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  1. Ok Guys another interesting topic !!

    As most of you aware GP series has a known issue of oil burning regardless of the chassis series (as per Stafford), so i just did a small research and found out couple of solutions that are currently in place. I know this has been discussed in a separate thread but i guess this aspect was not included in that discussion(if im not mistaken).

    1) Clean the pistons, rings and plugs and reuse it (not quite sure how long you can run before you get the same issue again.) any idea in KM?
    2) Engine swap (which is not sure as you don't know the series which this engine belongs to)
    3) Fully rebuild the engine with the corrected rebuild kit -> 100% guaranteed method
    4) Well this is the newest one I found. Garages remove the pistons and do a modification to the ring groove and then put a new set of rings which suites it. And this seems to be a successful solution as well. A Garage I knows have done this for 4 cars and so far no complains (they have been doing this since couple of years it seems). Cost is almost like half the price including labor.

    So point 1 and 4 are open for discussion...

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    2. Hyaenidae


      @PerfMad AFAIK both piston and piston ring have been redesigned - Honda wouldn't replace all four pistons along with the rings otherwise...

    3. PerfMad


      @Hyaenidae i thought the piston ring groove has a redesign and the ring as well.

    4. Hyaenidae


      @PerfMad Not sure what the exact redesign is but I'm really not sure a "modified" piston could be as viable as a redesigned piston that has been manufactured from the scratch. I wouldn't risk it if I were you - apart from the issue resurfacing patchwork repairs like these have a tendency to create whole new issues - like a damaged engine block

  2. Back in the day when i was searching for FIT GP hybrids, I had a look on almost all the cars available on the two main sites which are closer to me and there was this one car which had a mugen kit and looked very sporty but had above 150k on the clock. So i gave up the idea of purchasing it since it was a high millage which i wasn't looking for + didn't have proper history. But afterwards i saw the car getting advertised in different car sales one after another.

    Came across the same car yesterday accidently, and the ODO meter reading is now 89k. Just imaging what is the level of mentality of most of the car sale owners in SL.

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    2. AVANTE


      @PerfMad if that ain't the truth, haha! 

    3. AVANTE


      Bro? W124? How? 

    4. PerfMad


      Couldn't go broo. All these weekends were pretty packed up. Some of the AC related components were given to an AC shop to get it sorted, i couldn't even check whether dad collected it. Its going in a slow phase :( Even the last time i went there , there was another W124 for a full paint job with same as ours. And for a moment i thought its our one. But to see it wasn't. Im pretty sure it will get finished sooner than ours :D i was ired waiting for it to get sorted. But these things are taking forever, unless i go there more often and followp up on things. Interior is still not fixed as AC thing is needed otherwise whole dashboard has to come off again.

      But the paint looked really nice. It needs the door claddings to get fixed up and painted as well (its a two-tone colour) :D 

      Drove dads W124 after 4 months of owning the GP. I really miss driving a manual. Drove the car whole day here and there to feel how it was to ride a manual :D 

  3. Could be true. I did my service today from agent for the 2nd time after purchasing the car and the filter price has almost doubled on my FIT. However, still using 0w-20 on the car as it still doesn't burn oil and same oil has been used since day one.
  4. Guys out of curiosity, if a car has been using 0w-20 then move on to 10w-30 or 15w-40, if they perform a engine rebuild with new pistons and rings, what is the oil they should use afterwards?

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    2. Hyaenidae


      @PerfMad Yes, if the manufacturer only recommends 0W20 - we've had a discussion about using xW20 oils in a Sri Lankan context and most members agreed xW30 oils are better suited when it comes to longevity. Most manufacturers who recommend 0W20 oil for JDM and EU markets recommend thicker oils for markets like Australia and ASEAN countries

    3. PerfMad


      Thanks. Appreciate the explanation :) 

    4. Hyaenidae
  5. Setting up aftermarket auto folding and retracting mirror (upon lock/unlock) is a good idea? Is there anyone who have done it already on their cars? Feedback would be highly appreciated.

    Note: car is a Honda GP1

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    2. MaleCortana


      Maybe you can send a signal wire to the Start Stop button then?

    3. PerfMad


      @MaleCortana im not that fluent with wiring so need to check with a person who does these kinda things. If we can get it done for Start/Stop that would be ideal.

    4. tiv


      Check the manual, most japanese cars have the function hidden. The manual usually tells how to activate it.

  6. exactly . I think i run on the same too. Cant remember the exact code though. Bought 2 for around 35k 3 months ago
  7. Merc paint is done omg she looks so good. she's getting ready to dress up slowly. God knows what needs to be addressed during the process. Engine is in and other tiny bits and pieces needs to go in and the whole interior before the first start may be.. #excited 

    1. PreseaLover


      send us her leaked nude selfies 

    2. AVANTE


      About damn time bro!

    3. PerfMad


      lol couldnt take any pics guys as she was covered in dust and back side was covered... painter just lifted it and showed. i came after seeing it as i was on my way to some other work. next time i go defa will take a pic and post for sure..

  8. Friend of mine is searching for a place or a person to restore/respray his beemer interior(beige colour) bits (which has worn out/faded paint). Any recommended place?

    1. MaleCortana


      I saw a couple of ads on Instagram specifically mentioning that they respray Beemer interiors, if I come across the ad again I'll lyk 

    2. PerfMad


      please do mate. thanks in advance !


  9. People are so selfish and irresponsible... This is why we cannot beat #covid19

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    2. PerfMad


      Very true mate.. I feel like those who take this light should be punished in such a way that another person would not attend to do such thing. we can't make this shitholes disciplined enough otherwise.

    3. iRage


      but we should not under estimate stupidity as well..WTH ???


      Image may contain: 3 people, crowd and outdoor

    4. PerfMad


      true that mate. That's why we'll remain as a developing country forever.

  10. Does mareena shocks restore originality? how about the reliability in terms of no of kms?

    1. HaeylM


      Its just garbage, or at least it used to be a few years back. . You'd be better off investing a little more on KYB. 

      Did a replacement for shocks from mareena and it barely lasted 3 months even with city driving on carpet roads. The most dangerous part is that the shock absorber sometimes locked down and took a while to lift back when there was cargo in the back, had this happen on a tight corner at speed in hillcountry the car would lock up and end up wrecked. Had to switch to KYB gas shocks which lasted a few years. 

    2. PerfMad


      Thanks for your input. These seems to be in lot of newer cars. I'm not sure why people are swapping with those if such issues exists..

      I was told with one person who have done it like 1.5 years ago and he said it hold up pretty well closer to 20k kms.


  11. PerfMad

    Nissan Presea

    I had the same mentality and then i got married. THE END of that ERA
  12. Managed to get the muffler work done. I'm starting to like that sweet beat ❤️ 😘 I no longer need the radio i just wanna keep driving it :D 

    #thatAss ❤️ 


  13. When applying steel wheels and brake calipers + brake drums, do we have to use heat resistant paint or normal paint can is fine? also is it mandatory to use clear coat above it?

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    2. PerfMad


      Before and after pics :) highly satisfied with the outcome. Though 2 full days of effort was put onto the work.





    3. AVANTE


      Nicely done, clean! Will be better visible with some alloys :)


    4. PerfMad


      @AVANTE yes broo. Car is fully stock. previous user haven't done any change to the car. So im still in hunt for a genuine 15" wheel set. Till then this would do i guess hehe.

      Not interested in changing the wheel size or tyre size as it will have adverse effects on the car fuel economy and other calculation. 

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