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    Previous Cars - Nissan Presea "Refina-F" (1998/2001): Manual, Nissan Presea "Refina" (1999/2003): Automatic, Nissan Presea "Refina-L" (2000/2004): Automatic, Nissan Presea R10 (1993): Automatic, CEFIRO A33

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  1. Guys, is it the MTA 11 form we have to submit in order to get a letter from RMV for revenue license update, while the book is being processed in RMV for new ownership transfer? Also I remember the temporary revenue license they issue is valid only for 3 months. So in case the book doesn't come in 3 months, how can we extend this revenue license for a longer period?
  2. Dad bought a first owner Presea R11. That lady who owned it before almost never drove it, it still had the same air filter that came from japan. I think we will keep this car for the rest of our lives. Funny thing is now we both own Nissans and both own G numbers and both has cars with frameless windows and both cars are manufactured in 1995. 

  3. Alright then, this bluei is gonna be the car for my life. Already started buying extra parts and saving them in my room, to use when there are no body parts left to buy in SL at all Come to my house like the last time, lets go on a ride
  4. Ah no its not the digital speedo, also i keep of track of the distance i usually drive and its accurate
  5. Odomoter is 200k which is ok mileage. Maybe because i removed the fuel tank and replaced it with a new fuel pump
  6. Car is a bluebird eu13 Auto Petrol 1800cc engine. Measured it twice after driving 100km's each and first time it gave 11km per litre and second time 10.1km per litre in city traffic. This is unbelievable. None of the 4 Nissan cars I have driven gave more than 7km's per litre in city limits and this is giving over 10... Sooo.. is something wrong with the car? How can this happen?
  7. Hi Guys - one of the original rear speakers in my car went off (I have disabled the front speakers).. So I bought new Original JBL speakers and installed. after sometime I noticed that when I press brakes the speaker stops for 1 or 2 seconds and then starts again.. Also when I adjusted the power mirror also it happened.. this doenst happen all the time, but occasionally when apply brakes etc.. now in that same side speaker (which blew off earlier) there is a distorted noise coming continously when playing the setup. Took it to the setup fixing guy and he said its because the kenwood setup I have might have a blown up IC and thats why the noise is distorted in one side of the speaker. Took it to an electrician and he said there is nothing he things wrong with the electrical side and to take it to the speaker fixing guys. So if the problem is actually not in the kenwood setup, i would waste money buying a new one, so I need to make sure actually its a fault in the player itself. Anyone has an idea?
  8. Ok Gentlemen. Here's my restored Bluebird ARX Only thing left is now to find a star shaped alloy and il be done.
  9. Restoring the ARX these days :D 

  10. Tuned the ARX like mad. Now the performance is heavenly

  11. After having owned 3 different petrol car models now by Nissan (Presea, Cefiro A33, Bluebird U13), I should say there is no difference between the comfort level and pickup between the Cefiro and Bluebird u13. the U13 has the same comfort level and speed. The driving pleasure is more in the U13 though. So according to my perception I would rate the Bluebird U13 as the best, Cefiro comes second and Presea comes third. (This is in terms of comfort and speed and driving pleasure). In terms of fuel economy once again the bluebird U13 petrol does better on fuel, presea is next and cefiro comes third.
  12. thanks man,yes hoping to take the car to them
  13. At cold start when I start the first time it misfires for 2 times and when I accelerate and start again the engines raises and starts and the RPM goes upto 1500 and stays there and doesnt idle. When I switch on AC it still stays at the same position. After sometimes after driving the RPM stick goes to 1000 and act normal. What might be the issue here?
  14. Anyway I almost forgot I can get this badge made in original condition for just 500 bucks, il proceed with that option
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