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  1. I know it's stupid, but is there any chance of converting the GP1 auto with a manual tranny? There was one gp4(hybrid) with a manual tranny sometime back for sale.

    If its possible, what things would need to change? I prefer to have the hybrid system as it is. 

    Note: And going for a manual GP is not an option as its rare and with current prices its hard to find a good car with low miles as mine.

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    2. Gummybr


      You hate the CVT gearbox dont you? Its kind of a sad story when you try to climb mountains with a load with all the noise. As Dee Jay says its better to look at the CRZ engine and gearbox.

    3. PerfMad


      Thanks @Dee Jay i will look into that option. Only issue is CRZ parts are harder to source.

      @Gummybr lol its not the CVT but its the auto trannies I hate :D I had to opt to this as i couldn't find a manual car back in the day and wanted to car for my needs + car prices were increasing like crazy year ago. But knowing I hate auto trannies, i still regret of buying this with an auto tranny. i would have enjoyed it more, if this has a manual in it :D There is another friend of mine who is looking for the same option so, just wanted to see available options.


    4. Dee Jay

      Dee Jay

      @PerfMadtry sourcing directly from Japan.. this should be from the 1st generation CRZ as well... I don't think 2nd generation CRZ internals would fit a GP1 since it's mated to the next generation IMA hybrid system (as in 1.5 liter engine and Li-ion battery pack)

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