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  1. For once in my automotive life I got 2 options to pick from and I was pissed when I only had 1 option to pick, and now I got 2 options to pick and that's even worse, I can't f**kin pick.. Because I'm gonna be stuck with it. You know its like picking a one night stand. You know you gotta go down on the one you pick, so you need to pick the most suitable one. 

  2. Finally found a U13 auto petrol car I like, but cant buy it cuz the dashboard is cracked and i checked with around 20 spare parts shops and there are no dashboards to be found for the u13. f**k my life. 

    1. iRage


      Can't get it fixed ? Fill up the cracks and wrap it with a hard shell sheet so that it looks like the original plastic ??

    2. PreseaLover


      huge cracks these are. is that even possible? why isnt anyone who had their dashboard cracked not doing it if its possible?

    3. iRage


      ....because in SL it probably is easier to just put ina new one because we do not have skilled mechanics/engineers/labor. We have plenty of part swappers who are ever willing to keep swapping parts until whatever problem resolves itself...also...95% of our guys are too lazy and careless to do a proper job anyway. It is also th owner....90% of people who use Corollas and Sunny and old bluebirds got in to the car to run cheaply and fixing things like dashboards is a "luxury" repair.

      But people do repair dashboards...my Mark X had a repaired dashboard....the infamous Axio dashboard melt has both replaced dashboards as well as repaired dashboards (needless to say the repaired dahsboard has a sense of "maarket naha" situation and some people automatically beleive that a repaired dashboard means a crashed car (thus the swap is easy to hide).

      It definitely is possible.. You can do something like this....


      With newer passenger side airbags you have to be a bit mindful of how the airbag deploys and lay the material accordingly. Any cracks in the foam or plastic is filled with either foam dust or plastic filler...then the dash is painted or wrapped. Either method has its own pros and cons....



  3. Sometimes I feel like going to a owner with a good condition U13 or a Presea and tell them "Sell your damn car to me oi, you drove this enough"

    1. varotone


      I hope there's a good therapist with a mint condition Presea. And I pray to God that you see that Presea very soon!

  4. Adey where are these AL members who used to be around here back in the day? No sound from you guys@Davy@asrock@NRX@Rumesh88 @Crosswind

    1. Hyaenidae


      Davy and Crosswind are active, others too must be lurking around

    2. Davy


      Hey! How have you been? I wasn't active much during the second half of last year. I'm around now, just that I haven't found any interesting threads to post in recently. 

      Thanks for checking. 🙂

    3. asrock


      @PreseaLover I'm still lurking around bro. You know me off the forum ne. 

  5. I have a strong feeling that in February, some car will appear and I will buy it. Very strong instinct! 

  6. Guys guys I really want to by a U13. The interior is so damn nice. Unfortunately there are no Auto, Petrol U13's advertised for the past month. Sigh

  7. Car advertisement sites should add a react button to each advertisement people post. I mean Who would sell a 93 model Presea for 22.50?? mileage tampered to 48k also.. jesus man

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. MaleCortana


      Its quite a common occurrence on the Starlet groups unfortunately, recently there was a GT for sale that was completely restored and completely built (TD09 Turbo, D2 Brakes, Fully Built Internals and WEPR everything) I think his asking price was somewhere close to the 3mil mark (Bone stock Glanza range) and he got haha'd to oblivion. 

      But I can see how the other side to this argument exists as well 

    3. iRage


      The issue is...in a market place like Sri Lanka, most of the people liking or disliking the advert would be brokers and their goons..and then pundits who don't even have a bloody license and just graduated off their chilin-chilin bicycle. So...there is a good chance that good cars get ridiculued out of good descriptions and prices just so that these morons can push through their dressed up junk.

    4. PreseaLover


      @iRageyeah invain, I should have sold my Presea for 30 lakhs. 

  8. If the seatbelt indicator shows in the dashboard even though the seat belt is ON, is it a fault we should worry about? or is this a minor thing?

    1. HaeylM


      Most probably a faulty sensor in the seatbelt latch mechanism or just loose wiring under the seat. I had the ABS  light up in the dash due to moisture under the seat :)

    2. iRage


      Seat belt light, especially on these older cars, is not anything too serious. 99% of the time it is a matter of the sensor going bad or the cut off on the belt lock going bad. Usually happens because dust gets stuck etc....if the car has pretensioning seat belts...then again it could be with the sensor and cut off switch or it could be one of the sensors or  the entire pre-tensioning system.

    3. MaleCortana


      Had the same situation, I think the sensor under the seat has gone bad. It miraculously fixed itself (not sure what I did though)

      Alternatively: Embrace it, paste that sticker that says "No Airbags, No Seatbelts We Die Like Real Men" 

  9. let alone an engine, im unable to even find a presea to drive
  10. Went to buy a car with cash in hand. Last minute changed my mind and came back. An afterthought crossed not to buy it. So back to square one. 

  11. Guys.. lets say I'm going to update revenue license and the book is still under the previous owners name, and the previous owner resides outside of colombo. Should i go to that division of office relevant to the previous owner's city or can i do it from anywhere else?
  12. Guys i have a question. When getting the no objection letter from the previous owner, should the JP who is signing it be from the same area the owner resides or can it be an ALL ISLAND JP as well?
  13. Cant be. I have a friend whose father still owns a presea he bought for a permit in 2003 and it was a 96 model and he is not a politician. He wasn't a retiring officer back then either.
  14. My Presea colour preferences changes every week 😕 Now I want to buy a wine red presea and paint it with the "romanticrot-metallic" color code

    1. matroska


      WTF is going on here? I mean I get pharmacy mentioned in a post presea lover is involved...but still.

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