) gear oil is due. Checked with Stafford and they said they put CVTF. Checked with my other mechanic where I do my routine services and he recommended to put HMMF (he has the genuine oil as well). Even the oil stick has a label with HMMF. 

    Any idea whom I should believe here?

  2. are we still talking about the roughness in Steering rack after it getting replaced with nylon bushing?
  3. Did you replace it with genuine bushes? Because these hondas always prefer genuine bushing. Generic ones doesn't last long.
  4. If you are not looking specifically for a Sedan, I would prefer FIT GP1/GP2 or GP4 models as well. All of these models has all the fancy equipment's you need for day today driving like cruise control multi-functional steering wheel, auto AC and what not. Cabin room leg space is quite enough and 4 people can comfortably travel. Very comfortable and fuel efficient too. Has nicer instrument cluster with many advanced information for the driver. Very good on fuel and pulling power is very good for the engine capacity (you don't feel like driving a typical 1.3 engine car with the support of IMA). Car is also newer and most importantly, parts are freely available starting for engine to small nut or bulb. And these models has less/ almost no issues with the battery as well. I know few people who have done above 130k on the clock on original battery and still counting. + car looks sporty and nice if you opted for wider wheels for rear So it all depends on how well the car is maintained by previous owners.
  5. I heard the same. However, it should settle down once you do around few thousands KM's. (atleast that's what I've heard)
  6. I know it's stupid, but is there any chance of converting the GP1 auto with a manual tranny? There was one gp4(hybrid) with a manual tranny sometime back for sale.

    If its possible, what things would need to change? I prefer to have the hybrid system as it is. 

    Note: And going for a manual GP is not an option as its rare and with current prices its hard to find a good car with low miles as mine.

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    2. Gummybr


      You hate the CVT gearbox dont you? Its kind of a sad story when you try to climb mountains with a load with all the noise. As Dee Jay says its better to look at the CRZ engine and gearbox.

    3. PerfMad


      Thanks @Dee Jay i will look into that option. Only issue is CRZ parts are harder to source.

      @Gummybr lol its not the CVT but its the auto trannies I hate :D I had to opt to this as i couldn't find a manual car back in the day and wanted to car for my needs + car prices were increasing like crazy year ago. But knowing I hate auto trannies, i still regret of buying this with an auto tranny. i would have enjoyed it more, if this has a manual in it :D There is another friend of mine who is looking for the same option so, just wanted to see available options.


    4. Dee Jay

      Dee Jay

      @PerfMadtry sourcing directly from Japan.. this should be from the 1st generation CRZ as well... I don't think 2nd generation CRZ internals would fit a GP1 since it's mated to the next generation IMA hybrid system (as in 1.5 liter engine and Li-ion battery pack)

  7. If you are seeing this icon , then it says (as per translation) -> Lights when the 12V battery is not charged. What to do when it lights up -> Turn off air conditioners and etc to reduce electric consumption. Then , immediately contact your honda dealer for repair.
  8. This could be mostly due to IMA blower fan malfunction or not functioning at all. What is the current millage? because these tend to give away when its closer to 100k km. Get a scan done and you'll get to know the exact issue. I would prefer a brandnew motor if that's the case cz it will be good for another 100k since you are not aware of the millage of a recon one. Note: Damn, just realized i was replaying to a 2 year old post (rofl)
  9. Gotta admit that KOITO halogens provide better visibility compared to what I had previously..

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    2. Gummybr


      I need 90/100W. Will check them out

    3. Ruslan


      @PerfMad are these with Blue tint or without them?, looking for Bulbs for High beam without the Blue tint.. 

    4. PerfMad


      @Ruslan no blue tint. its closer to white colour (not purely white though)

  10. Anyone you know who is working at RMV werahera? 

  11. Any idea where I can source a set of KOITO H4 WHITEBEAM bulbs ?

  12. Wonder how much BHP celerio manual has... that's like a pocket rocket :D 

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    2. iRage


      Dude....you got smoked by a Celerio :)

      The Celerio driver :

      IT DON'T MATTER IF YOU WIN BY AN INCH OR A MILE, WINNING'S WINNING!! - Dom  Fast and Furious | Meme Generator



    3. MaleCortana


      Its official PerfMad got smoked by a Celerio.

      "It's not the car its the driver" B)


    4. PerfMad


      lol kinda. couldn't try harder as he was driving like a maniac all around the road cutting lanes and kolpitty area is crowded with police so had to be civilized. And ya officially i got smoked lol :D now i regret of not having a manual tranny so badly

  13. Regardless of having a CVT tranny, S mode gives you goose bumps :D  😍

    1. matroska


      GP1 right? I have fond memories of the 'S' mode :D 

    2. PerfMad


      @matroska yes. Very recently i tried the S mode with ECO off and damn it got some balls :D

    3. Dee Jay

      Dee Jay

      Yes, same case with the FD3 :D 

  14. Just to clarify something. So your car is an insight and they gave you shocks of GP1 FIT? Just curious because I also own a GP1 and I might face the same issue someday.
  15. Guys looking for Solar powered lights which will automatically switch on at night and switch off in the morning (not with motion detection). Any recommendations with a reasonable price?

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    2. Rajith Pathiraja

      Rajith Pathiraja

      At the moment sourcing is the issue . Try these guys https://lumens.lk/

    3. Dee Jay

      Dee Jay

      I got some lights via daraz (with motion sensors) but there were ones without motion sensors as well. And as I saw the ones I have two modes (haven't tried it out though) one of which is catering to your need. That was from a local seller so they delivered within a day or two.

    4. PerfMad


      @Dee Jay could you pls DM me above mentioned links?


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