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  1. Selling the previous car on open papers was a bad idea. The new owner has already knocked the whole of the front. Not sure how many he has run over. I gave it for open papers because he said its for his wife he is buying and RMV is closed so don't date it. 

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    2. PreseaLover


      Ah thanks. thats comforting 

    3. PreseaLover


      Also isnt it possible for him to put a full insurance until he transfers the book to their name?

    4. PerfMad


      He can insure the car under his name . No need to wait until the car gets transferred. We have used a car for 8 years on open papers but still managed to put an insurance. Transferred only like 2 years before we decided to sell the car :D 

      Cz initially bought the car planning to sell it within a short period of time, but Ammi decided to keep it for along time and she couldn't get it transferred back in the day(since she was lazy to get it done by herself) :D 

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