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    In a place beyond the Pines

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    Bluebird U13 ARX
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    Previous Cars - Nissan Presea "Refina-F" (1998/2001): Manual, Nissan Presea "Refina" (1999/2003): Automatic, Nissan Presea "Refina-L" (2000/2004): Automatic, Nissan Presea R10 (1993): Automatic, CEFIRO A33

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  1. can give you my Bluebird ARX if you want for that price range.
  2. Ever got the feeling that you will never sell your car but after sometime you really wanna sell it off to buy something else? Yes, im a cold hearted car prick like that

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    2. iRage


      I am convicned that you get your thrill from hunting down cars and negotiating for it followed on by the obsessive compulsiveness <and I mean this in a good way> to get it better than how you found it.

      So far..you have not found a car that gives you a kick more than the above (and you probably never will)...

      Okay...so..thanks for giving us a heads-up on this..we will start to mentally prepare ourselves to endure the 101 threads/status updates that will be coming up.

    3. PerfMad


      Lol its because you're following the wrong Brand. Change the Brand and you will enjoy every bit of it :D 

    4. matroska


      [SPOILER ALERT] Guys, his next Car's gonna be a Toyota :D 

      BTW macho I  think your thing is actually cosmetic restos. There are people who have made a living out of it.  So let's make peace with it - you're not gonna hold on to your car for ages. 


  3. Plans on selling the ARX in exchange for a Mark 2

  4. if the next owner wants to do a 1 day transfer then you need a no objection letter. For normal transfers you dont need it.
  5. Whats the difference between different types of ECU's of the same engine model? For example the SR18DE Bluebird U13 has 2 different ECU types with the lable AT and AL labelled in it, and im trying to figure out does both of these would work in the same car?

  6. Does anyone know any free parking spots around Access Tower area or a place where you could park your car for free in that area?
  7. I was looking for a free place. Spending for this place for 3 hours wont make sense.
  8. Guys I need to make a pitstop for few hours next weekend in the route between Haputale to Kahawatta... Can someone tell me are there are places I can visit/chill for 2,3 hours in this route? Like a nice river or mountain area to have a chilled beer or something for few hours along the route of haputale to kahawatta.
  9. So this is what the car looks like after I fitted the original fog lights from NZ and after I changed the ugly alloy wheels to this 90’s ones. Ah I also changed the rear nissan badge to a black one to better fit the silver colour.
  10. I see.. thanks irage. Hope to at least run this for 2 years (20k km's) before I could save some money for the conversion project.
  11. Where are the other experts that used to be in AL few years back. Even threads are not moving now, Doesnt anyone do any projects anymore? 

    1. iRage


      Cars sales are not that active I suppose......so the crowd asking if a 5 year old 8mil Premio is better than a 6 year old 7.5mil 3 series are gone.

      I suppose COVID restricted the freedom of movement needed to go to garages and stuff and the economy has put a damper on parts purchasers etc...so projects are sort of on the low down too ?

      All we seem to get is the occasional tech question or two.

    2. alpha17


      Had about 2 rough years being busy. Always planning I should do a review in the AL, but those were like balloon ideas. Love for cars never faded, and feels lucky that I have returned with more and more experiences.

      Just like everyone said, with the situation, highly doubt about changing a vehicle other than just keeping it and doing the maintenance.

  12. If you are driving a Bus or a Lorry, then buy CE#T. No one buys CE#T for cars. Nankang or bridgestone is the best. Used both. Nankang has a low noise version get that. Or bridgestone. Both are equally same.
  13. One question. Currently the idle stable issues I'm having in my car which none of the mechanics were able to diagnose, they suspect its either an air issue or an electrical issue. So lets say, when I swap the SR18 with the SR20, do you think the electrical components get swapped too, so that this issue I have will also be gone away? or the electrical components will stay the same in the car? Adding to this, earlier when my car ignition was set to advance there was knocking. Then I retarded the ignition and the problem went away.. Now again even though the ignition is in retard, the knocking is back. So do you think the engine wearing out is just around the corner? A plug also got burned within 3 weeks of replacement.
  14. Thanks for your feedback irage.. this looks promising then
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