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    Previous Cars - Nissan Presea "Refina-F" (1998/2001): Manual, Nissan Presea "Refina" (1999/2003): Automatic, Nissan Presea "Refina-L" (2000/2004): Automatic, Nissan Presea R10 (1993): Automatic, CEFIRO A33

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  1. Tuned the ARX like mad. Now the performance is heavenly

  2. After having owned 3 different petrol car models now by Nissan (Presea, Cefiro A33, Bluebird U13), I should say there is no difference between the comfort level and pickup between the Cefiro and Bluebird u13. the U13 has the same comfort level and speed. The driving pleasure is more in the U13 though. So according to my perception I would rate the Bluebird U13 as the best, Cefiro comes second and Presea comes third. (This is in terms of comfort and speed and driving pleasure). In terms of fuel economy once again the bluebird U13 petrol does better on fuel, presea is next and cefiro comes third.
  3. thanks man,yes hoping to take the car to them
  4. At cold start when I start the first time it misfires for 2 times and when I accelerate and start again the engines raises and starts and the RPM goes upto 1500 and stays there and doesnt idle. When I switch on AC it still stays at the same position. After sometimes after driving the RPM stick goes to 1000 and act normal. What might be the issue here?
  5. Anyway I almost forgot I can get this badge made in original condition for just 500 bucks, il proceed with that option
  6. @iRageI can even replace it with this badge right? do you think i can find this from somewhere?
  7. yeah i saw that and saved to buy it if i dont have a choice. but its not that costly. In Sri Lanka it costs more. I have bought a center panel for presea for a price higher than that. So this is cheap comparatively
  8. Thinking of changing the username to BirdLover... hmmmmm

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    2. matroska


      :D since I have half a dozen contacts with your name your name has presea within brackets. 

    3. kusumsiri


      @matroska I was wondering if it was like Presea too. So it's really MkvLover. :D

    4. kusumsiri


      @matroska I was wondering if it was like Presea too. So it's really MkvLover. :D

  9. it was the plan to fly soon, but plans got delayed or not happen. So didnt want to stay carless. Thanks mate.
  10. Oh im glad to meet a fellow ARX'er so you source parts for your ARX in NZ right so are there enough ARX parts in NZ?
  11. Yes both are the same. Just like the presea r10 that had the same badge in the rear and front. what I meant by blubirdish is the triangular nissan badge that came only on this bluebird model there were so many ARX items in yahoo auction in february, but now not even a single item for arx available and very less u13 items now available in the auctions, which is why i thought Il tell you to keep an eye on one if you come across over there. I dont even mind that triangular badge with the actual bluebird on it instead of the nissan one (that came in the su14's)
  12. 2 things I want to find. The bluebird emblem in the front grille (which is faded now) and the Nissan triangulish bluebirding emblem on the dickey which is also faded. If you come across these in Japan do let me know il pay you to get it for me
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