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  1. 3.5km per litre if you accelerate hard and 4.5-5 per litre if you keep the rpm below 2. In the singapore version there is a button called power mode. If you switch it on and accelerate over 2 it does 3km in city
  2. Yes, makes sense.. Thanks for your input mate
  3. Thank you Mr. Sylvi.. I spoke to dammika few days before already. He told me to bring the car
  4. I see.. I also have to mention that time to time when i accelerate, the car doesnt go comparing to the acceleration I give.. at times only.. the pick up is not that great.. the RPM doesnt go up either when I accelerate and suddenly it goes up when I dont take my foot off the accelerator..this doesnt happen everytime, but only at times..
  5. kept the engine idle without accelerating. Car doesn't bog down. fuel does 7 in city, which was the same figure as my previous 2 EFI Auto Presea's.
  6. Because there were no good condition R11's for sale for the past 4 months. No one in their right mind who has a good car will sell theirs during this time
  7. yeah thats what I thought too.. Il check it out with someone else too who does carb stuff. Ravi didnt clean the carb he only tuned.
  8. No he only tuned up and cleaned the injectors. its a 93 model car
  9. which year do you live in? 1983? Even a Handjob costs 7000 rupees these days.
  10. starts the car every morning.. Accelerates and the car goes 10meters and stops everyday at the same place (like the car finished fuel).. and then i start again, and the car goes without a problem.. this happens everyday like it stops at a bermuda triangle.. Also sometimes when I accelerate the car RPM nor the car doesn't pickup as it should.. this is not an EFI engine and its a carb. Took to nissan ravi, he drove and said he doesn't feel anything of that sort, the pickup is less because its auto he said. So what should I do? it doesnt pick up like the previous EFI presea i had.
  11. Does Dammika do CARB engine cleanups also? Can someone send me his number please. I lost it.
  12. Restored the car. I got bored with the car again now. 

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    2. MaleCortana


      ayyo 😢 

    3. iRage


      So....this explains your ramblings on rumored U2 tours....the next phase would be you selling the car to sart saving for the tour because you need the U2 tour more than the car....then back to a car...then back to tour money...and the cycle goes on.

    4. PreseaLover


      @iRagealready planned to sell the car to save money for the tour. Waiting till I receive the CR back from RMV :D 

  13. no the fuel lines needs to be cleaned too.. because every morning the car stops as I start it and accelerate
  14. the presea R10 came with a carb.. only R11 came with EFI.. i bought an older 93 model not the r11
  15. bumping this thread. Any existing carburetor specialists? I need to clean the carb of mine
  16. ahhh right.. im going to do an interior cleaning next month. then this will be washed anyway by those folks so yeah
  17. what black haze? there is noth dirt on the dashboard or the front panels noh. what are you referring to?
  18. Yeah need to do a cleanup but im afraid to do the upholstery cleanup because the upholstery material is not very thick, the cloth might tear, so just doing the seats and all that shit
  19. Restoration almost has come to an end. Need to find a pair of sun visors and a seat belt and im done! 

    1. amsandun


      by any chance, is your new presea has the number G*-4**5 ?

    2. PreseaLover


      @amsandunno this is a 19- 

  20. Finally fixed this ugly Frame around the AC vent. @irage you were right, I was able to remove those frame but as soon as I removed it broke into pieces but the guy who did the frame repairing fixed that too so all good. Here are the before and after pics.
  21. Actually without even my knowing I've been restoring the Presea I bought.

  22. all good things in life happens in the back
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