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  1. ahhh right.. im going to do an interior cleaning next month. then this will be washed anyway by those folks so yeah
  2. what black haze? there is noth dirt on the dashboard or the front panels noh. what are you referring to?
  3. Yeah need to do a cleanup but im afraid to do the upholstery cleanup because the upholstery material is not very thick, the cloth might tear, so just doing the seats and all that shit
  4. Restoration almost has come to an end. Need to find a pair of sun visors and a seat belt and im done! 

    1. amsandun


      by any chance, is your new presea has the number G*-4**5 ?

    2. PreseaLover
  5. Finally fixed this ugly Frame around the AC vent. @irage you were right, I was able to remove those frame but as soon as I removed it broke into pieces but the guy who did the frame repairing fixed that too so all good. Here are the before and after pics.
  6. Actually without even my knowing I've been restoring the Presea I bought.

  7. all good things in life happens in the back
  8. no i don't need a car to impress the girl on dates, i need a car to use it for something else
  9. to go to food city/ saloon and dates
  10. When driving. there is this kiri kiri rattling noise coming from inside the rear speakers. Without putting the setup on. Anything to do about it? The normal kiri kiri noise that comes in old cars

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    2. PreseaLover


      @vartone yes il do that, thanks for the input :) 

    3. Magnum


      Is it from the front or rear speakers? Sounds like the speaker is loose, which happen easily on those parcel shelf mounted speakers

    4. PreseaLover


      @Magnumrear speakers.. i opened the dickey and tried to see if the speaker is lose.. but looks to be tight.. 

  11. As yal can see in this image there is a gap in the rear seat and the back board.. its not going any further beyond that. So to cover that cam I thought of putting rear back seat head cover.. Any idea of a good place to put those or are there ready made covers for that? Or anything else to be done here?
  12. Got it to work and all is fine with that now. Please ignore
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