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  1. ok thanks. I think its due to stereo because i saw a light from the setup in the night even when the key is not put in.
  2. I have casettes with me i dont have to buy them.. these are over 40 years old now. what i mean by removing the display is remove the display and not use the setup at all because after removing the display the stereo wont work. So if the stereo wont work, there will be no battery consumption right? No security system also.. I removed the security system, dvd reverse cam all of that and threw away, as i dont like those new stuff in old cars. I want to keep the car stock and old.
  3. phone why phone? I've never paired the phone. I'm old school. I use casettes and CD's I couldnt be bothered to do all that, so I removed the display unit itself. Problem solved then right?
  4. If I remove the display unit from the unit (its a single din audio player) then will it not consume the battery? (since you can separately remove just the display unit without removing the whole thing. I dont want to use the unit as I dont drive more than 5km's for a month.
  5. guys, in the night I noticed that there was a green light slightly coming from inside the volume button in the car setup though the car wasnt started. I checked closely and this light in coming from the inside of the setup.. a slight light, its like the setup was on (but nothing displayed, but a slight light was coming from the display too).. and after 5 days today when i started the car it indicated the battery and the car didnt start, so that means the battery is gone.. I'm sure the battery must have died because of this because its a new battery not even 1 year used. But How can the setup f
  6. @iRageI DM'ed him a contact... @Lakmal Fdobtw he is a Gay Crow that's why I told you to act like you know him.. otherwise he will do it free for you and ask your ass instead
  7. haiyooo... why couldn't he tell us, he needs a contact of a crow.
  8. Really? funny how I got the contact of DMV from Google.
  9. Good. Now you will get the book back from RMV by 2081.. and no you cant. you have to obtain an MTA 11 form from RMV by the time you did the transfer and with that paper only you can update revenue license. If not you cant. Didn't you know if you put to transfer during this time, you wont get the book? I also did the registration 2 months back and i also wont get the book before I die, so i took the mta 11 form and got the revenue license updated. As for you, you have to keep the car home without driving until you get the book back cuz RMV is now closed until like 2081
  10. machan im also serious. I bought a car too and put it to transfer. I know il never get the book back or will be able to sell the car with my book back.. so a buyya asked the car to buy without the book also cuz RMV loves to be shut down until covid ends. Personally il never buy a car with open books to get into any legal issues to begin with. People can say its ok to buy but who knows if there is some issue in it? you are f**ked for life. There are enough of good cars with clear documents by the owner.
  11. Even if you put the car to transfer these days, you will get the book back by 2081... By that time im guessing you will be dead. So might as well run with open papers or dont buy it.
  12. When car groups on FB bans you what do you do? you make your own car group 

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      @PerfMadflooding kiyanneth salli thamai bro :D 

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      When I joined the vios page had just you and me as members machan - I felt kinda sad so i added a friend too 😛 

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      @matroskapatta aathal oi hahahaha. I created a fake FB profile and added that too 

  13. You should start restoring Preseas. Man thats the best restorable car you can get for a cheap price. And people die to buy those too. Can't even stop to take a piss on the road people come asking if im selling my preseas. And they give me offers I can't refuse I had to sell 4 preseas and buy a presea again.
  14. 3.5km per litre if you accelerate hard and 4.5-5 per litre if you keep the rpm below 2. In the singapore version there is a button called power mode. If you switch it on and accelerate over 2 it does 3km in city
  15. Yes, makes sense.. Thanks for your input mate
  16. Thank you Mr. Sylvi.. I spoke to dammika few days before already. He told me to bring the car
  17. I see.. I also have to mention that time to time when i accelerate, the car doesnt go comparing to the acceleration I give.. at times only.. the pick up is not that great.. the RPM doesnt go up either when I accelerate and suddenly it goes up when I dont take my foot off the accelerator..this doesnt happen everytime, but only at times..
  18. kept the engine idle without accelerating. Car doesn't bog down. fuel does 7 in city, which was the same figure as my previous 2 EFI Auto Presea's.
  19. Because there were no good condition R11's for sale for the past 4 months. No one in their right mind who has a good car will sell theirs during this time
  20. yeah thats what I thought too.. Il check it out with someone else too who does carb stuff. Ravi didnt clean the carb he only tuned.
  21. No he only tuned up and cleaned the injectors. its a 93 model car
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