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  1. Something I did which no one knows. Since 2014 since Preseas were advertised in sites, I used to keep a database of preseas, their mileages, number of owners, the car numbers, colors etc. in 2019 I had a database of close to 150 preseas in SL. Sad to see 90% of the preseas advertised again after the first time I saw it, doesn't match with the mileage I have in my database. All are tampered. I lost this file last year, however, I have all the details of it in my mind, so I sort of know personal details of a lot of Preseas in the country. Its sad to see the current owners think their car is the best knowing that some cars has a tampered mileage of over 200k 

    1. PerfMad


      True that. Its really difficult to find a car with untampered millage. I m someone who would love to maintain and purchase a car with actual millage regardless of how much it has been driven.

      To give an example, i sold my lancer having it clocked 325k KM and my City with 223k KM on the clock with full history from year of YOM. And the owner didn't think twice to purchase it has he haven't seen such a car with full service history including millage. 

    2. AVANTE


      @PerfMad same here! People usually tamper the mileage because normies run away from seeing high mileage numbers

      But people like me love high mileage cars because they are legit. Our 406 has almost 333,000km on the clock and it's like a badge of honor among the ocean of the so called "90,000 genuine mileage" cars.

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